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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss

Atma's Teemo

Chaotic Bliss Last updated on December 7, 2010
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If you had seen my Avoidance Teemo build, you know that I said Id be working on a Tanky Teemo. And here he is.

This build is meant to make Teemo more durible, but still allowing him to have the dmg output that he is known for.

Masteries & Summoner Spells

Like my last , I built 0/21/9, but this one is 9/21/0. This will make him durible, but still doing the dmg we all love or love to hate. He runs on AP, thats why I took . Everything has a place.

I have and for summoner spells. These are good for mobility and getting the drop on enemies from his passive.

Skills These will be copied from my previous Avoidance build.

Most players like to start with , but I like to start with . Think of this as a mini Exhaust minus the slowing effect. They cant hit you if they cant see you ;) And for that reason Ive made this my 3/5 skill at LvL5. And since this is all bout mobility and avoidance, it only makes sense to have it.

I have one rank of each spell at LvL3. Dot and movement speed are great to have early game. Movement in SR is important, and if Teemo can make it anywhere, than there is trouble.

I work next and last.

NOTE: SHOULD BE PLACED IN KEY LOCATIONS AS SOON AS ITS UP. Put these by Dragon, Nashor, Buffs, and River.

NOTE: These builds are built with the patch in mind.


Marks, Glyhps, & Quintessences are all Health per LvL. This will help with the effectiveness of Atma's. I know that I could use other things, but Im not trying to make a tank here. Just a bulky

Seals are Dodge. Only to build off of the Defensive Masteries, and


is first. Now in the past Ive always said never make this your first item, but Im taking those words back. Now the only reason I say this should be first, is its easier to build early game. This also works well with [icon=Toxic Shot
size=30] and . AS is something that works for this champ, so take it for that. Come the patch, you will want it for the AP, since his skills scale with AP.

is next. A lil more expensive, but worth it. You can build and than Catalyst the Protector so you can have a jump on . But you will want FM first. This will allow you to keep enemies slowed so you can keep the dmg flow up.

is next. One thing Ive noticed about is that he is squishy. And since this isnt Avoidance, this item will help if he is targeted. Just cuz this is a bulky build, doesnt mean he cant have some protection/

is next. For the health and armor this is nice. Not to mention, if you can get into a place where you know ppl will be waiting, and get your passive off... You will be dealing dmg and they will be forced to run. Than you can chase and get the kill.

Atma's Imapler will round it off. Can you imagine the dmg that will come from this. + passive+ passive= Win. I think that the low dmg is covered by the combined power of these things.

to build more of your dodge

If you want more dmg, than get more health of some dmg items. or are good. There are other things that can work, but its all subjective. is good when it comes to stacking on the dmg.

Game Play

Early Game

Grab a and and head to your lane. Again you can mid in SR. You will want to keep on your target as much as possible. That will give you time to get a few seconds of free farming.

At LvL2 get . This will help you farm a lot better, and your harassment power will be great too. Make sure that you watch the map. If someone is mia, they might be coming to shut you down.

After some time of harassing, go back to base and get your If you have enough get boots or start Catalyst the Protector. That will give you the extra HP and mana boost, and heal upon leveling. good stuff there.

Mid Game

Here you will finish your FM and BV. Start working on . This will help keep you bulky. And again, just wait and see how many players walk into you. You will start seeing effects from and . And since FM will keep them slowed you can stand on them and fire away. They take DoT dmg and SFC dmg.

Late Game

Atma's Imapler is here to save the day. More dmg and it will be noticeable.
Now if the game looks like it will be short, get this as soon as you have FM. That will help you get some extra dmg. But you are bulky so getting it early might be better. Your choice.

1v1 & Jungling

is one of the best 1v1 champs out there. Once you get past his squishiness lol. His passive is a great way to engage someone, and if he is scouting, than he will be sure to get the drop on someone. The power of his AS, mobility, and synergy between and will be just too much.

Jungling you will want the buffs. All the buffs. Golem for CDR(SR), Lizard for extra dmg, Wraith for speed (TT), Wolf for AS(TT), and Baron(SR) cuz it just looks cool.

Ganking & Team Pushes

Ganking is something that can do very well. If her gets the drop on someone than its pretty much GG

Team pushing will be like ganking. Keep moving and use them shrooms. Remember a well placed shroom can give your team and edge. You will be dishing out so much DPS that you will be hated the whole game lol

Friends & Enemies

Friends are anyone that can slow, stun, or taunt. As long as they arent beating on you you will be ok. And with you will doing them a favor and saving them from incoming dmg. Phsyical dmg anyway.

Enemies... Everyone. Just cuz you are bulky, dont mean you can fight everyone