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Gragas Build Guide by zakzy

Belly Full of Jelly

Belly Full of Jelly

Updated on December 3, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author zakzy Build Guide By zakzy 1,982 Views 0 Comments
1,982 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author zakzy Gragas Build Guide By zakzy Updated on December 3, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust



A short guild on my favorite Champion in League of Legends
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Greater Seal of Vitality is just something i like for that extra hp and you may want to try and hove half and half of Greater seal of vitality and the Greater Seal of Replenishment.
all the other runes are best for early game lane dominance and fast farming gragas and thats exactly the thing you want at the start.
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Well basic cooldown reductions as it's the only thing that brings him down and especially late game you want to barrel roll as frequently as possible. Remember the pokes add up and if you go into a fight with 4 of your enemies health been at 75% or less the chance of wining that fight increases significantly.
If u want to get more dominance at the start then go with a 21/0/9 picking up all ap u can get and the cooldown reductions. Just don't forget to pick Runic Affinity to keep that blue buff on your self for that bit longer.
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Yeap you are probably thinking, what? all the other guilds on Moba say i should pick a Dorans Ring now why would i pick up boots of speed and 3 hp pots? Well that's because your going to go mid and champs like LB,Kassadin,Kennen and Morgana will try to take advantage of you starting from level 1 this is when you are going to be most at risk of getting hit hard in your fat face. And so your runes+mastery's come to your rescue (well kind of) you will have a descent mana regen and that's all u need for you to keep on rolling and farming like a mad man. So if u eventually get hit hard you would pop a hp pot and keep on farming.Also if u pick dorans at the start and get abuse from your opponent then you will have to go to base and miss out on that gold and exp.

When you first come back you should have farmed up a good amount of gold (if u struggle farming see the farming chapter). What you should aim to get is two Dorian rings and if u have farmed really well you might be able to get your sorcerer's shoes but if u haven't farmed that well get another doran's ring so u have three or if you have a hard opponent then get hp pots assuming you have used your other once.
Second visit back get your shoes and Blazing Wand or get Niddlessly Large Rod if u have three Doran's and like 1400 gold then just sell one ring and get that Rod it would mean that you will dominate your lane like a Boss.
Then you should gank with your ult and body slam it shouldn't be hard but ask your team mates to engage in a fight not just stand and wait for you to do everything by yourself.
By your next visit to the town you should have plenty of gold +kill and an assist so i prefer to get Deathcap perfect item for gragas that ap is so good you would clear out a wave of minions with just a barell roll and with some help from a body slam all exp and gold is yours. I also like to get a mejai's soulstealer if i get a lot of assists and kills. That does it for me actually then i see how the team fights are going if they are in my teams favor then i get a lich Bane if not go with Rod of Ages for more HP.
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Summoner Spells

Flash and Exhaust or Ignite i mean i like more defensive play i go for ignite only if i like to take somebody out really fast eg LB. I play a cat and mouse game so drain your hp over 2 min and go in for that kill
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Team Fights

Stay at the back of the team let tanks go in first and barrel roll right in the middle of the fight and finish of with your Ult. Thats the smart way to get quadra and pentakills.
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Pros / Cons

    Bad *** farmer
    Great sustain
    Amazing ult when used appropriately
    cooldowns late game
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Well just try him out i'm sure you would love playing him as much as i do.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author zakzy
zakzy Gragas Guide
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Belly Full of Jelly

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