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Ezreal Build Guide by swiftreaper

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author swiftreaper


swiftreaper Last updated on December 12, 2011
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Please read all the stuff I have written below. If you just look at item build you are not going to be very successful. I gave some pretty good insight on how this play style works to the normal hard hitting Q ez. I also explain why i chose all of the things I did for this build minus equipment for the most part. ALSO

You might want to toss in some health pots to help sustain since you do not need life steal.

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Why exhaust and ignite?

This is a pretty important summer spell selection you only get 2 so make them count.

ok so first exhasut: I believe this is a much needed summoner spell. it is what lets you solo any person. especially people with high life steal. this lets you escape from people as well for more survive ability. BUT try and use it in a more offensive baiting manner.

ok so with ignite: no flash? who cares about flash? you already have a flash that does damage. dont play dumb, dont chase and stay behind tanks and bruisers to lead the charge. you are the AD carry remember!

lets say you are facing another carry that has life steal.

this will shut down their dps and also life steal.
when exhaust RUNS OUT
use ignite
this will SHUT down their life steal, making all that extra gold they spent useless while your extra damage and survive ability comes into hand and you win.

Life steal can be countered to easy. that is why I love this build

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Why this rune page? will others work?

Ok lets start with this piece by piece

MARKS: Armor pen... I believe every ad carry should have these. They are awesome. remember you will have 250 ad end game. you will be hitting hard even without crit till late game. armor pen helps you deal massive damage in all stages of the game. beginning middle and end.

seals: health per level makes you a lot harder to kill. it will keep you in lane longer and thus gives you more levels. and what do we know about levels? more levels = greater chance for success.
NOTE: you could do flat armor seals instead. not a bad idea. if you do this I would suggest health quints. more survive ability but a little less damage.

glyohs: flat mr THESE ARE AWESOME and if you want to be an imposing presence in your lane you should have these. End of STORY

Quints. see marks above for why these are so awesome.
NOTE: health quints are good 2.

WHY NO ATK SPEED ANYWHERE? well because your items give you enough and you need the survive abilty to compete.

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Ok lets first start with this CONS of this build.

1. This is not an easy champion to carry with and requires a lot of skill.
( ALSO this build is dependent on YOUR ability to farm )
Works best with a support bot, my favorites are Soraka, Taric, Sona, and Janna.
Also this works as mid but, it is not really built for mid, If you decide to mid I would reccoment boots + 2 health pots + 1 mana pot instead of dorans blade.

2. this build is dependent on letting you get not only getting minion farm but also some champion kills as well. This is not a problem for the build but merely the ability for you to pull it off.

3. No LIFE steal. Everyone wants to get blood thirster first, he its not really a bad build at all however I feel that it limits you. no life steal means that you are going to have to be pretty skilled. Ez is one of the most elusive chars in the game, so play like it do not CHASE, do not play on the FRONT lines. stay behind tanks and bruisers and carry like an ad carry should. OK you must be saying WHY BUILD AD CARRY WITHOUT LIFE STEAL ARE YOU CRAZY?. And dont forget every one that is going to ignite you anyway because you are carry Life steal then goes bad. Well here is why, im tired of farming all game against a bunch of tanks and bruisers who stack armor and then get thormail which leaves just able to target liget hp and armor targets but then again anyone can target them. I made this build so I can kill any champion with any build they go.

Here are the pros:

1. Lane sustainability. Why is this so important? levels wins game(PERIOD). out leveling someone does not only mean you do more damage, but you hit harder and get more health and armor and magic armor. This will make you harder to kill and in general a better carry. think about it, one hp item that is also damage and slow( Frozen mallet) and at lvl 18 you are rocking almost 3k health with use of masteries and runes.

this is what you need to be able to do with phage and arcane shift. you can kite, and you can bait easily. if you can't kite with a char as good at kiting as ezreal then you might as well alt f4 out of this guide

3. Baron and Dragon. No problem. use madreds to help allies in farming these all games. the build isn't that expensive early game, so get a good jump ahead with keeping farm on dragon.

4. Bruisers and Tanks ruining your day? not any more

madreds with 2 APS will team through any tank or bruiser. make sure to kite and move in between attacks so you can keep kite you. just like PHREAK taught you all.

So remember STAY IN LANE, FARM FARM FARM, KITE KITE KITE. then you can carry
exhaust and ignite make for easy firstblood and easy kills on champs that focus only on lifesteal.

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Why play this style?

Why this build? Why? no life steal and no crit until the last item?

this build does not care about life steal and it does not care about crit for the most part.

what is the purpose life steal any way? Life teal is for people who are taking a ton of damage and crit is for someone who needs burst.

this build does NOT need life steal and does not need burst.

This build does not need life steal because you should not be taking that much damage, period. Don't be a scrub, ward the bushes don't get ganked and don't push so hard. learn to last hit and farm hard. also magic armor from wits end and armor from madreds is amazing, it will help you survive.

This build does NOT need burst. these items like Phage and Madreds also give some awesome atk damage as well. so with this attack damage and burn from madreds crit isn't really important.
and by the time you have madreds most people will have 2k health 2000 x 4% is 80. 80 extra damage every attack... you can pull off 5 regular attacks in about 3 seconds at this point extra 400 damage not even including your , mystic shot.
This style requires a lot of skill and if you are not use to playing this way it will take a lot of practice. it will most likely take some hard gaming hours to get his build down, but i promise it will be worth it. just keep trying to get better and dont give up. i started doing this build on ranked and so far my per game avg is 14 kills 5 deaths and 13 ***its

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How to succeed

Main guide to success for this build:

LEARN TO FARM, if you are use to ad carries this shouldn't be an issue

don't chase so hard you are not a tank.

learn to kite. this will help you sustain as well as being able to hold off until team mates arrive. I can not tell you how many times i was able to just stay alive long enough for team to come and clean up.

WARD: you are the ad carry, a support or tank should be setting down some wards. but hey if they are not doing it its 75 gold keep your lane warded. Less deaths = more time in lane = more levels and like I said more levels = wins game.
WHEN was the last time you won a game when enemy team out leveled you, doesn't happen.

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I really enjoy this build.

This build is awesome and I am happy to share something to promote my favorite char. if you have any questions send me a tell. -swiftreaper