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Bard Build Guide by RePlaV

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RePlaV

BARD ''The Support''

RePlaV Last updated on March 13, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Legendary Guardian

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By Bards presence, little ghosts join him, which are known as Meeps. Whenever Bard attacks, a Meep even raises his target, dealing additional damage before it disappears again in the spirit world. While Bard collects more bells Meeps follow him and be both numerous and powerful

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Passive Ability: Call of travelers

ancient bell
Bards presence makes holy bells appear on the Fields of Justice. If Bard collects a bell, it is a short thrust movement speed, experience and mana is granted.

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Heavenly vagabond who is known only as a Bard, bored beyond the physical universe in realms that are unknown to man. It manifests itself when others threaten the cosmic balance and then reacts quickly and decisively to return to his everlasting guard once he has averted a catastrophe of Runeterra.

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If you play with Bard

If you play Bard, her remains ideally in constant motion. So you support your team by healing packages and portals, covering as much ground as you constantly collect bells. This grant temporary bonuses to movement speed, experience and mana. In addition, Bard flocking little spirits around him, the so-called Meeps who aid him in battle and pounce on Bard's objectives and thus cause additional damage.

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Even if he is an itinerant wandering spirit, Bard must first make the best ways to find out where he can go along before he starts running - he can not just whenever he is so inclined, let stand his shooter. As he starts running when its Lane is driven or shooter is in the callback, Bard can roam successfully without bringing his teammates alike in danger, and then return to the Lane when it is needed.
And during the wandering strip and ingathering of its bells are Bard sufficient means to support his allies. By placing one or the other "Shrine of the Protector" of its own towers Bard can give his teammates the support they need to retake Lanes, which threaten to be lost, or deliver the last boost to one lane for your own team to win - and all without changing the guardian must remain in the lane. Bards "Magic Trip" makes him even large distances in certain areas to cover, which he gives friendly fighters and tanks quick access to the jungles of the opposing team and magicians easy accessibility to own blue improvement. However, the portals not only Bard and his buddies drive through the jungle - when ye tune with the movements of your allies, Bard lane ganks and objective assessment can provide. Thus, it uses "Magical Journey" So most effective when his opponents are both visible and far away - the effect would otherwise dissipate when opposing Assassin Bard just followed through the portals.
But Bard has more to offer than "just" staying power and mobility. Thanks to "Cosmic Band" he fires out too solid damage if he's Lane. Although it caused significant damage in itself, but the slowdown (and if it works, the stun) gives Bard a surprising gank potential, especially if he can bring to this along with "Magic Trip". Teams will have to think twice about whether they want to escape through the tall grass up and down when Bard they can pin to the next wall with a well placed Q.
Once Bard level has reached 6, he gains additional countless ways to conquer objectives throughout the gulf and secure. And thanks to the incredible versatility of "pause". If the opposing team adding a stranded allies, Bard gives him a few precious seconds of invulnerability, while the team sets off to his rescue. However, the ability can also be used offensively. For example, by Bard freezes a lone opponent, while his team approaches to make the kill. Or make an enemy tower harmless during rush Bard and his allies on the objectives suddenly unprotected.

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Team Battles

The changing protector has a whole series of options to control cards districts in the game. Even if his team arrive a little late at the Dragon, can Bard "pause" run on the dragon before it goes directly into the pit of the monster with "Magic Trip". What was just now looked like a simple killing dragons becomes a dragon fought and improving a fully fledged team fight. And here shifts Bards role to that of a Supporters in the back rows. By placing a few shrines to the goals of his team, this will automatically receive an advantage in endurance; whereby its tanks in the front row just to the rear can to recharge their lives - or more vulnerable allies missed a patch, if you have already copped it. "Cosmic Band" is especially useful in tight areas. If there are no large open spaces into which one can escape, it is more likely a lot to be lashed to a nearby wall or to take a second opponent and stun both units, while Bards team to initiate valuable killings. If he has collected enough bells in the game, Bards Meeps are even very useful as they slow down fleeing enemies and hurt when the battle is over.
Finally offers "Magical Journey" Bard the chance to make in Summoner's Rift stir. If the enemy team is lured to follow him through the portal before it stuns with "Cosmic Band", a brutal *** is achieved or they are brought out of position while Bard sacrifices himself so that his team somewhere else out of the mist the war comes to picking apart the defense of the opponents.

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Bard is the first support character in League of benefits in Summoner's Rift mere fact earned himself that he moved around in it. By continually collects its unique bell, it covers all stages of game from a lot of land and has his team in both solid stamina thanks to its healing packages and unparalleled team mobility through its portals that make long distances passable