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Aurelion Sol Build Guide by Quil

Jungle gold

Aurelion Sol Jungle for dragon hatchlings (S9.2)

By Quil | Updated on January 26, 2019
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Yu_1 (4) | February 7, 2018 6:36am
Can you damage baron behind his area with your orbs?
Quil (1) | February 7, 2018 11:16am
I dont think the range is that large.
And even if you could.. why would you want to? the damage from those is AoE, not burst.
On the other hand, if you're looking for steal potential, what you want to do is a combo with your Q+R over the wall.
Midgame, that could give you around 700 burst damage.
(Hmm.. I think I actually pulled that off once, two years ago)

Here's someone else doing it in a rather fancy manner.
(Although sadly, it was mostly due to enemy jg blowing smite timing)
Yu_1 (4) | February 8, 2018 2:37am
Thank you!
Ronyk (21) | February 6, 2018 8:42am
I love seeing off-Meta guides, and after thinking about it, Aurelion Sol feels like he would do very well in the jungle.

If you find the time, I'd love to see more information, such as:
- Your recommended early items, and how differently Jungle Sol builds
- A video clip of what a first clear might look like. I find it difficult to imagine the kiting technique you described
- A video clip (or montage maybe? Might be fun to make!) of Aurelion Sol Jungle Ganks.
- Some tooltips for Arelion Sol's Abilities, or at least the section where you list what order you level them up - I and many other readers like to use these as reference for the exact numbers for a Champions abilities - and for some champions, it can be easy to forget which ability is "Q" or "W" or "E".

+1 Regardless, I'd love to see this guide polished off.
Quil (1) | February 6, 2018 8:52pm
Videos are up!
Hope they are useful.
Ronyk (21) | February 7, 2018 5:25am
I just watched them. They definitely are useful! Thank you for being so on top of this :)
Quil (1) | February 6, 2018 9:12am
not quite sure what you mean by the tooltips request. I did include skill order thingie?
Ronyk (21) | February 6, 2018 10:02am
Wow... it's definitely there. I don't know how I missed it.

Haha! My brain must be broken or something :)

The tooltips are when you put double brackets around champion names, abilities, and items: Like Aurelion Sol and Draw a Bead and Cloth Armor.

They liven up sections and allow for quick reference.

Also, thank you for the quick reply!
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makanaca (3) | February 5, 2018 3:14pm
Still working pretty well, you could update your guide, build and runes. Would be awesome ;)
Quil (1) | February 5, 2018 9:57pm
okay, I updated it some. Still could use improvements.
Lemme know what you think!
Quil (1) | February 5, 2018 7:51pm
Oh! Thanks man :)
I kinda gave up on jungle aurelion after they nerfed his Q.
But since you were nice enough to come make a comment, I'll experiment with the new runes :)
Wanna say what you tried so far in runes that you've been liking?
The God Of Odd | June 2, 2016 1:35am
just played a game with an aurelion sol who used this page and he was complete **** and a total *******, dont listen to this guide it doesnt help whatsoever and it DOES NOT win games. I have proof of this loss. swain cant carry a **** build such as this
Quil (1) | March 29, 2016 9:24am
I havent actually checked explicitly. but it applies Rylai's,so why wouldnt it?

wouldnt call it exactly OP though. its tough to apply orbs against an awake opponent.

unelss you get rylais on em of course ;) That helps.
But you still have to deal with the squishy-center problem.
Thats why merc treads + alacrity is a good idea.

Edit: wiki says does apply, as AoE style. (one-third effectiveness)
DragonMorpher | March 29, 2016 5:47am
Interesting, Spell Vamp Aurelion Sol sounds OP. Does he's passive gain you hp?
Quil (1) | July 16, 2018 8:50am
Im not sure whether hextech gunblade works with his floating stars.
however.. even if it did.. it wouldnt be useful, IMO. Not in fights anyway.
THe amount of heal woudl be tiny.
Would be slightly useful for jungle clear sustain, but.. there are better things to get. Rylais and runic echo are mandatory first items for the kiting, IMO. After that, it really doesnt matter. May as well just go tank and AP at that point.
lifesteal is really for extended combat mages, which he is not, without kiting (and as long as enemy has NO CC !!
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