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League of Legends Build Guide Author theexplodingjerk

Attack Damage Ashe is the Only Ashe

theexplodingjerk Last updated on October 16, 2010
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So this is my typical build for Ashe, though of course, like all builds, it is situational.

Firstoff, the skill sequence.
Hawkshot at lev 2 is a great way to scout bushes and save yourself a lot of pain and misery. However, if you are not mid (this build is best suited for mid), then Frost Shot is good too, and can maybe set you up with an early kill. For those new to Ashe, the extra gold from higher ranks of hawkshot is not useful, which is why we only want 1 in this spell for awhile.

Brief comment on the Giant Arrow O'Death
This skill is one of the reasons I main and love Ashe. It has tons of potential uses. Of course, it will take practice learning to hit from long distances (I admittedly couldn't hit anything far away when I first started), so don't be afraid to do a few practice games.
Anyway, back to uses. You can safe an ally or yourself from a gank, or bad situation with it. Obviously, it is a great opener, and if you can hit their carry or mage, and eliminate him early, it's a team fight changer. In the laning phase, it is a great way to get kills by letting the enemy push then shoot that large arrow and many others xD.
Oh! My favorite, those pesky turret divers. Make them regret it by trapping them too close to the turret, and get it to do your work for you.

Becuase I didnt know where to put this, a tip for team fights. Stay near the back of the pack, and don't be afraid to trail a lil behind so when it starts, you don't get focused. You may get there a sec late, but you will be the most useful alive and destroying their champs than dead.
Summoner Abilities!
Flash because it works well for Ashe (see what I did there xD). It will save you countless times. Clarity is a new one I have been trying with my build and have been loving it. With it's short CD, I can use Volley at low levels whenever I please(with the item build w/o clarity, you are always watching mana). It also lets you stay out in the field much longer when things start picking up.

Whew, the biggy.
Vampiric scepter is probably somewhat controversial, but its a good choice. It allows you to stay in your lane in situations you wouldn't be able to without it. I have been able to stay in a lane with >200 health and slowly regen to full with it. It also allows you to play aggressive. Since I'm assuming your mid, not many of your opponents will have LS. They may have a pot or two, but eventually, you will be able to wear them down, and force them into mid-low health situations. Actually, your goal should be to have the enemy around half health when you hit 6 so you are guaranteed a kill with your ulti and a few shots.


Moving on.

The wait for BF Sword is annoying, but worth it, the earlier you get it, the better. It is a very strong item for you, the AD Ashe. After you have this increase in AD, feel free to get some boots, Mercury Treads or Boots of Swiftness depending on your preference (or tabi if the other team is phys).
Now, build that super deadly IE. When you have this, you will start HURTING a lot. Now you want some AS, and Last Whisper is your best bet. It has good attack speed, some attack damage, and that very nice armor pen, which in almost every game will be very useful (try hurting a Rammus without it).
Some games are done by now, if not, start a Phantom Dancer or Black Cleaver, depending on whether the other team is tough (garen, xin, tanks and the sort) or not. Phantom Dancer will make you crit constantly, with huge crits, and attack super fast. If you can make it this far, you will be taking down champions in seconds. If you can make it further, Bloodthirster is great, and you already have a vamp scepter. If nobody on your team has gotten Starks, get that instead. I have only had 1 game in the last couple months keep going (I ended up 38/6/12), pick up Banshees or Guardian Angel or something that will prevent you from being squishy as a teddy bear (a very very deadly teddy bear).

Possible Items to consider (or reject):
Sword of Occult - I used this for a long time, but when I moved into higher elo, I would be focused too quick to build stacks, so yeah, as much as I love the ungodly potential for AD, it's a no go (unless you really want to :D).

Malady - I see a lot of Ashes use this, but I disagree. It's not that the item is terrible, but rather our items are better for the role AD Ashe plays.

Wit's End - It's even recommended, but late game, becomes near useless. So you drained 42 mana from that mage with 2k mana, good job, here is a cookie. No but really, similar reasoning goes for this as Malady.

Berserker Greaves - 25 % Attack Speed isn't worth it. There are several better boots for Ashe.

Brutalizer! - Consider this! Seriously, it is a great item, also a cheapy. Buy it if you need more armor pen (dammit rammus), along with some other good perks. Upgrade into a Youmuu's if you are feeling awfully fancy. (If you do get this item, I would get it before PD).

With this build you have potential to be ASHE: DESTROYER OF WORLDS.
Make good use of it :D

My user name for LoL is : theexplodingjerk

so yeah hit me up with any questions :D or if your feeling friendly :D

comment and rate too :D