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Teemo Build Guide by Rosaile

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rosaile

Auto-Blowgun Teemo

Rosaile Last updated on February 7, 2012
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Hello! ^^

I em summoner Rosaile. In this guide I will explain my build and why I use it. I know it looks a little off, but I have tested it in both CO-OP vs AI and PvP games. I would very much so like positive feed back on my build as this is my first campion build.

(This build is still undergoing some changes, but I would like some feed back. Please fell free to vote as well. Thank you.)

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Pros / Cons

Very fast (this build lets you get to any where on the map before anyone else)
Easy lane control (With mushrooms to see where they are and blinding dart to make them retreat, it’s easy to hold a lane)
Staking Damage thats good through the hold game. (more info on this when we get to the items)
Good on your own, but great with a tank or bruiser. (Teemo is a support and he’s good at it in a different way)
One of the best farmers (with a 2.5 attack speed not many minions live long)
Tower Killer (This build shreds towers)
Tank destroyer (and Tanks)

Low health (Like most ranged, Teemo can’t take to many hits)
Quite squishy
Has a tendency to be focused in team fights (Once there team sees how you shred there tank they tend to go for you...)
If your team has a lot of ap champs, and enemies build heavy magic resistance, you might have some problems, but not alot.

Note: I really can’t think of any other Pros/Cons. If you think of some others please comment.

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So here’s where my build differs from others. Where every one else goes heavy AD or heavy AP I do nether. I go heavy attack speed. In fact.... I max it. That’s right my Teemo build shoots 2.5 times a second. Why dose this work? Malady, Sword of the Divine, Wit’s End, Madred’s Bloodrazor.

Now what do all this items do for Teemo?

Boots of Mobility lets you move fast! I tried every other boot and when it came down to it these where the best option. Teemo’s Move Quick + Boot’s of Mobility + Ghost = WHAT WAS THAT? (I don't recommend taking Goast. You fast enough already.)

First is Malady, not only does it gives you 20 magic damage boost, witch is very nice early game. It also give a little AP witch boost your damage a little more and reduces your targets magic resistance, witch means even if they take a little magic resist, in early game, to counter you it won’t mater.

Madre’s Blood razor. Is second on my list. Armor, attack speed, attack damage and 4% of there health in magic damage... Ouch! Getting this eraly game will help you rolf stomp any non-magic resist tank with ease. As for the tanks that do stack magic resist, you do enough damage to make them think twice. Late game this item lets you rips apart just about any camp.

Wit’s End. Another 42 magic damage and now some magic resist! This with your runes make you good agenst AP camps. Ryze, Morgana, and any other AP camp with a snair thinking they can just root you in place and tair you up, but when there health drops faster then yours they commonly run... or die.

Nashor's Tooth (info coming soon)

Frozen Mallet is the last item in the build. The slow late game lets you slow the camps that always seem to get away. The large health boost lets you stay in the team fights for longer pireds of time and the attack damage is nothing to scof at.

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Skill Sequence

Skills and How to use them! OK! So since this is not an AP build skill for Teemo in this build are more like useful item uses. Blinding Dart is a melee killer. The best way to kill a melee is like this. Mushroom where you are at the start of any fight. then Blind them. Shoot tell there close and use Quick Move. Run back and let them hit your mushroom. Shoot tell there close and run again. With your Boots of Mobility they won’t catch you. When they go to run away you can chase them for the kill or stay back. Ether way, you just won, your not dead.

Enough of that. The way I play may not be the way you play. so try my build out. If you like it great! If not, try some thing else. I don’t mind.

Getting all of Teemo’s skills early is key, but building his damage early is the most needed. So first point into Toxic Shot.

Next Move Quick. This will let you get in and out of combat with ease. and let you get away when needed.

Blinding dart is last because you don’t need the blind that early. The damage from the shot is not that great ether. Plus there’s no toxic shot with it for the DoT. Blinding shot is for blinding not DPS.

every point goes in to toxic shot tell Mushroom is avaliable. TAKE MUSHROOM! You need them! When you have your mushrooms place them every where! There’s no bad mushroom placing. The best place for a mushroom is where you can’t see and just in front of you or behind you for fights. you'll get the hang of it as you play.

Wording jungle buffs and other none lane areas is key. Baron is the most importent spot to keep a mushroom at.

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As we all know item aren’t everything. Runes have an influence on the battle field.

Marks of Alacrity for the eraly attack speed boost is great. No one thinks you'll get more then a shoot or two early game, but with Alacrity you can commonly get three to four before there out of range.

Next I took Seals of Resilience for early game mostly. The extra armor in early game will save you from most ganks.

For Glyphs I took Glyphs of Shielding. The incresing magic resist as the game goes on lets you take on the AP camps with more ease.

Finally Quintessence of Alacrity. Again the attakc apeed lets you get those much needed shot off in early game and it gets you to 2.5 shot a second much quicker.

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(Masteries rework info Coming Soon)

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Summoner Spells

(More info coming soon)

How ever! You don’t need Clairvoyance. You have mushrooms...
You don’t need Smite. You kill minions super fast anyways.
You don’t need Clarity! You don’t use that much mana.
You don’t need Revive. You shouldn’t die that much anyway.

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Like I said at the beginning of this guide, This is my first time. ;)
But! I did a lot of testing and it works great.
Please comment with useful information. Thank you for your time and have fun!

Caption Teemo is on DUTY!