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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author captainkraft

Barrel Monster Gragas

captainkraft Last updated on October 31, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First of all, most of you are probably thinking that this is just another ****py AP build for Gragas which should never be done anyway. Anyway, that's what I thought the first few times I saw and played Gragas. I always thought that he should be the big fat health regenerating tank. I couldn't have been more wrong. When you experience what can be done with a fat guy beefed up with AP, you will change your mind too.


I usually go 9/0/21 with him focusing on magic pen and cooldown reduction. One of Gragas's most important stats in CDR and the items in this build are really lacking in that area; so, we need to put as much of it in his masteries and runes as possible.


The runes that Gragas needs are what I just said about his masteries: magic pen and CDR. I only use blue and yellow CDR runes because the magic pen from your red runes is really nice. As for the quints, I'm on the fence whether you should get raw AP or magic pen. Currently I use magic pen and it works pretty well, but I don't have the AP quints to test it out. If you guys think one or the other is better, please let me know.


The items are pretty self explanatory. You want to beef up your mana/health early on and get that regen per level from your Catalyst. You could always start with a Ruby Crystal rather than the Sapphire Crystal, but the left over money for two health pots and the mana boost help for staying in lane and being able to harass early.

Your next core item will be your Sorcerer's Boots. They are a key part of the build because of the magic pen (seeing a pattern here?).

My favorite part of the build is the Mejai's Soulstealer. This snowball is sick for any caster and you can't do without this. The one exception is if you are getting shutdown early game by your enemies. If that is the case, I would recommend jumping straight to the Rod of Ages for that nice little health buffer. That should help you stay alive long enough to start getting some kills. That's when you'd want to go for the Soulstealer.

Next you want to build a Zhonya's Ring for the massive AP boost. The immunity is nice too but I can never seem to remember to use it and/or I never need to because Gragas is a getaway machine. You can start with the Needlessly Large Rod or the Blasting Wand, depending on how much money you have on your next trip back to the fountain.

At this point you should be doing about 1k damage with either barrel and should be wrecking anyone but the beefiest tank on the enemy team. I usually go for items with AP/Health in order to get more damage out of my barrels and to survive that much longer. After all, you don't want Tryn to be two shotting you like you will be doing to their squishies.


Early Game
In the early game you won't be doing much damage but you can, and I repeat, you CAN get kills right off the bat. You will need to harass with your barrel and keep in lane with your Drunken Rage. Those two will be your first spells and are extremely important. At level 3 you will be getting your Body Slam (or what I like to call belly flop) in order to cripple fleeing enemies. The key combo here is that you belly flop a damaged enemy to slow them down and immediately throw a barrel at your feet and explode it. They shouldn't be able to dodge the barrel because they are slowed. At this point they should be running. That's when you pop your exaust and just rinse and repeat. They WILL NOT be able to get away without ghost, flash, cleanse, or any combination of the 3. Even then, most of the time you can walk away with a kill.

Mid Game
This is when you start to shine. Getting Explosive Cask at level 6 is going to help you start wrecking opponents. Your skill order at this point is just to max Barrel Roll as first priority and max Body Slam as second priority. Always get your ult when it's up of course, but those other two are going to be your bread and butter. Now your attack sequence can change a bit. You can use Flash/Body Slam in order to get close, drop your Barrel Roll, then drop Explosive Cask for insane damage for the kill. You might also have to maneuver the enemy a bit if they won't die from Body Slam, Barrel Roll, Explosive Cask. If that's the case, you want to put them into position with your ult, hit them with a barrel, then belly flop to slow them down for the chase. Either of those two methods are sure to get you a kill 1v1 or if the odds are in your favor. Just make sure not to knock the enemy out of someone else's ult. Happens to the best of us...

Late Game
This part of the game isn't going to change much from Mid Game other than the fact that you want to be a bit more cautious of the other team's carries. They will be tearing through you so you want to be smart about where you flash/belly flop. You can use either of the two mid game attack routines; however, getting close and dropping everything you got is usually gonna kill their non tanks.


This build works wonders for me in most normal games, and is utterly disastrous for the enemies in most practice games (because the enemy usually doesn't know what they're doing). Overall, it may not be the best AP champ out there (although I absolutely think so), but it is definitely a blast to play. Watching someone fall to their death after you slam your fat gut into their face is insanely funny, or seeing the life of an enemy end in mid air as they go flying from your Cask is one of the most satisfying parts of LoL. Enjoy.