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Lulu Build Guide by Greziz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Greziz

Attack speed mid. A YORDLES FANCIFUL DELIGHT! 3.11

Greziz Last updated on September 8, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Utility: 16

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Item Notes

the the visage nashors and zekes are all a pick based on your team needs and your needs. You need 40 cd and so I suggest you only grab 2 of those 3 items. Grab the zephyr is the enemy team has a bunch of cc that they use on you. your last 2 items can be really anything as your core is complete I suggest you build 2 of the 4 items at the end in whatever fashion you need them

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Bear with my massive failure to make proper punctuation and paragraph structure. For the Fae have no time for your silly cultured ways.

[Large item change edit recently.]

[Side note if you would like to **** talk the build in the comments please do. I don't care much even though I might still try to argue with you ;p. Just give it a try you might find you really enjoy it and you might even be surprised out how effective it is.]

    So this is Attack speed Lulu. This is not a troll build.
    You should be able to do damage very much like a Teemo.
    You will fall in love with this character.
    This build is all about being decent sustained dps which most mids will falter against while being very durable and quick.
    You should always be able to decide the engagement, you will be faster and you have cc!
    You have an ult that will give you much needed breathing room should a gank happen and you will be very fast at running despite lulu having a terrible base run speed you should have 373 run speed with level 1 boots only.

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The Marks
Greater Mark of Attack Speed
They give you more attack speed which means more item proc which means more DAMAGE! Pretty self explanatory you can also fiddle around with armor/magic pen runes they are not bad choices as they increase the damage your procs and passive will do I opt for more attack speed personally I just feel it makes everything easier from chasing to last hitting.

Greater Seal of replenishment
Lulu's abilities are Key and your mana can go dry very quickly. These seals will do wonders for keeping you able to use your abilities if you manage your mana well and don't spam to hard. You should not be aiming to harrass with your lance and shield without a heavy dose of auto attack. If your not getting in some auto attacks when your using your spells you will go dry on mana before your foe breaks an hp sweat or mana sweat himself.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
just some early magic resist to more easily bully them outta lane.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
LULU is beyond naturally slow. It is overwhelmingly important to shore up her run speed so she can chase and auto attack effectively. Now I know your thinking but I have WHIMZY Stop that thought there. You save your whimsy for your foe if he commits 1.5 seconds of doing nothing but being a fuzzy target is amazing for you. Also you must save whimsy Incase you are assaulted by multiple foes as you will need to flee at warp speed this will get you running. Also depending on the situation you may need to use this to stop a channeled spell or some other thing like nunu ults etc.

    As a side note feel free to make your yellow seals whatever fits your play style. You could go armor seals scaling hp seals Flat hp seals. I just prefer the mana regen seals for early game lets me get a little more spam in.

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The Masteries as Fairly Straight Forward.

    In the attack tree dip far enough to grab that spell sword getting more of you ap to your dmg is nice stacks up with your nice attack speed and grab that magic pen on the way down.
    Support tree dive down picking up summoner cool downs and grabbing Awareness for the Bonus 5 percent exp This should hopefully give you lvl 2 and other levels quicker than your opponent this is very important as the majority of your dmg will be from pix which is determined by your level.
    Get 1 point in improved heal in the defense tree for the extra health per level.

    your tree should look like an ugly 13/1/16 Yeah I know it doesn't look optimum but I have been having some great sucess with it lately.

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    Start boots and 3 health pots and a mana pot or just 4 health pots if you think you can manage your mana perfectly.
    Now race that witz end this gives you that magic shred very nice plus your increased attack speed. You now want to land autos first if you can before landing abilities to make use of the shred.
    Next build your RUNAANS. This item is great you split push like a monster and now in team fights you are applying your witz end to 3 targets under good conditions.
    At this point you now build 40 percent cooldown. I like to build the Visage, Nashors, or zekes herald as they are all cheap quick ways to parcel out that 40 percent cool down that also give you added life via straight life or bonus ap for your ult and shield. You can also build the zephyr blade if you need to have tenacity and MORE runspeed you know incase they have a hec or sona or just a really dogged trundle or something just if for any reason you need to move 10 percent faster!
    Your last item is very free form Build whatever your team needs be it wota, Abyssal scepter for more magic shred or a mogs for yourself just whatever your team or you need for their team comp.

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Skills and how to use.

Pix, Faerie Companion this is your Passive it will help you turn attack speed into magic damage!

Glitterlance This is the skill you will max first. It has a massive slow great range and very good base damage. You will want to learn when to save this and when to use it.

How you use this skill will make or break you as attack speed lulu. You need to use this to slow melee coming at you as you shoot them up for coming for you. You also need to use this in team fights to disrupt as many enemies as you can. Last of all you need to land this on fleeing targets to catch them.

Whimsy This is your is your first CC Get 1 pt at level 3 Max LAST!

This is a skill that will Determine a Team fight, Get you out of a gank, or Speed you to an objective in the nick of time. Use it sparingly the mana cost is really rough on your attack speed lulu. You should always try to keep this in reserve for the moment you need it. Be it ending a channeled ult to escaping a gank to simply ensuring a 1v1 kill!

Help, Pix! This spell is all around good. Max it 2nd.

You will use this spell in many situations. You can use it for added damage and vision also makes you passive very hard to be intercepted by minions and other champs. You can apply to yourself to tank minions infront of tower so you don't lose farm. You can Help save a life in teamfights.

Also you can do plenty of good trickery with it. Attach it to a minion fire your lance and move in on the slowed target. Attach it to an ally who is closer to a champion to fire your lance to slow said champion. Or just attach to your enemy to make it very easy to land your Lance.

Wild Growth Get it maxed as soon as possible!

This skill is wonderful use for ending channeled effects.

Use to restore HP!

Use for giant crowd controlling monstrosity in a team fight by applying to your tank preferably a MALPHITE who just Ulted in.

Advanced tactic to ensure surprise kills. Make sure your in range of what you want to auto attack. You lance the target run up to melee range then ult. Now stay infront of your target and land as many auto attacks as possible keep stutter stepping to keep your target in the aoe.

2nd Advance tactic combine Heal with this ult for the ultimate heal bait.

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Summoner Spells

Flash Hands down the best summoner spell. If you haven't figured out this is better than ghost in almost every situation possible this attack speed lulu is not for you.

Heal Lulu is one of the easiest champions to squish and can really benefit from the extra sustain and surprise hp helps secure kills. Also even though your still attack speed carry capable your still also a great support character and heal is great for clutch saving allies and yourself. Combine with your ult and shield to save any target in a team fight from certain destruction.

Feel free to try any other spells than heal if it just isn't your cup of tea. I do however believe Heal is the best choice though for this particular character and her role in this niche composition build.

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Team Work

You still have SUPPORT ROLE!

You USE your abilities in a supporting manner! You just also apply your monsterous Damage and positioning abilities for great effect. I highly suggest you use this build with a Bottom lane that has an Ad Ranged and some sort of quazi support dps thing like Blitz or Nunu or Warwick. However nothing is wrong with having a Dedicated support role also. You are bringing some great damage to the party and plenty of great utility to every team fight.


Your Help, Pix! does Dmg/Vision or Shields an ally in need!

Your Glitterlance Can slow an entire team with proper positioning and Dmg them all too!

Your Whimsy Can take the enemy ad carry out of the fight for 1.5 second or stop a channeled ability!

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Onto Farming. You better learn to auto attack farm with that pix. It will be a new ball game as minions will block pix from hitting your intended auto attack target so learn your dmg with and without pix to last hit like a pro.

Your Glitterlance is great to slam large groups and set them up for auto attack farm or to pick up a minion you will miss with auto even your Help, Pix! can snag minions but be very wary of using your spells too liberally on minions your mana pool is overwhelmingly scarce without blue buff and honestly your blue buff should go to some one else if you can help it.

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To address the question you may have. WHY MID?

I like to place this character mid because the majority of your damage will be magic damage anyways making you a sorta auto attacking ap carry thing.

I like this as it throws many other ap carries off their game they arn't used to fighting an agressive auto attacker.

Another great reason to go mid. Seeing as your so fast if your jungler is in danger your move set is great to arrive in time and save him!

Also being a very fast movement speed mid allows you to roam violently like a kassadin only not quite as fast or bursty.

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Early Game.

You started boots and move quints with pots. POKE POKE POKE HARASS Dodge them ganks and generally be a little demon. Last hit harass etc. Go buy when you can and ALWAYS RACE TO ASSIST YOUR JUNGLER IF YOU NEED TO!

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Mid Game.

At this point you should have Your Witz emd and RUNAANS. PUSH TOWERS. Go gank START SNOWBALLING YOUR LANES! You should have 410 run speed from your berserker greaves with alacrity and your whimsy to haul *** around so do so. Don't forget to spend spare cash on healing potions and mana potions and use them liberally to stay topped off on mana and health so that you can keep your presence strong and not spend alot of time backing.

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Late Game.

This is the part of the game where you and your team should be trundling around as a giant Goon swarm. Hopefully your team has some good initiators START CATCHING AND ULTING AND KILLING STUFF. Shield and ult your team mates apply your witz end to everything you can auto and slow and just generally lulu their ****!