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Build Guide by zargos101

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League of Legends Build Guide Author zargos101

Beefy EZ Mid Terror

zargos101 Last updated on December 29, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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"There's little time to study musty tomes when you're busy crawling around where the musty tomes originally came from." Ezreal's creed.

Ezreal the Explorer is a caster. The key to this build is making sure you get that first item! Catalyst! Ezreal is jack without mana. But level up is fast. Every time you ding you will get that precious mana back. And health if you took some hits. Stick with the item guide. However once you hit 18 get the rod of ages immediately! For the Protector will no longer be useful. I have won many many games but holding and pushing mid section. However there is a small flaw in this build as with many builds. If you go up against Evelynn you will fail. That is your kryptonite! Ezreal is a very unpopular Champion. I made this build to bring him up. Any tweaks or suggestions to get rid of the kryptonite issue would be great. Other then that Beefy EZ is gold.

At first I considered Ezreal to be a very weak and unusable character. It took me a long time going through others builds to understand his unlimited potential. I started to do side laning since no one considers Ezreal to be a mid lane character. But he progresses to slowly. So after begging a random group to let me take mid I quickly realized he is a fantastic mid pusher. This character is not ment for someone that cant aim for sure. It takes a steady hand and the correct skill order to take down another champion with Ezreal. Considering he is mostly for backup and not attack.

Games Begining:
Play it safe by being just out of your opponents attack range and you should get to lvl 6 before they do and push them back to their tower. Do not try to get a kill this early. Once you hit 6 you should have enough cash for the Catalyst the Protector item. This will keep you one up on them all the way til 18.

Games Peak:
By this point you should have all items except for the Void Staff, Ring and Rod. This is the point where you start taking down those towers. Try to take out your opponent or push them back then get one teamates from top or bottom and take out a tower or two if your lucky. This should be pretty simple as long as the enemy doesn't figure out what your about to do.

Games Conclusion:
Once you hit 18 if you have not already. Make sure you change your 1up item into the Rod of Ages. You should be working on your last 2 items. The Void staff and the Ring. I usually get the staff before the ring. At this point you should be ready to pass that last tower in your lane and kill the inhibitor. At this point teamwork is key to back you up. Use your Ultimate to wipe out their bases minions so yours can charge those last 2 towers! While they do so gather your team and hit the other 2 fringe towers / inhibitors in their base.

The offense abilities should be as they are. However the Utility set can be done to your liking as long as you get to the final mastery.

Runes should also be as they are. Do not modify them or the character wont function as well as it should.

Your summoner abilities should be Teleport and Heal! No Exception!

As for skill sequence I have not really perfected it. I try to get the Champion hit attack as fast as possible. Combining it with the Ultimate you can take down enemies without the stupid minions getting in the way of the primary magic attack shot.

Mystic Shot - Basic spell. Harass, farm, spam. Reduce cooldown for your ultimate.

Essence Flux - Fantastic ability. Rush behind enemy minions with your jump ability, cast a shot, then follow up with this. As they run away snipe them with your Ultimate.
Always Always Always! Keep enough mana to cast this skill at least once! Trust me you never know who is gonna attempt a gank while your pushing mid!

Arcane Shift - Flash with damage! Set up your Mystic Shot, lose enemies by porting on the other side of walls, escape/engage in fights, or get out of a ganking situation.

Trueshot Barrage - Greatest sniping ability in my opinion. Use your mystic shot repeatedly to lower its cool down by one. If you are really cheesy you can sit on the regen platform and just keep casting mystic shot. Then just snipe from base. Not very fun though. Great for weak runners!

Ability Tips
- Arcane Shift over walls for escapes
- Arcane Shift right into champions for a definite hit
- Spam Mystic Shot on anything to cooldown your Ultimate
- Snipe runners with ultimate when they have low health always!

- Very flexible champion
- Kill stealer / chaser
- Bush Cleaner
- Great AoE damage
- Spamable Spells
- Great harassment
- Can snipe accross the map (Tricky if opponent moves you wasted your special)
- Good escape spell
- Awesome Dance / Taunt

- You are target numero uno! They will try to gank you so be careful
- Begining Game guzzles Mana quick
- Extremely squishy champion
- Skills require a steady hand and good timing
- Very vurneable to CC
- Normal attack is not so good
- Out of mana and unable to use escape skill
- Base movement speed is not so good
- If you cant manually aim a skill this is not your character

Now I have not tried this setup with any of the other casters but will attempt to do so in the near future.
Any suggestions on my build are greatly appreciated. Constructive criticism is great.

Find me in game! Zargos Nargoth