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Shaco Build Guide by RazorMinch

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RazorMinch

Bloodsucking Clowns?!?

RazorMinch Last updated on January 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first Guide and It is one I made up while playing with Shaco and I've used it ever since, This build is good for getting first blood and great mid-late game for ganks. This build is recommended for laning but you can use it for jungling if you so desire, but you will have to use Jack in the box instead of decive for your first ability.
Thanks for taking an intrest!

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My item build starts with Long Sword, this is effective because along with your Runes and Masteries your early game AD will be high, this is extreamly effective for decive because of the extra damage onto that and it gives you a huge burst from behind thanks to his passive. (Make sure to buy health potions) You should then build up onto Madreds Bloodrazors, this gives you effective Attack Speed and your AD is increased further. After buying boots of swiftness buy a zeal, this is cheap and improves your Attack speed and Movement speed further as well as your crit chance. Executioners calling is next on your list, further Crit chance and Life steal. Next up is Bloodthirster, this is extramly useful since it increases your Lifesteal and AD dramatically then you can snowball extreamly well, but stacks are lost on death. This is the main build but you might aswell turn your zeal into a phantom dancer and your cutlass into a hexitech for improvement.

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Alternate Items

Start off with Madreds every time, with boots will want whatevers best for the situation, if you are doing well then you will want swiftness to chase your opponents. If your laning against someone with a stun or snare you may want Murcury Treds but even then I personally prefer The boots of swiftness. If you are doing really well you can get Bloodthirster before Executioners And the Cutlass. If you arn't doing very well then Bloodthirster wont be your best choice since you wont be able to snowball, instead go for Starks Fervor since you get lifesteal and Attack speed as well as reducing the opponents armour, great for team fight.

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Using this Shaco build You can solo top if you really want to but it's best avoided, Try to get bot since having a patner when your as squishy as that helps. You want to be aggressive at level 1 to get first blood, but once you level up to about lvl 3 you will want to be less agressive. Use your 2shiv to poke since that early in game when it's at lvl 2 is quite powerful.
Once you get your Executioners it might be a good idea to start roaming, this can get you lots of kills with your great ganks. In game try to avoid tower diving as much as possible but it's a good idea to chase a little because of Shaco's passive. late game you want to be roaming a lot. Shaco is really powerful, especially when he takes his opponent by suprise. With the attack speed, AD and Lifesteal you should be quick to kill then outta there, like most assasins.

For jungling You should go this order
Blue Golem -> Wolves -> Banshees -> 2 Golems -> Red Lizard
You can safely solo the dragon at level 9 or if you spam the Jack in the Box you can take it earlier. Gank well and often, Shaco is an amazing ganker and if you time it right you can do really well. As jungle you can take oricles if you really want to get rid of enamy wards.

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Use of your Ultimate

With Jungle Shaco your ultimate isn't always too effective, Enamys can tell which is which with because the fake doesn't have the buffs. I like to use his ult as an initiator while I sit in the brush until it dies. This works well for me because it dies so quick the enamys don't realise it's fake, as well as when it dies it deals 300-600 magic damage (depending what level) which can be a good initiator. Also using it to get opponents to be distracted so you can get them from behind (20% exrtra damage!) You can also use it to take tower shots while you tower dive, it can take about 4 or 5 so it will give you time to escape. One last thing, with shaco there's one second when you activate itand you vanish, you can use this to dodge anything like Caits ult or Karthus' ult, it's really helpful and can save your life.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I tend to go with flash and Exhaust. Flash is that extra boost if you still can't get away or your decive is on cooldown, but decive normally does the job. If your going to Jungle with him then you will want Smite and Ignite at your disposal. If you want to swap flash for Teleport then that works too, but I wouldn't reccomend any other summoner spells that the above.

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Pros / Cons

Amazing ganking
Great Chaser
High damage
Great at escaping

Targeted alot
Quite Squishy
Early game MIGHT be bad

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Reading this means you probably read through the whole thing, if you want to make some constructive critisisms or how well you did using this build feel free to comment about it