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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mortalitas

Boom Headshot!

Mortalitas Last updated on January 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is my first guide ever and i will work on this soon.
but i thought i will just publish it and will update it once i have another part done.

you: WTF why not just publish it when you have finished the whole guide.
Me: becous i wanna have backup from you guys during this progress.

but what i mean is, if you guys can give me good back up I can do stuff better.
if allot of people ask me to explain more, like skill order, why this item build, video things etc.
then i know some people like the guide and i need to make video for it etc.
so i hope that explains my thought about publishing before finishing ;)

have fun and watch our for the sharpshooter XD

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Pros / Cons

-Long range
-Great harass tool trough the whole game
-good escape tool (feels like a free flash)
-well placed traps let you know when they wanna gank you.
-not very hard to play

-most people find you underpowered (if you dont farm / kill enough that is true)
-ult isn't that strong early game
-very squishy
-your ult can be block easy

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here Q is a great harass skill, you can use it in lane to harass your enemies in lane.
its a skill shot but it isn't hard to hit it.
if you harass your enemies your with you peacemaker and you head shots you should be keeping them very low.
in team fight you just have to shoot your peacemaker as much as possible in the fight.


These Trap immobile your enemy for 1.5 sec and deal some damage.
these are great to use them early game in the brush so you can see when people trying to gank you, and you can escape those ganks.
in team fight you need to use this so that people cant move in the fight.


I use this all game to escape and jump over walls. or when chased by 1 shoot your net back on the chaser so you get boosted away + he gets slowed


The ult and reason why she is a sniper :)
use this skill to kill the one who are trying to run.
sometime people are farming with just a 500 health or something and you can just ult them and get a free kill. Who doesn't what that :D

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Item Build

1. Dorains blade
A good start item, it gives you a 100 extra health what you need because your so squishy
6 extra damage is aways nice i know it isn't much but enough
3% life steal also this isn't much but overall a great item what ��� makes sure you can farm early game in the lane and hares
So overall a soled start item for Caitlyn

2. Boots of speed
Check her movement speed and it will become clear ;)
Boots of mobility are also a great choice
Merc threats are like always good but with your slow movement speed they will catch up with you very easy
So its up to you

3. and 3% life steal
Its just Nice to stack up those start states
I recommend it your choice

4. Brutalizer
This is a GREAT item early game
25 extra damage 10% cool down reduction
But most important 20 armor penetration That is what this item is all about full damage because you penetrate all their armor is just awesome with the runes and masteries you should deal allot of damage now��� 

5. The Bloodthirster
Now you can build a bloodthirster for��� 
The damage. If your low health often get the vampiric scepter first if not farm until you get enough for a bf sword
*when you got your bloodthirster farm a few minions so its fully stacked*

no last whisper ??
not until the enemies buy some armor and with some i mean a 100+
why not get that item as one of the first? because (--> this are mundo his armor states 17(+4 / per level) mundo will have 89 armor at lv 18 penetrate 40% of that he will still have around 54 armor
but if you buy a black cleaver + youmuu's ghostblade you will penetrate 70 armor (after 3 shots) so he will have 19 armor left
the above is without runes / masteries but you get my point i think
so if he doesn't buy armor what most carry don't or not enough flat armor pen is better
in mundo his case he will most likely buy some armor but if he is the only one its up to you

The next item(s) really depends on the game situation
Below the most common situations and what to do

1. If you got a good tank who protects you well so the other team doesn't/cant focus you.
You can get some more damage
I would say get a Black cleaver of upgrade your brutalizer

2. If the enemies focus you down or get away all The time i would get a frozen mallet 700 health + 20 damage and a slow
What else do you want from a item

3. There is one enemy fed for example kassadin who deals magical damage
You can buy Banshee's Veil or a hexdrinker
Is the fed enemy is shaco for example who is ad build
You can buy a wiggels lantern or atma's impaler

4. The enemy team has allot of health tanks or something
Then a madred's bloodrazer will be the best choice

5. and when you play a team who is getting lots of armor last whisper will do the trick.
why not get that item as one of the first? because (--> this are mundo his armor states 17(+4 / per level) mundo will have 89 armor at lv 18 penetrate 40% of that he will still have around 54 armor
but if you buy a black cleaver + youmuu's ghostblade you will penetrate 70 armor (after 3 shots) so he will have 19 armor left
the above is without runes / masteries but you get my point i think

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Runes and Masteries

I don't wanna talk all that much about the runes and masteries,
this are the runes and masteries I use and benefit for my play style.
the glyphs (if i say it right, I mean the blue one) i have attack speed, because of the lack for attack speed in my build, not that i need it with my play style but it will still benefit me a bit.

the same story for the masteries.

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Play style

**************This is how i play Caitlyn *******************

Early game

I love to lane mid with Caitlyn, Here Q skill and long range let here farm so easy.
and if you make sure you use you Q to hit the minions + you enemy he will be low health in no time and he will have to recall or turret hug.
if he is hugging you can most likely shoot the turret a few times and when he runs up to you move back a bit and hit him with your Q. (caitlyn EATS turrets :D )
Dont be greedy to take that kill when you have him low, of course try to finish him with a skill shot but DONT turret dive, if you can farm and he cant your already winning.
when your lv 6 you can try to finish him with your ult.

Mid game

If you farmed well at the laning part and maybe got a kill or 2/3 you should be doing great.
but still you will have a hard time to 1 vs 1 champions in the jungle or something.
so lane save or stick with your team.
if a fight breaks our try to hit the enemies with your Q and throw some traps down there.
keep an eye for the one who is running low health and shoot him with your Q or R.
most likely you will be the main focus, so make sure they don't rush up to you and kill you.
stay at the back and deal all the damage you can.

Late game


no just joking, its just the same as mid game, make sure they cant focus you and deal as much damage as possible, if you see a chance to back door a turret / inhibitor try it.
even if you die and take a turret down with you it is worth is.
you will respawn the turret wont, (yes inhibitors will but still supper creeps :D )
+ your dead will give them 300G + the people who made a assist will get 50-90G or something
and your team will get 150G each if you down a turret.