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Ziggs Build Guide by GG Jessie

Booomb dat Nerd!

Booomb dat Nerd!

Updated on April 14, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author GG Jessie Build Guide By GG Jessie 2,467 Views 1 Comments
2,467 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author GG Jessie Ziggs Build Guide By GG Jessie Updated on April 14, 2014
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You've just entered guide for all Ziggs fans, yeee-haaa! If you're asking yourself "Hey, where'd that bomb go?" my answer definetly is: "Oh! Look out below!"
Anyway, I guess you're already like "Come on, come on, come on!".

"Right-o." I'd like to welcome you once more in my very first guide. I chose my most favourite hero for it - Ziggs, the Hexplosive Expert.

Ziggs is an incredibly burst ability power character with bunch of aoe spells, which can turn almost lost game into your benefit. That's the reason, why I like my enemies like I like my bombs: about to explode.

Since this is my first guide and I'm not a native speaker, I appologies for possible mistakes and I'd be more than happy, if you took your time to leave me some response on my work or I'll take this one and this one and throw it in your face!
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Pros & Cons

What makes him a terrorist!

    Only Brainless people get oom!
    Dat AOE dmg!
    Awesome farming phase!
    If played wise, one of the best pokers.
    Escape skill / chase skill.
    Definetly fun to play!

What makes him look like squirrel!

    Takes time to master his "w"
    His ult can be dodged (especially when fired from far distance)
    Quite squishy
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Early Game

So we finally got to the laning phase. Your main goal early game is obviously farming + poking your enemy mid-laner. "Come on! Does this look dangerous to you?" Don't be affraid. Ziggs probably one of best burst characters early game. If you should push, or play more defensively, depends on what are you facing on mid lane, as well as which jungler do they have in possession.

Once you hit level 6, you can feel like "I'll bring the Big One!". Very well, that's the way you play. Admit it, you're a terrorist! Unpredictable, dangerous and definetly one to be afraid of.

Take 2nd blue (your jungler should let you have it) and now, you got 2 options:

You ask jungler to gank mid and try to take kill or at least advantage.


You can gank other lanes.

Ziggs is awesome hero for ganks. Check your bot-lane / top-lane, if they push or are pushed and consider possibilities of ganks. Also you can inform your jungler, just cause 4-man ganks are simply OP . Don't forget to ping, so you can be sure they notice you're ganking!!
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Mid Game

Try to take advantage of every situation and take down dragon. Your main goal is to push enemy towers. This phase you're probably already strong enough to win teamfights (this depends on your teammates obviously). Your aoe spells do hell tons of damage!

Either you push lanes, fight teamfights for dragon or just stay on lane matching your skills with oponent, DON'T FORGET TO FARM! That's the mistake many people does. Just remember: Having kills, winning dragon fights or pushing lanes quite well is just a current advantage. Enemy can anytime turn fights to their own benefit and get back into game. You really don't want them to do so - that's why you gotta keep or higher your gold difference, map coverness, tactic moves, etc.

"Don't worry, I got this." That's what I like to hear!
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Late Game

"Impatient? I'm not impatient."

Of course you're not! Either you're losing, it's even match or you're winning, this is the right time to show what having Ziggs means!

BE AWARE: Late game can be easily lost by one bad fight. That's why the POSITION is very important here. You can't be first to hit. Talk with your team a lot, decide tactics, let the tank start and just blow them away! After winning teamfight, either you take Baron or you push lanes, it's up to you and your team to decide.

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I'd like to thank you all for taking time to read through this and I hope you enjoyed it and learned something new. If there's anything you'd like to reproach, feel free to do so. I'll try to consider it and make this better build for all of you!

What more to say? "You wanna see how to disarm a bomb?"


League of Legends Build Guide Author GG Jessie
GG Jessie Ziggs Guide
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Booomb dat Nerd!

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