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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dunger

Awakening of Jax

Dunger Last updated on June 22, 2010
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It's my first build here, so... comment if i did something wrong :>

Ok, so as everybody know, Jax is a typical single-target damage hero with a very high dps if played correctly. He's using both - physical and magical dmg, so he's not easily countered. He've got quite nice stun, which is dependable to his dodging ability, so i set part of my runes to dodge.
As BigDowny underlined in his guide - dodge is a one of the key advantages in playing Jax. But not the only one.
So i'll explain my vision of Jax - how to awaken his true power.

Of course, seal and quintessences with dodge. Armor penetration marks to boost dmg early game, and AP glyphs to boost dmg further especially during the later stage of the game.

Masteries are obvious for Jax - 21 in offence to boost dmg and 9 in defense to boost his dodge further. In defense tree i prefer magic resists than armor, because he'll be dodging part of physical dmg, but he can't dodge magical ones.

Ghost to chase/escape and sometimes during the team fights, to strike faster running enemies. Cleanse is my favourite skill - to remove all annoying slows, stuns, exhausts etc during the fight. Or it sometimes can save your *** by removing ignite when you're low on hp.

Ghost can be changed to flash, ignite or exhaust - it just depends on the team composition and your playing style.

Counter strike at lvl 1, to boost dodge by 10% and for the helpful stun. Then 1 point in leap strike, which should be used for chasing or escaping, but early game it shouldn't be used for engaging, because of it's long cooldown.
Then spend all points in empower, it's great for farming creeps and to harras enemy champions. You should max it as fast as possible.
After empower, put your points to counter strike to increase stun dmg and of course - dodge chance.
At last put your points in leap strike to decrease it's cooldown (and slightly increase it's dmg)

I prefer boots + 2 hp pots. If you've got hero with any crowd control on your lane, you can easily harras your enemies and even kill them. Boots are useful for hit & run strategy, great working with empower. When they're harrased, drink your hp pot if you're low on hp and let them push a bit, then run to them -> Empower -> Counter Strike -> Empower -> Leap Strike and at least on of them should be dead, if your lane companion have a brain (it's sad, but sometimes they don't have it).
Boots are also useful for running away if you've faced strong pushers.
During the first return to base, buy ninjas (or mercs if you're playing against champions with high magic dps or with a plenty of stuns) and pickaxe if you have enough money.
Ok, so short comment to item build:
Ninjas - dodge, dodge and... ah, i forgot. Dodge.
Guinsoo - great item for jax, boosting his hp (passive), all abilities and attack speed. "Must have" item for him
Sword of the Divine - not very expensive item, giving nice attack speed boost. It's passive working very good with Jax's ulti.
Life scepter - a small amount of life steal
Frozen Mallet - Great HP boost and 100% chance to slow enemies, making Jax even a better ganker. Since this moment, almost nobody will escape you, making you damn-annoying chaser.
Bloodthirster - greater lifesteal and dmg boost, combined with Jax's attack speed... Devastating!

Last item - game will propably end now, but if it's one of this "veeeery loooooong" games, you should adjust it to the situation to tip the balance on your team side.
Guardian angel versus high dps team, to armor/magic resist boost and a kind of "afterlife".
Banshee's veil - VERY useful item. Magic resists, hp, mp and great passive. Especially when facing high magic dps team.
Thornmail - when facing melee team.
Madred's Bloodrazor - when enemy team consist of high hp champions.

I think its not a place to advices like "attack squishy healer/highes dps champion first", but i think i should mention about "building up" (awakening) his dps. It's sometimes useful, especially on lanes, to build up his ultimate and guinsoo first on creeps or neutrals, then empower -> run or leap strike to the enemy -> counter strike. And spam empower as often as possible.

That should be all. And if you've rated - post your comment.