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Blitzcrank Build Guide by WingedTitan

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WingedTitan

Blitzcrank The Tanky Support

WingedTitan Last updated on June 1, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Braum He will slow you down, and stun if he gets 4 hits on you.
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Hello! This is my first ever guide and please bare in mind that this guide was made when i was level 9 (i may be higher after publishing) so it wont really include Runes and Masteries too much! If your gonna criticize my guide please do it constructively so it wont be so mean and then i can improve it! i know it will suck haha! Enjoy and i hope this helps!

*This guide is made from my experience of playing Blitzcrank for a long time and friends helping me out*

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Summoner Spells

As Support 'Heal' is a good basic spell to help you and your Carrier in a tricky moment. In my opinion its great! Flash is a great spell if your in too much trouble and need to get away as quick as possible. I occasionally play Blitz as support with my friend as Tristana and we have been in a few spots where we have been ganked and had to get away asap! Flash is perfect with this as well as Blitzcranks 'W' ability and an item i'll talk about soon.

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Start to build up coin and mana production. 'Ancient Coin' will start you off with mana regen and then you build it up. when you upgrade it to 'Nomad's Medallion' you will earn more money for just being near your Carrier when he CS. After, upgrade it again to get the 'Talisman of Ascension' so that you will earn even more gold for being with your Carrier! It also makes you and an ally close to you, gain extra movement speed when activated!

'The Boots of Speed' are nothing special but they just help you get to and away from, your lane.

'Sheen' is a quick way to start your 'AP' building, it also gives you more mana. Upgrade it to get the 'Iceborn Gauntlet' so you can increase your 'AP', Armor and Cooldown.

The next target is 'Randuin's Omen' but instead of saving for it, were going to build up to it. Start with the 'Giant's Belt' so you can obtain extra health. Then buy 'Warden's Mail' to give you some armor and a okay-ish ability "Cold Steel" which will slow down your opponent if they use a basic attack on you. (most likely not to but hey ho) To finish the build, buy 'Randuin's Omen' as it will increase your health and armor and keep the "Cold Steel" ability. It even slows enemies when used!

Try to get the coin and mana production up as soon as you can and after the build try to focus on 'Ap' items.

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Abilities & Play

Ok so as your role as 'Support' you have to assist you 'ADC'. (The guy who carries the team and game) Blitzcrank is a very good class for support.

His 'Q' will pull an enemy towards you so this is good when you and you Carrier decide to attack, you don't have to go into the middle of your enemies minion squad, instead you can pull them into yours! or your tower! Is your enemy hiding in the safety of his tower? Q!! Is your enemy to fast for you to chase? Q!!! is your enemy just strolling past you whilst you stalk them from the bushes?!!!!!!! Literally this ability is Blitzcrank's god move! Well, not really but its still pretty cool! Try your best not to do it at the wrong moment though as you can **** yourself up really badly! For example this 1 time i pulled Katarina to me thinking i could take her...Don't pull Katarina...At least wait for your Carrier or else you'll regret it.

Blitzcrank's 'W' isn't so important until later in the game. 'W' will basically turn you into Sonic! Use it to get to your lane quicker or when running away from trouble! When running away and getting chased you can literally be like a squid!! Use your ultimate so they cant use their abilities, use 'Randuin's Omen' to slow their movement speed, Use your 'W' and the 'Talisman of Ascension' to turn into freaking Sonic!! You'll be leaving your chasers in the dust! It even makes your attack speed higher!

His 'E' ability make your next basic attack double your attack power! it will also knock them in the air! This is like the hulk smash! This is one of the key elements when doing the combo with Blitzcrank! ill get to that soon but holy hell, if you use this you'll be packing a very very powerful punch!

Blitzcrank's Ultimate 'R' ability is amazing! If used correctly, it can ruin a mood! It does massive AOE (Area of Effect) damage! not to mention it silences your enemies! (cant use abilities or summoner spells accept cleanse) Even its passive is brilliant! every 2.5 seconds for 100/200/300 (+25% of Ability Power)

Blitzcrank Combo Crusher!!: So this is the standard general thing that most people know what to do but if your a beginner than this is quite a good way of going with Blitzcrank. When your with your Carrier and he's ready, use 'Q' to pull your enemy towards you, whilst they are being dragged unwillingly to there demise, use your 'E' to knock them up. When you have successfully pulled and knocked up your opponent, follow up with your 'R' and 'W' ability to 1) Stop them using there abilities 2) Chase them if needed. It will also attack them faster. Whilst doing this your Carrier will also be kicking the poop out of the opponent.

In my opinion a great pair up would be Blitzcrank and Alistar. The combo set for it is amazing! Blitzcrank will pull an enemy towards them, knock them up and stop them from using there abilities, Alistar would then use his knock up ability and then use his 'Headbutt' ability to push the enemy away from them. He can also heal himself and other teammates.

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Masteries & Runes

I'm afraid i don't know much about Masteries or Runes so i'd recommend going to another guide that specifies on them.

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How To Support

As Support you main role is to assist the ADC on his quest to victory! To start off supporting, you need to let the Carrier get the killing hit on Minions so they level up quicker, get more powerful and earn money for items. this is where the coin item build will come in handy as you may feel that you are falling behind with levels and money. The best thing to do is just follow the Carrier. Do what he says and help him with everything. Just don't take his kills as he is the priority of the team and needs the levels asap.