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Azir Build Guide by Merenzio

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Merenzio

Azir ultimate MID build (aggressive play)

Merenzio Last updated on September 25, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 0


Utility: 9

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Pros / Cons

+ Has a great zoning kit with his ranged Q and soldier AA
+ His soldiers proc Magic bonuses like Spell Vamp, Rylai's Crystal Scepter slow, and Liandry's Torment burn passive.
+ Azir Raw AA is ranged, but soldier AA is Melee and proc's the 2% damage from Double-Edged Sword when using soldiers.
+ Has "E" as a gap closer that is also an escape, and if connecting with an enemy champion, gives you a shield based on Health.
+ His Ult can block most escapes excluding unstoppable abilities (vi and Malph ults) or Flash, everything else is blocked. Also gives team movement speed and the ability to pass through freely while denying enemy access and is great to cause that 1-2 AA of hesitation before the enemy realizes whats going on.
+ Ult can also be used to force fights as an initiation for a "stalemate" comp, but putting soldier behind enemy team, "E" On that soldier, and than push enemy team with Ult into your team.
+ Insane late game
+ Can use Defensive & Utility Masteries very well, and some Offensive Masteries.

+Soldiers do not proc On-Hit Effects like Lich Bane, Iceborn Gauntlet, Arcane Blade , Spell Weaving , Blade Weaving
+ Azir Raw AA is ranged, but soldier AA is Melee so with Bandit utility mastery soldier AA and "Q" proc the Melee +15G on Kills and ***its, but can only proc the Ranged +3G when using Azir's Raw AA; meaning you can't get +3G on Soldier AA while using Bandit
+His "W > Q > E" Gap Closer/Escape has a delay between your "W" deploy, a delay of "Q" moving soldier into position, and a delay in "E" travel time, even if using smart cast, you really close only a small amount of distance on a fleeing champion (not taking into consideration of any abilities, items, or quints the enemy may have to make this even worse).
+He is squishy, has high health for a support (which is fairly low) but not so much top and mid lane.
+Is very weak against gap closers (and really any kind of movement C.C. for that matter) since his "E" early game is a 1 shot thing, and even later isn't something you can depend on for constant disengage. Which also leads to him not having C.C. disengage.
+Unlike Orianna or Syndra, Azir has to stop to AA which is more like an ADC's means of kiting rather than a more free flowing champ like Syndra and Orianna, You need your range from enemy because of this.
+Very Item reliant, and leads to him having a pretty weak early game, and is why I like to go Utility Tree.
+weak early game

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This is the most important thing if u are playing azir mid...
The blue buff garant you cdr (wich is great for your passive) and the ability of spamming spels up you enemies *** without loosing your mana.
Get the buff with the help of your jungler or get it in the enemy jungle(risky play), even if it cost you a third of your life. Azir play style is like: "You can't touch me but i can touch you" so the life isn't that important. Your mana is your life:
No mana=No dmg and no ESCAPE and he is really mana hungry.
Half of the time you will be without mana when you need to kill someone if u don't get the blue buff.

Pro Tips: Stay behind walls while getting buff and drop your (2)soldiers to do the job.
If you are well positioned while doing this you will be able to recive 0 dmg from golems.
This means: stay near the bush but behind the wall.
double W on Golem, they will moove into the bush. Q in the bush. the golem willl begin to oscillate from the bush to his original position standing in range of your soldiers. AA-AA-AA-AA till death.

It require a bit of practice to found the right place to stay.

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I use Ignite and Flash.
Teleport is a vailable option:
Imagin botlane being harrassed for loosing a fight. You can teleport behind enemy lines on a minion and land your R to change the situation!
I have also triyed exhaust and is good to land more AA on enemies.

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Passive: Will of the emperor

Cooldown reduction increases Azir’s attack speed.

This means Azir's passive grants him attack speed the more cooldown reduction you have. (cap at 40% cdr)

This is the point. You only want 40% cdr, not more, not less.

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Poke with your w-q combo.
Always try to land w +(1 aa) then q +(1aa).
When they are low you do: W over them-aa-Q BEHIND them-E-turn-R in the direction of your turret or your team or jungler- W -(aa if u have right positioned your soldiers)- Q- aa 'till death.
IF you are good do: W over them-aa-Q over them-E-walk behind them (this is impossible since u get shoes)-Turn-R in the dirsction of your turret or your team or jungler- W -(aa if u have right positioned your soldiers)- Q- aa 'till death.

Or u can simply flash-R so your escape is up.

Remember that u can use w-q-e for escape ganks so try not to waste it.

Ignite when needed...

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Surprise! You are death and Nashor is stealed.

Remember: You can easily attack from behind walls with your w-q-e-(r) combo surprising your opponent when he is under turret.
This is allso really efficent for steal when the enemy team is getting the nashor or the drake:
While standing safe behind the walls, just drop 2(3) soldiers, attack enemies for distract them and use q when the monser is low life, this is like a smite.
If you are with your team you can W over the wall -E-R to push them away from monsters.

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This build will be updated..