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Blitzcrank Build Guide by Brawl_so_hard

AP Carry Blitzcrack: Fistin' like a pornstar

By Brawl_so_hard | Updated on June 23, 2013

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Ability Order

Introduction and stuff

Hi yeah so I play Blitz, and if you don't use this build then you're playing him wrong. This is a proven top MLG build designed to make full use of the giant metal rape pull. You will easily one-shot all of your opponents with the fist, and the best part is that you'll have their corpse afterwards to show to all your friends! Isn't that neat?
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I picked these because they will make your fist the Hand of God. Simple. Do not question the metal lord.
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You already know the drill. Plus, cookies are the ****.
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Skill Sequence

Using this skill sequence, you will be able to make full use of the fist and destroy any who would oppose you. Your hand will become so big that you will actually be able to grab 3 champions at one time, and crush their puny bodies together like Playdoh.
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Pros / Cons


Cons: Nothing
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Team Work

In a team fight, you play the role of the team leader. Your teammates will sit back and watch you as you slaughter all other players with your fist of righteous fury. They will then praise your Shininess and offer their women and drink to you. Praise be to you.
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Unique Skills

You are unique in the sense that no other champion has a gigantic extending metal fist to kill people with. That is all you will ever need.
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Ranked Play

You will be in the MLG by yourself. You do not need a team, you will tell them to sit quietly at the base so you can do your work. Fisting is an art, you don't want people messing with your art.
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In summary,

by following this guide, you adhere to the strict rules and regulations of the fist, and promise to cherish and love the fist for the rest of your mortal life. You will praise the fist daily and will bring honor to the fist.

Thank you based god
League of Legends Build Guide Author Brawl_so_hard
Brawl_so_hard Blitzcrank Guide

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Blitzcrack: Fistin' like a pornstar