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Kayle Build Guide by EvilDice

BAMF Hypercarry Free'lo GG KAYLE provided by EvilDice

BAMF Hypercarry Free'lo GG KAYLE provided by EvilDice

Updated on June 3, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author EvilDice Build Guide By EvilDice 44 9 57,370 Views 38 Comments
44 9 57,370 Views 38 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author EvilDice Kayle Build Guide By EvilDice Updated on June 3, 2012
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hey hows it goin

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Sup bros, it's been a while since I've legitimately put effort into making a guide, but this will probably be it. I consider myself a high elo player, capping out atm at 2037, and aiming to go higher. One champion that can get you there is Kayle. Top players such as TeddyRO (ok it's a stretch) have seen the wrath of my Kayle in soloq.

Shh, don't ask questions, don't think it doesn't work, because it does, and soon enough kayle is going to be raping face at every elo. She's one of the strongest top lanes in the game right now, and has a late game to back it up. So sit back, put your feet up, and don't ***** (sorry, language filter, you're gonna have to see a lot of asterisks this guide, and im not happy about it), let me show you the secret to becoming BAMF freelo gg kayle.

While playing AD kayle isn't particularly hard mechanically, she's hard mentally. Playing kayle top offers little room for error and running double AD can work very poorly if you don't get any farm. You have to be on your A game at all times if you are going to play kayle.

also watch my stream many hearts <3
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So why does AD Kayle work?

Ok, so take an AD carry. Ashe, for example. Now add 200 health to ashe, give her more armor scaling, MR scaling, and ad scaling. Now give her 40% splash damage, with additional magic damage plopped on to that. Now give her the ability to go invincible. In a nutshell, this is Kayle.

Riot has gifted Kayle with base stats of a tanky dps, even though you now build her full AD. Her E gives her range that while not substantially high, is about the same as Graves. Good enough to do damage while staying in the back lines? You bet.

The beauty of Kayle is not only is her kit very well suited to handle the AD carry role, it is also very well suited for top lane. She has tons of range vs melee champs, and her other two abilities are a haste and a slow. This pretty much means that if you are laning vs a melee champion, you will be in control. They run from you when you E? You can haste yourself or slow them. They get aggressive? Make them pay by not even letting them touch you. A good top lane kayle will be close to untouchable, and if they do manage to reach you, you have this nifty ult that can get you out scot free.

So now you've raped top lane, you're pretty much an ashe on steroids, and in addition to this, you also have another AD carry bot lane! Guess what role does the most damage late game? You guessed it, the AD carries. Guess who shreds the tanks? The AD carries, that's who! Now you have two of them, have fun.
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One thing you are going to notice about the cheatsheet above is that it looks a hell of a lot like the builds you would see on ad carries. You know why? We play kayle full AD now. Shh, stop asking questions, just go with it.

Marks = Armor pen - best mark in the game, will allow you to scale, works well with passive.
1 crit rune (wtf?????) - remember when the new masteries first came out and everyone was whining about the 3% random crit chance mastery? One crit could entirely ruin someone else's lane. This is essentially what we are doing with this 1% crit rune. If luck is on your side, you're gonna have a good time (REVERSESOUTHPARKMEME JAJAJA).

Seals = Armor - you take less damage vs whatever top lane is unfortunate enough to grace you with their presence.

Glyphs = MR - same deal here, useful runes to have earlygame.

Quints = AD - this will make last hitting a bit easier as well as early game damage.
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Summoner Spells


Should be pretty standard on most champs at this point, particularly squishy ranged champs like AD kayle. It's just a straight up lifesaver as well as a lifetaker in all phases of the game. Considering how much you are going to get ganked top, you are going to want this.

This is another solid summoner on Kayle top, great at achieving early kills and gaining lane dominance. Ignite is probably the most common spell on a solo top (after flash) and it is for good reason. It's a lane winner. A kill wins you the lane. Ignite makes that a little easier.


You can replace flash with ghost. Ghost may wind up better for you at some points in the game, but worse in others. The way I see it, you already have a haste and a slow, you don't really need much more. Better to get flash and become a little more well rounded. Not a bad pickup though.

Good alternative to ignite if you are laning vs someone who is going to duel you in 100-0 deathmatches. The difference between exhaust and ignite is ignite is a finishing spell, while exhaust is a fight winning spell. You can't get away from an ignite, however, while you can simply play passive when exhausted. This is why ignite is a bit better of a summoner spell for top lane.

Really passive summoner spell on a champ you can't really afford to play passive early game. If you think you are going to be able to finish easily without ignite then fine, take tp. Other than that, the map control isn't really more important than winning your lane and getting as farmed as you need to be.

If you want to go bot lane this is a viable spell, but like teleport, it's way too passive for what you need to achieve as a top solo. Heal also falls off late, which is the only time I can see you actually using it on Kayle. Gotta go aggressive.
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Passive: Holy Fervor

I'm kind of torn on this passive. I don't really feel it's anything to die for, but it's definitely useful on kayle lategame, as you effectively gain up to 55% armor pen with a last whisper. Her old passive was better though (actually it was one of the most op passives in the game, which is why it is now gone).

Q: Reckoning

I reckon you want to know how to use your q (seewutididthar). Pretty much, your Q gives a pretty nifty slow as well as... DAMAGE AMPLIFICATION??? That's right, you have a miniature vlad ult at your disposal (not even miniature, just single target). The burst and damage amplification is the main reason why you want to max your q. Obviously, because of the 10% damage increase, you are going to want to use it on whoever you are trying to kill. However, you should use this mainly for the slow in teamfights (mostly defensively), because you do quite a bit of damage already. If you Q your target that's just a bonus.

W: Divine Blessing

Really vanilla heal and it's actually not even worth using for the heal. I mean, if you are in a fight to the death of course you would want to use it, but you don't use this ability to sustain in lane. It's just going to burn your mana pool and make you fly back to base as a very sad angel. Don't use this to sustain. Use it for the haste to get out of ganks, to chase, or to run away.

E: Righteous Fury

What can I say. This is why Kayle top works, this is why Kayle AD carry works. If you were to take away the bonus magic damage and the splash damage, this ability would still be fine. Low mana cost means you will be able to spam this in lane, and provided you aren't spamming your other abilities much, using your E won't hurt your mana pool at all. If you are EVER melee attacking an enemy champion as Kayle, you are doing something wrong. The cooldown isn't very long, but there will be times in a fight where your E doesn't last the whole time. First off, you should ONLY activate your E in a fight when you are in autoattack range.. Don't waste precious health-shredding seconds. If your E runs out in a fight, you can choose to melee attack if you deem it safe. If not, you become a support for the next 6 seconds, throwing out your slows and haste/ult.

And yeah, this does 60% splash damage. It's not really noticeable in fights tbh because the other team isn't just gonna bunch up for you. One thing to note is that the splash damage does NOT account for crits and on hit effects, so it's not as op as it looks. Really this ability is most useful for the range and magic damage. Although the splash is weak, it is actually very nice for farming! However it is also very good at pushing the lane, which you may not want early. Tough tradeoff.

Ultimate: Intervention

Which brings us to this. One of the strongest ults in the game, this can make or break good Kayle players. I can't simply describe to you how to use this ultimate in fights, because it's honestly very situational. Often times it will be better to just let your support, tanks, and even your AP carry die and save the ult for yourself or your other AD carry. Sometimes it will be best to just save them. I can tell you this: use personal judgement to decide when to ult, and ult at a point that is going to block the most damage, NOT when you are just about to die. I've ulted right before a malzahar ulted me and completely negated his ult. You need to think ahead and ult BEFORE the burst damage happens, not after.
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Skill Order

Max Q for the damage amplification and burst early game. Although E will be your main source of damage later, it is only needed for the range at this point. A good comparison to this would be trist's Q. Although Q is her best damage spell, you max it after W. Same deal here.

After Q comes E, as I just mentioned above, it's your best damage spell lategame.

After E comes W, because skilling it up only makes it hurt your mana pool more. Lategame it is nice though, as the haste does scale up. This is by no means a useless spell, just a spell that you wont really... use much.

And of course level up your ult whenever possible. Because it makes you ****in invincible. Any questions?

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
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Items: Core

Pretty straightforward AD carry build here folks. I'll explain EVERY choice though super duper in depth because mobafire likes that kind of stuff. Don't ask me i honestly don't know. Btw start with boots 3 pot because its nice to have some move speed and sustain yaknow?
Doran's Blade

Early game you should buy 1-2 of these, usually two, for some extra lane-ability. You get damage, health, and lifesteal, all of which are useful on an AD carry in all phases of the game. Although these are only 475, don't just sell these things like they are pieces of ****. Hold onto them until you really need to upgrade to that next item and MUST get rid of the item slot. These are VERY good items for the cost.

Vampiric Scepter

So this item is pretty cool It's 10% more lifesteal that you didn't have. In short, it's a wriggle's lantern without the lantern. This item gives outstanding sustain for the cost, and that's why it's such a good buy early on in the game. Yes, you have your W, but as I said earlier (have you been paying attention?) it's actually an awful heal that is only good at draining your mana pool.

Berserker's Greaves

Standard attack speed boots for an AD carry. I think you get the idea of this build by now, just go look up an ashe guide or something, I'm getting bored.

Infinity Edge

Pretty much the universally known best item in the game. You should ALWAYS shoot for the B.F sword before the other two build options, because this item is going to take a long *** time to make and you are going to want the best recipe item. If this means AFK farming in your lane for 10 minutes, do it. You gotta get this IE.

Phantom Dancer

Movespeed, attack speed, crit damage. Nice for your passive, nice for your damage output, nice for your IE, nice for your dignity.

Last Whisper

Again, as mentioned earlier, synergizes nicely with your passive and even without your passive you would be getting this anyways. Good armor pen, armor shred, cheap cost, bow and arrow, robin hood, im tired I need to go to bed.

The Bloodthirster

So after the point of a last whisper you are pretty much set to carry teamfights. You can now elect to finish your bloodthirster or opt to build a defensive item at this point. I don't really care what you do it's your game not mine. Just remember to farm this thing, I hear 40 AD is quite the bonus.
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Items: Situational

Not every game is the same. Not every build is the same. Not every guide is the same (mine are just better). Because of this, later on in the game you may be forced into some different item choices. Here's some decisions to be made.

Quicksilver Sash

A big misconception with QSS is that it's only good against select champions, like WW, malz, etc. QSS is a great anti-cc item against a wide variety of champions, namely champions with hard cc. The list is pretty huge. Ahri, veigar, ryze, ashe, leona to name a few. Basically, any champ with hard cc that can lock you down you're going to want to get QSS for, as it can save lives. As kayle players, we're all about saving lives! Right???? Right

Guardian Angel

The second most common situational item on an AD carry is a GA. In my opinion, GA is highly overrated on AD carries, because if you die in a teamfight (the first time) you might as well just be dead the second time. If you die it's probably over. However, GA does give nice stats and CAN (very few times) save your life, which is why I'm not totally against it.

Phantom Dancer #2

Another viable choice is to just go straight up BAMF freelo gg pentakill kayle and just build another phantom dancer. This gives more survivability in a sense that you will be sustaining better in fights due to lifesteal. Obviously, you are taking a risk not buying any defensive items, but at this point if you are buying this item if you die you lose anyways (like i said in the GA section). This is by far the most fun direction to go, as you become BAMF hypercarry freelo gg pentakill kayle.

Elixir of Agility

I shouldn't really have to say this (tbh I shouldn't have to say any of this, if you don't know how to build an AD carry then you shouldn't be reading this guide), but at around the point of last whisper, you can start grabbing elixirs to boost up your stats so you can BAMF hypercarry your low elo friends. A great time to pot up (grab elixirs) is right after baron, so you can gain an even bigger advantage. These things are well worth it for the 250 gold.


sight ward
Buy these when you are laning. If you don't know why you need to go see a doctor.
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Playstyle: Top lane

Ok so, first of all make sure that you have absorbed everything I've talked about above. Especially in the "abilities" section. This should just about cover basic playstyle as kayle, as far as when to use your abilities, when to ult, etc. To summarize:

- use W sparingly (i.e. don't use it for sustain)
- use E often, it doesn't cost much
- don't ult the support
- ult BEFORE the bulk of the damage is done, not when you are at 1 hp.

Now we can jump into the top lane section. In my personal opinion, this is the point of the guide where I completely stop reading. I feel that the best way to learn a champ is from game experience with matchups. A guide can't really teach you much more than I already have. That's why I tend to keep these sections short and to the point, and I want to give you some tips for things you may not think about when you jump into the game. I WILL NOT go matchup by matchup, because every matchup is relatively the same for kayle, and she pretty much wins all of them. Anyways here goes.

The Basics

I'm going to be up front about this. If you aren't a mechanically and mentally good player, making top kayle work will be harder for you. She is a very farm dependent champion. You are going to be squishy lategame, that's a given. However, the question is are you going to be squishy and do damage or be useless? You MUST be able to either wreck your lane in kills or wreck your lane in CS. You are very farm dependent. A kayle with no farm is about as useless as Berry Bonds with no steroids. Things you need to get better at before you tackle kayle top:

- Map Awareness... Know where their jungle/mid is at all times, know when it is not safe to push. Buy wards.
- Last hitting... Shouldn't be very hard for you on kayle with your aoe, but if you can't last hit properly you're in trouble.
- yea that's pretty much it

General playstyle for Kayle top is to be very aggressive. Punish last hits, punish fighting you, punish for looking you in the eye. Pretty much if Kayle was a moderator on the tribunal, she would show those suckers no mercy. Be aggressive, punish.

Lane Harass

So pretty much on Kayle you can harass without taking damage at all times (except for creeps). I usually start harass right when I get in the lane. No one can trade with Kayle if you properly abuse your range and use abilities correctly. However you must remember that although your base stats are kinda tanky, you are still building squishy AD. That means if you are duking it out with Renekton and he's at 50% health and you're at 100, if he gets in melee range he will croc chop wreck you. This means that you don't get cocky. You abuse your range, you abuse your harass, but you still stay the **** away from the other laner. Got it?

Lane Pushing

So the biggest weaknesses to Kayle top I've found are a) very farm dependent and b) big time lane pusher. If you are harassing the enemy top, which you should be, you are going to push the lane. If you want to last hit creeps safely, which you should, you are going to push the lane. What this basically boils down to is an insane amount of vulnerability to jungle ganks, especially early on when you have no ward/ult.

For this reason you want to get wards as fast as possible. Once you get that huge creep push to their tower (you'll know what this means pretty quick if you play kayle), back immediately and buy a ward if possible. Your ideal first back is dorans/ward/pots, but that most likely won't happen. If there is an ***load of creeps pushed to tower then BACK, unless you see their jungler on the other side of the map. This especially applies if you are on blue side, where early game by the time the creeps are at tower their jungler is finishing his route and ready to gank you for first blood.

Pushing the lane is NOT necessarily a bad thing, however! It can actually be very beneficial in that it will deny the enemy laner cs, will deny him the chance to go back to base, and will also let you get free harass on him under tower. Please remember though, you need map awareness.

Tower Harass

Which brings me to this point. When you push their creeps to tower, which is pretty inevitable, you should try to harass the enemy champ to the best of your ability. So when he goes to try and last hit a caster minion punish the dude. You are slowly going to outsustain him and force him to back.

A more advanced tactic is to sort of bounce in and out of tower range. If you autoattack the enemy champ in tower range and back off immediately, you won't draw aggro. Be careful about doing this vs hard cc though, such as Warwick, because it could be the biggest mistake you ever make.

Tower Preservation

If you find yourself wrecking your lane, forcing the dude to back every time he gets into lane, etc, it seems like the logical move to kill the tower. I mean why not? It's a tower, it gives your team gold, it shows all your team mates that you are dominating your lane, allows you to flex your epeen, etc. This is a trap.

Killing an early tower can be a bad thing. Sure, you have your moment of glory and dominance, but what next? Now you are going to have to push up to their inner tower, allow a variety of ganking paths, and just be generally unsafe to farm top. Meanwhile their top laner, if he's good, will freeze the lane at his tower and farm like there's no tomorrow. Remember when I said Kayle is farm dependent? Yeah, this can pretty much be checkmate. Killing top tower early IS A TRAP. If you have a stack of creeps on his tower and you just killed him, go back and buy items, not whack at the tower.

Know Your Matchups

Know the other champion like the back of your hand. This is really key to learning top champs. What's their passive? What skill do they max? Item build? Runes? Is x ability physical or magic damage? These are all things you should know, in order to effectively lane vs the other champion.
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Playstyle: Teamfights

You play kayle in fights the same way you do an AD carry. I've already covered ult use, as well as ability use in the abilities section. If you need help with that head on up there.

What I would really like to stress in this section is positioning. You are NOT a tanky dps. Just because you do rediculous damage and are kinda melee/has a game changing ult does NOT mean you can just walk up to the enemy carry and pew pew wreck him. A true BAMF hypercarry freelo gg kayle positions for penta kills, not kills. You sit in the back of a fight and hit whatever you can hit. If this means their tank, pew pew on the tank. If you are getting pressured by irelia, spam QW, run the **** away, and pew pew on her. You do massive damage, and this damage is needed on whatever you can hit.

I should also say that there should be at least one champion on your team dedicated to peeling for you and the other AD carry. An Alistar, Janna, etc.. Are great additions to a double AD team comp, and you should stress to your team mates that they need to protect you. Other than that I really have nothing else to say about teamfights, just that you can 1v1 pretty much any other AD carry, so if you do manage to be in good position to smash the squishies, go for it.

Also you don't want to get tibbers'd. Ult before tibbers. Please.
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Coming soon (hopefully)! I've been very busy but I'll try to roll out a top Kayle commentary. Watch my stream @
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Kayle in other roles

"When a champ is able to be played in every role you know he is op" - Saintvicious

While I don't think that kayle is an OP champ due to some weaknesses in the double AD meta, I still do think that saint has a point here. Kayle is an able jungler, mid lane (played the same way she is top), AD bot lane, as well as a support. However, in my opinion, top lane is the best place to send this goddess. Crs Cop played her as an AD bot in IPL, so she is viable in other areas. However, this guide has only focussed on top lane, because that is the lane where I am most experienced with for Kayle.
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Hope you found this guide useful. Again like I said earlier my focus with guides is to provide you useful information on how to play the champ without restating things that you can figure out by reading her ability tooltip. As always, the best way to learn a champion is not by reading this guide, it's by playing the game. Hopefully I've provided you some good starting grounds on how to play Kayle top lane. Please note that every guide I make I seem to up play the champion like it's god's gift to league of legends. Kayle isn't super op but she's a strong pick imo and has places in a team comp. Hopefully this will put you on your way to becoming a BAMF hypercarry freelo gg kayle.

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The End

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