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League of Legends Build Guide Author Perpetuum Mobile

Badger, Badger, Badger, MUSHROOM, MUSHROOM!

Perpetuum Mobile Last updated on September 21, 2010
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"Captain Teemo on duty!"

Welcome to my guide to the Swift Scout!

This little yordle can, despite of his friendly looks be deadly to any enemy - with this build even the enemy tanks, Teemo's worst enemies will be afraid of you.



- Fast
- Great attack speed
- Can plan his own escape route / can prevent being ganked
- Can deal great damage (even early game, but is squishy)
- Great harrasser
- Even better DPS-disabler


- Squishy
- Vulnerable to CC
- Dies fast to nukes
- He will probably get focused in teamfights
- When you don't play good in early game, your late game will probably suck

~All about Teemo:

...can be found on LoL wiki - ( ;)




Pure attack, with a point in "Mender's Faith" for lower Heal cooldown and 8 points in utility tree, to get your experience some bonus and some healing/mana regen to allow you lane longer.


Marks on Armor penetration, but the rest is mostly personal preference...

Summoner Spells:

Heal and Exhaust are my favorites...
You can consider Ignite and Flash too, but the rest isn't that useful in my opinion.

~Ability Build:

Simply Shrooms > Toxic Shot > Blinding Dart > Move Quick
An early level in Move Quick allows you to get around faster.
If the team has more than 3 DPS characters you might concider leveling your Blinding dart a bit earlier and leave Toxic Shot for later.

~The Game:

Early Game:

Get yourself either the mid lane, or the side lane with someone, that has any kind of slow/stun/snare... A good idea is also to use your innate to try a lvl 1 gank.
So, the game starts, you get your Vampiric Scepter and scamper off to your lane. :P
Let me stress out that you are squishy! If you have a tank/tanky champ beside you, you can harras quite well - and maybe even get some blood on your hands early on. If you feel, that they can't kill you, go ahead and Move-Quick-in, shoot some poison + maybe blinding dart, Exhaust if needed and finish them.
If you're getting attacked/harrased back, try to stand against them, just enough to heal yourself with the Scepter. Use this by spreading the poison on the whole minion wave.
If you just can't handle them, stay at your turret and hold them back until you get better items.
Playing passively aggressively is the key; harras, back off, farm minions.

*TIP - Toxic Harrasment: Your poison can scare off the opponent (make him run away), making him unable to farm XP/gold, so try to shoot some auto attacks at them and run away... don't use the blinding dart to harrass!

*TIP - Spreading the Poison: When the enemy minion wave comes in just shoot every creep once or twice to steal more HP (you deal more DMG this way, as your poison doesn't stack!).

Mid Game:

By about lvl 5-7 you should be able to go back to your base to buy your Berserker's Greaves and maybe even start building The Brutalizer... If you feel like you need more attack speed, you can pop-in another Dagger, before you get The Brutalizer.
When you get these items, combined with a level of Move Quick makes you quite fast, which makes the game a bit easier for you. :)
Mid game is also the beginning of your farming career. :D
As soon as you get your shrooms start planting them everywhere! Well, maybe not everywhere, but do place one down, when you have it ready. Make sure to put them in places the enemy is most likely to step on and do not use them on minions.
Your mid game normally ends about when you get your B.F. Sword... even if you get it quite late, this will be a great surprise to the enemy team, as the sudden damage buff is quite big. Consider "soloing" a self-confident enemy when you get it, but be sure to be able to escape if it goes wrong. :)

*TIP - Move Quick: When you feel safe against your opponent try to harras with your Move Quick on, but only if you're sure you can get away quickly enough, as it turns off when you're hit! If you're feeling threatened, save this skill when you need to get the f*ck out of there. :)

*TIP - Mushroom Placement: This is a skill you'll develop over time, by playing Teemo and looking at enemy's actions. Shortly, place shrooms in the bushes, place them in the jungle, place them on your escape route, or pop one at golem/lizard if they have a jungler... Make sure you have one at the entrance to Baron after lvl ~15, so you'll know when they're trying to get it - and stop them.
Well placed shrooms can easily win you the match, by preventing ganks/setting them up or even killing an about-to-recall enemy. ^^,

Late Game:

Late game is where Teemo shines. With the high damage output + attack speed you'll be a threat to the enemy team, so beware of getting focused (this is where Flash might be more handy than Heal). If you played good, got some kills and/or assists, you should be able to take down even the enemy tank. DPSs won't be a problem at all, although you should watch out for nukes, as you still are squishy.

*TIP - Teamfights: When it comes to teamfights, Teemo is the hardest to play... you'll have to find yourself a nice spot, a bit away from all the action, so you don't get focus-fired.
Remember not to initiate and/or just stand in the middle of your enemies.
Golden rule to surviving teamfights as Teemo would be: Wait for the start of the action -> run in -> kill the weakest/blind the DPS(s) -> get out before you're killed.

~Shortened Item Build:

I normally build in the following order, however, some items/the item order may be switched in certain situations.
(Bold items are core - Ghostblade and Infinity Edge aren't marked as Core, since not many games last that long)

- Vampiric Scepter
- Berserker's Greaves
- The Brutalizer
- Malady
- B.F. Sword
- Zeal
- The Black Cleaver
- Phantom Dancer
- Youmuu's Ghostblade
- Infinity Edge


Thank you for reading my guide. I hope you make good use of it.
Please test it in-game and share your thoughts with me. Constructive criticism is welcome!
Let me know if you notice any mistakes/typos in the text.

Please rate, comment and share!
"That's gotta sting!"