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Azir Build Guide by Deathmakka

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deathmakka

Azir, Emperor of The Sands, Restoring Shurima

Deathmakka Last updated on July 9, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi there, I'm Deathmakka and this is my Azir max CDR build. Azir himself is a very overpowered champion when used properly. He is a HUGE threat mid/late game, early is more of a stay back and farm.
When I first played azir, I had no idea what I was doing due to the fact of outdated guide. So this guide will bring you up to date on how to play Azir properly and what items to get and
why you should get them.

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Pros / Cons

-Amazing team fight
-Amazing poker
-Great for sieging
-Has great utility
-Self Peeling

-Very Squishy
-Can be locked down
-Weak early game
-Mana hungry early

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Early/Mid Game

Levels 2-5
Harassing is Azir biggest advantage in lane. You typically want to try and push your laning opponent out so you can farm and get ahead. You can make big plays by doing your WEQ combo and may getting a kill, but usually you focus on farming and doing as much poke as possible. Be very careful on how you use your E cause you can get ganked easily if you dont have it up or if you don't have enough mana to fly away. One of the best thing to do against an enemy champions that's melee is place your soldier right at their casters to zone him from csing. When he does come in for the cs make sure to poke him with your soldiers.

Levels 6-13
This is where you have a upper hand being pushed in. This is where you really make some good plays. Your ult is basically a wall that fling your opponent in one direction. So say if your under your tower and you can do your WEQ combo to them and use your ult to shove them under tower, usually ends up in a kill or a flash being burned. You can also set up you ganks by doing the exact same thing. You typically want to shove the enemy turret first because of your passive. You summon a turret on a already destroyed turret. So this will have your back, usually people don't see it and when they come in from behind they will take tons of damage, but the enemy mid laner may go in on you cause someone is tanking. It gives great map pressure and free gold.

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Team fights

For the most part, you wanna stay in the back line. You keep your soldiers up and keep poking the enemy down until engaging. Some azir players, including me, like to WEQ behind the enemy back line and ult them into their team and using hourglass. It give the enemy team bad positioning and they wont be prepared for it, Or you can sit back and spawn as many soldiers as possible and Q them in there and auto.

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Tips/tricks and bananaing (WQE combo)

Bananaing (WQE combo)
To pull this stun off, you want to have a soldier on the ground near your enemy. Then when you want to engage you hit your E which makes you fly to a soldier, now here is the tricky part. While in mid air going to the soldier, you want to Q to the enemy champion so you can stun them. This can be also done through varies walls and can be made to use for escaping.

Ult kiting
When you ult your enemy and so if you are low or they still are coming after you. you can run through your wall of soldiers and still do damage to your enemy, sooner or later they will back off or you can end up getting a kill on them.

Turn arounds!
If you and a enemy champion are a low, don't be afraid to WEQ at them to turn around and get a kill. You do get a shield from stunning them and they are stunned so you can get some autos and land a kill.

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Why not Nashor's tooth?

That is actually very simple, Nashor's tooth passive is that every time you auto you do 15 (+15% ap) magic damage per auto. So here is the probably, your soldiers don't count as auto damage as weird as that may seem. So it's passive is meaning less to you, so if you still want to get it by all means, but there are better items to get over nashor's tooth.

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To bring things to a close, Azir is an amazing champion with great burst and an amazing team fighter. I know my guide isn't pretty and all colorful but it has useful information. Thanks for taking a look at my guide and help restore Shurima back to it's glory!