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Teemo Build Guide by Perpetuum Mobile

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Perpetuum Mobile

An in-depth guide to The Badger! [3 builds]

Perpetuum Mobile Last updated on July 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Guide Top

Introduction and a note to all readers!

Welcome everyone, to my guide to Teemo, the Swift Scout.


The above builds contain merely the core items and my recommendations for Summoner Spells and Runes!
Please do not judge the guide just by looking at those!

I advise you to, at least read the TL;DR if not the whole guide.
In the full version I'll try to explain my choices for items and what I think about other Spells and so on...
Thank you for your understanding! :)

...and a warning:

Never underestimate the power of the Scout's code. ;)

Guide Top

The 3 Builds - just to make things clear...

First build (left):

This is the build that is in my opinion one of the best for The Scout. I daresay it is completely viable in Ranked play too.
It's a fighter version of Teemo, that lets you get inside every teamfight and come out alive (mostly :D).
Most of the guide will be based on and about this build.

Second build (middle):

The nuke!
This build hurts like ****, but takes quite some experience and some luck to, to pull it off and not end up feeding.
It's a pure hit n' run setup...
Probably the most fun to play version of Teemo, but pretty much useless in Ranked.

Third build (right):

A less common/known build, but still very efficient.
It's a hybrid of the two above in terms of playstyle - you will have quite some firepower in the form of AP, but you won't be as squishy as the 2nd build, so you can at least go in the fight to blind that Yi/Vayne and shoot a few darts without having to flash away.
(It does really get fun after the RoA though...)

Guide Top

TL;DR section! ...what? Yes, for all 3 builds. [Coming Soon]

Under construction.

Coming after I finish all three builds. :)

Guide Top

The Build. [First build]


+ Sustained and reliable damage output,
+ Provides great map awareness, *
+ Can stay close to the action, due to being quite beefy,
+ Great counter to auto-attackers (a long reliable blind). *

- Quite expensive core build,
- Very squishy in early game, *
- Still dies fast when focused -> hard to play effectively, *

* Other builds too.


Those listed above are what I use and work really well for me...

& Magic penetration works great with all your damaging abilities, no further explanation needed.

Could be swapped with AP ( / / / ).

Mana regeneration is complete no-brainer... a stat that is somewhat useful on Teemo if you tend to waste a lot of mana like me. If you're happy with the regen from Philosopher's Stone then get something else.

Other good choices: Armor ( ), HP (Greater Seal of Vitality, AP ( / ).

Cooldown reduction is very useful for one simple reason: MOAR SHROOMZ. :D
No, really, in this build there's hardly any room for Cooldown reducing items, so if you can get some from runes, why not?

Don't like? Get AP ( / ) or Magic resistence ( ).


Teemo is one squishy mothafuc?a', and 9/21/0 masteries fix this problem very well.

A few things I'd like to point out:
Ardor gives a sweet offensive bonus in the defense tree. :D
2 points in Strength of Spirit can be put in Harden Skin instead, since we won't be stacking mana...
Also if you're not planning to use Exhaust leave out the Cripple mastery.

If you don't want 9/21/0 masteries, try 9/0/21 (check the other builds), but be careful! That will make you a lot more squishy...

Summoner Spells:

My recommendations:

will make you almost un-catch-able when combined with Move Quick. Besides that, you know the drill, use it as a "LOL GTFO" button and to chase... Also, Flash counters itself. ;)

combined with Cripple it can shut down almost anyone and gives you just some of that CC that you're missing soooo badly. IMO a must-have.

Y U NO LIKE MY RECOMMENDATIONS?! (other good choices):

being able to TP to a shroom is almost as Destiny before its range nerf. :D
Makes you more sustainable in lane and a bigger threat to every enemy.

is just another no-brainer, but a nice DoT to go with your poison. Early game nuking is priceless. :)

if you don't like Flash I strongly recommend taking at least one "LOL GTFO" spell. Ghost is also good for getting around and with it you'll be one fast bastard. ;)


- another good "LOL GTFO" button.

for beginners who can't afford runes yet, otherwise learn to save up that mana a bit.

Skill Sequence:

Nothing is set in stone...
Change it according to the situation you're in - for example, max out your Blinding Dart first if you're against many auto-attackers.


Finally, the fun part!
The bare core of this build are 2 items: and

Boots are of choice and purely situational...

If you find yourself being the main damage dealer and/or the enemies are getting a lot of magic resistence, buy yourself a pair of .

If you're getting focus-fired and/or the enemy team has a lot of crowd control, buy .

If none of the above and/or you find yourself staying a bit more in the back of teamfights, get .

I normally get my between Malady and Madred's Bloodrazor for two things - some HP and the slow chance.
Those two things are the same reason why to get a .

When you have the following items in your iventory you can consider your full core build finished:
-( Doran's Blade)*
-( Philosopher's Stone)*
- Malady
- Madred's Bloodrazor
- Frozen Mallet

* You might have sold those items already, but if you can I recommend you to keep them until all your slots are full.

Post-Core/Situational items:
What to buy after you finish that core?

Recently growing in popularity, and is a very good item after the change... It is cheap, it gives you some bonus magic(!) damage, great AS and a stacking MR buff!
Since Teemo has a nice counter to physical damagers ( Blinding Dart), his main problem are the nukers and this item elegantly shuts them down, while giving you some extra firepower!

Another great way to shut down that Veigar or Annie... ;)
Teemo benefits from every stat it gives you - HP, MP, MR and especially the passive Spell Shield.

Anti-auto-attacker item. And a good one. :D
This should shut down most carries, atleast for long enough that you can tear them apart. ;)
* Note: with masteries (and runes) you will have ~10% cooldown reduction, so if you buy Ionian Boots of Lucidity AND this, you might go over the 40% cap... mind this and consider only buying Glacial Shroud.

For all those hardcore DPSers. This'll teach them a lesson.

Epic active, sweet AP bonus, nice armor... Price is the only problem.

MR, MR debuff and AP. Sweet hybrid item, get it as another mage-counter. ;)

Getting fed? Get this and make them surrender. :D

Items that may seem good but really aren't that awesome:

Very popular, a great item in theory, in my opinion mostly useful for the slow and lifesteal/spellvamp, but I find it very expensive and I feel like it doesn't fit well with this build in general.

Just looking at the stats The Tooth looks perfect for Teemo, but... it just doesn't fit in.
It is good, but there's many better ones.
I guess I would take this one in a different build, or if I desperately needed that cooldown reduction (although there are better choices for that too).

Another item like that... could be good in a different build, but here you will have more than enough AS and you don't really need AD (which makes 2 of the stats a waste).
AP is good, but come on, there's so many other items...

Well I have seen some people trying to convince everyone how awesome Teemo is with 4k+ HP.
In theory it may sound good to stand there, wait for stealth and then initiate from inside the enemy team, but... you won't do much because you won't have any damage buffs (AP/AD) and any competent player (with a Madred's Bloodrazor would shut you down in a few seconds).
Please, tank Teemo is just a troll build (and one of the worst too).

Guide Top

The Nuke. [Second Build]

Coming in the next few days, stay tuned!

Guide Top

The (somewhat) Hybrid. [Third build]

Coming in the next few days, stay tuned!

Guide Top


Noxious Trap

Your ultimate, is just great. One of the most useful ulitmates ever.
The traps deal decent damage and are a great asset to the team when used well.

Below is a rough plan on where to put your shrooms.
Don't plan on having them always set up everywhere, since most will get popped after a few minutes.
The bigger the dot, the more important the spot!


- When a shroom near your lane gets popped try to get a new one there as soon as you think it's safe to go there, because many people will go there again thinking "I just popped that, it's gotta be clear now!" ;)

- As laning phase ends a tower often gets pushed by an uncontrolled minion wave. To prevent this simply put down one or two mushrooms down the lane (about 1000-2000 units apart).

- Do not (I repeat for the love of god, DO NOT) use your mushrooms for farming! A really big creep wave (20+ creeps), okay, put one down and finish them off with autoattacks, but don't just keep setting those shrooms down under minions' feet. You look noob, you don't help your team at all and you don't have an escape route when getting ganked.

- If nobody on your team needs the Golem buff get it just for the cooldown reduction. You can also steal your enemies'. :D

- If you have any more (pro)tips leave a comment below and I'll try to add them here and make sure to give you some credit. ;)

Guide Top

Split Pushing (well, kind of...)

"Wait, there's only 4 of them..."
*looks at the map*
-*A turret has been destroyed!*

This is SO much fun to do, but you have to make sure you're not gonna get toasted in a 5-man gank... and I'll help you do that. Well not me exactly, Noxious Traps. ;)

On the map below you can see where you should have mushrooms when you decide to solo-push a lane.
NEVER go pushing alone without having at least the bigger spots covered!


- When you're pushing a lane this way and see the enemy coming at you/your team warning you, go in a bush (or just back a bit - 500 units) and wait there for stealth.
The enemies will be looking for you, or just go back to where they were and when the danger is gone you can un-stealth again and continue your push. :D
You can use the same strategy to avoid a gank if you see it comign soon enough!
Be careful, if the enemies have any Vision Wards and/or Oracle's Elixir!

- Never leave your team/teammate(s) when in need of help, just that you can push! With a dead team you can't do anything against your enemies anyway. ;)