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Kindred Build Guide by Madd Dogg207

AD Carry BloodRage Kindred [Patch 6.9]

By Madd Dogg207 | Updated on May 8, 2016

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Mostly just for the cheat sheet, but I'll try to finish the rest.

Had some wicked games on Kindred with this new patch making her insane. Assuming everyone builds this now but I figured I'd throw it out there. It's basically just the old build with Rageblade and taking either Maw or Sterak's out since they now share a cooldown. I haven't really done guides but I'll try to work on the Chapters tomorrow.
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Creeping / Jungling

Start at either Krugs or Gromp, and clear that area of the jungle. (I usually just start bot side for the better leash) Once you clear the third camp, the scuttle crabs should spawn and one will be marked. Kill it and either back or clear the rest of the jungle.

It is important to kite the camps on Kindred to reduce damage and get healing from your W (Wolf's Frenzy).
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Mark of the Kindred

Mark of the Kindred gains 1.25% max health damage on hit for each hunt fulfilled. It is important to get marked camps, but make sure you're not putting yourself in a bad position. The more stacks you get the deeper into the enemy jungle the mark becomes. At 6 stacks Rift/Baron will be marked.

Beyond 6 stacks you generally rely on marking enemies for stacks. Start at level 1 by marking the enemy jungler. Kindred can invade after the first buff. I generally don't go for it, but she is pretty powerful early. When marking lanes you can generally just mark one ahead of time and plan to gank it later, mark one right before ganking for the surprise factor, or (kind of meh imo) you could use the mark to psych out laners. Generally people will play safer when they just get marked, so I usually mark and wait a few seconds to gank immediately. Marking a different lane than you are ganking is niche, but can work. This can make the jungler think he is needed to counter gank a lane you aren't going for, or giving the lane you are ganking false confidence that you won't be coming for them.
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Pros / Cons

Strong Early
High Mobility
Life Saving Ult

Almost no CC
Life Saving Ult

Your ult can completely screw things up if used incorrectly. You'll end up saving the enemy team and getting your own killed.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Madd Dogg207
Madd Dogg207 Kindred Guide

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BloodRage Kindred [Patch 6.9]

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