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Janna Build Guide by Rancid

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rancid

Babysitter Janna: Master the Queen **** of Assists

Rancid Last updated on August 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Janna is one of the best support champions in the game. With practice she is very good at supporting the bottom duo lane due to her insane synergy with ranged ad champions, which is why (When properly played) she is a vital part of every game. Once mastered her cc combos make her one of the most fun support champions-- she is not some healbot (*cough* soraka) and good janna play means you are chaining cc, using your ult to move enemies out of position, and being disruptive with your Q ability's insane range... all while protecting your carries.

SUMMARY: Janna is very good and I hope I can help others learn how I like to play her with a guide emphasis on a beefy roam build style as well as some early game insight not covered in other guides.

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Very long range harass ability
Can use knock up / ult to push enemies out of position
Very powerful bubble that gives ad carries a free bf sword
Has a very strong slow ability
Good at peeling enemies off your carry

Not as sustainable in lane as healing supports like Soraka
Takes practice to be played to full potential
Can be rather squishy when playing duo lane babysitter role
Bad ults can cost kills

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Red: I prefer flat armor runes. With my playstyle these are optimal because they allow you to take some dmg from the apposing teams ad carry, or when you have to tank tower hits, skill shots, and even minions so your ad carry can do damage and hopefully secure kills to snowball their early/mid and carry the team late game. Ap/lvl runes are also viable.

Yellow: Mana regen/lvl. When you play babysitter you have to rely on gp5 to get most of your money, so there wont be a ton of money to build items for your mana pool. These gives you the extra mana regen you need and help keep your your sustained support in team fights less reliant on items.

Blue Mr/lvl. This also gives you more durability from ap champs, since you wont usually have enough money to indulge in expensive mr items. Mr/lvl are used because you usually wont be taking too much magic dmg in laning phase.

Quints 2 flat hp quints for more durability early/mid. 1 GP/5 quint for a little extra cash flow, but 3 flat hp or ap/lvl work.

EXPLANATION: I role defensive runes because, in my opinion, the scaling ap runes used by some janna players in red and blue take away too much from your durability, since you dont have much to spend on any mr or defense. In addition, beefyness in laning helps you zone and protect your carry. Also, a beefier Janna is a stronger roaming presence, and although some don't think she is as good at roaming as some other supports she actually can set up ganks and assists quite potently with the defensive stats this rune setup offers (while not being item dependent). In mid/late the durability helps you make some fun ult-cc combos, as well as the potential to stay in the fight longer to possibly block skillshots, cc or tower dmg from getting to your squishies.

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Masteries & Sumoners

These are the only 2 summoners that you should take with Janna when taking on a babysitter role. Flash is essential allows to you to set up your positioning with your ult during ganks. It is also very good when used defensively-- flash is basically a get-out-jail free card when used to escape a bad position, especially with your cc.

Clairvoyance is a must because as support it is your job to provide vision for your team, check dragon and baron, and basically keep tabs on the enemy team in the Fog of War. With practice you can anticipate the positioning of their team and use CV very affectively.

SUMMARY: Flash and CV are a must for babysitter Janna.

9/21 is the optimal mastery setup when playing a beefy-support babysitter janna. 21 in utility is a must; picking up the 3 extra mana regen, death timers, cdr, xp bonus, gp5, improve flash and cv... etc. Basically utility is a must for this role and summoner spells. The 9 in defense gives you a little extra defense and lane sustainability with the health regen in the early game. Not gunna go into too much depth here pretty much everything specc'd is a no brainer and these are cookie-cutter support masteries, viable for just about all of them.

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Core Items

Starting Items
Sight Ward 2x
There is an extra 175 gold with this setup, which can be used to buy more hp pots or mana pots. I personally grab 4 hp pots and 2 mana pots in addition to my Charm and Ward. This is my preferred starting items. I find these items to be the most effective because they give you the most sustainability in lane-- a mp5 item, some mana pots, and 800 additional hp.
On your first back you should ideally complete your philostone, get the +1 boots, and 2 or 3 wards.
Core Items
or , Philosopher's Stone, (optional), , Sight Ward. Philo stone is built into Shurelya's Reverie (if you have Merc's) or Eleisa's Miracle (if you built Boots of Lucidity). Always leave a spot open for wards. If you are clearing wards or they have a stealth champion its good to get an oracle as well.

Explenation As a babysitter you will be starving yourself of farm, thus relying on gp5 items and assists for money. That means your core has to be cheap. In addition, thses items allow janna to be fairly strong when roaming (we'll cover this later), as well as being able to tank damage, which will sometimes be necessary to get off a critical ult or ensure a kill by tanking tower dmg. With this core complete Janna will be more beefy then most other champs on your team. Keep in mind that the gp5 passive is unique to the item, so you do in fact benefit from both items.

Wards have priority over any of these items. As a support you must protect your carry and lane with wards, as well as ward critical choke points and baron / dragon. Its better to get pieces of Aegis and wards then finishing it without giving your team proper map control.

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Luxery Items

Will add this section later

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Skill Sequence

Take 1 point in Q at lvl 1. Keep in mind that at lvl 1 a fully charged Q does a alot of dmg and has an extremely powerful aoe knockup. This rapes lvl fights and can help you establish lane control by harassing the enemy team. ADVICE: Dont spam this too much, be aware of your mana pool. I usually dont use this at lvl 1 unless it can set up my ad for a few auto attacks.

After lvl 1, E for your carry; ad and a bubble is insane. Then I choose to max zephyr, since the speed boost helps you roam. Finally I finish up Q. Remember to take your ult whenever possible. R>E>W>Q after lvl 1 under normal circumstances.

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Early Game / Laning Phase

The first 4 lvls generally go Q->E->W->E, however sometimes, if me and my carry are doing alot of dmg harassing and i feel confident we can ensure a kill, send their carry back to base, or zone them out i will rank them Q->W->E->E for the slow at lvl 2 (if you are doing this well you will most likely hit lvl 2 before they do, so you can take advantage of the Q-W combo and keep them away from xp and farm). This requires some good communication with your laning partner to result in a kill, but remember that even if they dont die forcing them to have to back down and either go back or (preferably) try and stay in lane and get zoned by you will help you establish a lead in minion kills and xp.

Auto attacks do a substantial amount of damage at this lvl as well, take advantage of your fast base movement speed and hit 'em with a couple. I find this stage of the game to be very important in that if you do well the first couple of levels you can usually dominate all early game. If they dont have a healing support like Janna or Sona, keep them on the defensive-- your range paired with an ad carry is devastating. If they do, then just focus on zoning and making sure your carry farms, while harassing and trying to be disruptive to their farming (unless of course they make a mistake).

If you were successful with the first part of early game and managed to use your Q-W combo with the help of some solid zoning by you and your lane partner, then you may be able to reach lvl 6 before they do. You then have the advantage of being able to utilize your ult to chain a stun, provided they have blown their flash (something you should make note of). If That is the case then it possible to use your flash-ult combo to knock them back into the direction of your tower, then follow up with your Q-E. With you and your ranged AD's auto attacks this can sometimes result in a kill. However it is important that this is not forced; when about to hit lvl 6 you should just be aware of any miss positions or opportunities to use this combo, since your ult can also be used defensively if saved. Makes sure your lane is warded or you know exactly where the enemy jungler is before attempting this.

Sometimes enemies extend way too far (usually when a jungler ganks) or try to dive your tower. If this happens, use your flash-ult combo to attempt to knock them into your tower or if flash is not up to simply disrupt their ability / positioning (such as with amumu or WW). In these situations your ult can be used to fend off early aggression or punish their mistakes.

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Early Warding / Jungling Defense

Generally when estimating the location of an enemy jungler, you can look at your own jungles location and guesstimate where they could be in their route. Use a CV or two to keep tabs on this. When you think that their route is over and they could be ganking, put your ward down at your river opening. Dont ever extend unless you have your lane warded. I WILL ADD PICS OF LOCATION LATER!!

In Normal games there is sometimes noone jungling. In that case hold your ward to put in front of dragon or use it in your bushes, so that you can have take advantage of the zoning contorl they provide and shut them down from the duo your laning against.

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Mid Game

-Your number one priority in this stage of the game is to make sure that dragon is warded at all times, and at the later stages of mid game baron as well (especially when they have a fed auto attack like tryndamere who can take it down quickly)
-Next is that you keep the map warded in other key locations and chokepoints to ensure map contorl.
-Always participate in teamfights and make sure you use all your abilities. At this stage use your shield to protect champs that miss position themselves and absorb dmg, however keep in mind that the 50 ad buff is especially potent on your AD carry (who you should be protecting from dmg anyways) so that they have priority over other champs. When taking down towers always throw it onto the most damaging melee champ alive.
-give farm to other champions if at all possible, you want them to get it os they can do or take more dmg. Take what is impossible for others to get though, better for you then to go to waste.
-Your ult can be used to push over extended champs into teammates in ganks, or (what some forget) as a powerful heal for your whole team during pushes or after baron/teamfight.

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A Few Basic CC Combos (Work in Progress)

This combo is your bread and butter of harass and cc application to key targets. These two moves can be used very effectively in conjunction to give an interrupting knock up followed by zyphyr's powerful slow.

-First, this combo can be utilized in lane to apply a damaging (especially with full charge) Knock up and slow, that can be taken advantage of by your ranged ad.

-Next, when roaming to mid or top this is a very strong way to enter a lane. You can fist land a longer ranged Q out of the bushes, allowing you time to get into your W's range and provide a slow to the enemy player.

-Finally, this is very good at peeling off a single target from you or your carry. Deliver a quick Q at short range to accurately knock them up then a W to make sure you or your carry can get away easily. Remember that when defending with this using your W burns its speed buff, so it is sometimes more advantageous to keep it off cooldown and run away from multiple enemies.

This combo is used to quickly position yourself to your target location and get off a Monsoon, often in the middle of combat or in between an enemy and a teammate.

-This is an extremely powerful combo that, when used smartly and offensively, can help chain cc an enemy when you leave bottom to set up ganks in other lanes. If an enemy in another lane has burned flash and extending, use this to flash behind them and hit your R, which should push them into your teammate(s). After they are knocked back and in easy range of your team, follow up with your Q-E to let your friends beat on the poor gankee you secured for them.
It can be used in the same way when cleaning up team fights mid-late game or taking advantage of an over extended player.

-Next, it can be used to defend a teammate from an otherwise imminent death by flashing between or in front of a their pursuer(s) and using your ults knock back to knock them away. Also follow this up with a quick and defensive Q-E to ensure your mate can escape.

-Finally, it can be used to scatter enemies in a losing teamfight. Position yourself in the center of the action, and hit R to push most or all of them far away from your team, then follow up with a delayed Q to hit as many of them as possible, preferably into an easy chokepoint. In this application W sometimes is best not used so that you can make a getaway from the multiple enemies with your fast movement speed.

will write this tonight

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This guide is a work in progress and over the next few weeks i will be adding more and making sure that i have the best janna guide possible so that i can help others learn the way i use the intricacies of this character. I will in the near future ad a roaming guide, late game, luxery items, basic/advanced combos, and all other possible information to ensure that my guide is as good as i can make it. Thanks for reading the information i did finish tonight and give me a thumbs up if you learned anything and liked what i had to offer the community :):)