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Ashe Build Guide by Lonewolf323

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lonewolf323

Ashe with a MINIGUN!

Lonewolf323 Last updated on June 12, 2011
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Ashe - Intro

Well, how to start, first this is an DPS (AS) build. I was having a hard time playing around with my main until I noticed...Ashe. I had bought her for some reason, so I start a normal game...and pop a custom build up that gave me this : 16/8/23. Not bad I told myself. Anyways, ill be talking about all the usual stuff but No jungling, Ashe DOES NOT junlge. Also, since Ashe is cheap, I would consider this a good beginners guide. Please vote and comment, thank you.

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Ashe Pros and Cons

- Ranged...................................................- Cant really jungle
- Low CD on Ulti........................................- Very squishy
- GREAT Chaser.......................................- Mana hungry (Not with my build!)
- Nice gold upkeep
- Can spot insible units easily
- Great map control with HS

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Simple...really, get your attack speed and damage up, including all your armor piercing and stuff (basically, fill Offense) Then get your utilites up for mana Regen/ HP, but its more for the Mana Regen. This will help you for the early game spaming of your W.

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Look...put wathever you like that fits your gamestyle. But I HIGLY recommend you get some AD, as you wont in late game. Also, I recommend maybe a little bit of armor piercing.

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Summoner Spells

Teleport. MUST I TELL WHY! Well, I will. Teleport is useful, for map control and also rigth after using your Ult, you tele next to your target and lay pain.

Ignite, its useful to deal last hit damage or to reduce a tanks armor.

Other useful Summoner Spells : Exhaust, useful vs. DPS
Info: DO NOT GET CLARITY : With this build, you wont go mana hungry...unless you act like an idiot.

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Frost Arrow (FA): This is SO useful for chasing someone, but remember to switch it off when striking minions, since it will feed on your mana alot. Use it to stop others from chasing you also, it really kills of buffs like Ghost or Song of Celerity.

Arrow Volley (AW): Your main skill in any case, for harrasing, doing damage and ect... But it does take mana, so use it only to harrase enemy heroes early-mid game.

Hawk Shot (HS): No mana, Great! This you wont use often, but its great to check bushes, find stealthed ennemys and to stop ganks. It will save your life. And it DOES NOT do damage.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow (ECA): This is your Ult. It has a nice cooldown and it can be used in many, many ways. Ask around your team to see if anyone needs it, do some last hit kills across the map. Or use my tip : Send the arrow, teleport to the area (you should arrive at the same time as the arrow), than keep smashing the poor stunned hero to is death. Watch it, the mana cost is high early game.

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Items (What you where wating for)

First is simple, take Doran's Blade you will be keeping it until late in this build, and it offers good survavability early game.

Now, as soon as you get the gold, get the Berseker's Greaves (Or wait until your at 1080 gold and get them plus the Fearie Charm). These become your boots for the whole game. If you absolutely need more speed, grab Boots of Switfness but only AFTER you get your PD.

Okay, so far so good. Buy the Philosopher Stone (this will contribute to your mana as well as your health).

Get your Phantom Dancer. Must I say why? Well, for Attack Speed and the bonus movement, this will allow you to chase anyone when using FA.

Now, get the B.F. Sword, and change it to the Infinity Edge: This will give you more AD and will also work in sync with your passive.

Finally, get Nashor's Tooth for the extra AS and CoolDown Red. And top it off by getting Shurelya's Reverie (Wich is the uprage to Philosopher Stone). Dont forget its active. This will help if your moving alot.

You usely wont get to that last part, but if you do, tha game's still going, and you have cash, change your Doran's Blade for a Bloodthirster.

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Farming With Ashe

DONT USE YOUR Q, DONT USE YOUR W (unless you are endgame, or harrassing an enemy champ) DONT USE OR E. You are a ranged character, and you have a skills that gives you extra gold if you kill units, so last hit those minions, no matter wath. Dont forget to harrass enemy players. Dont forget you W, but remember, it wont cross minions until it gets lv 3. Stay behind your line and use HS dont remove any chances of ganks or attacks from stealthed enemys.

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Well, there its is, my build for Ashe. I hope you like it. This is my first I did'nt get the bcode yet :( But if I do, I will come and change this, please vote and comment, Thank you.