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Trundle Build Guide by Kerblert#244461

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kerblert#244461

Bot Lane Trundle

Kerblert#244461 Last updated on December 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello guys! I am a player that likes to have fun, not be pro. So don't rage or yell at me because ik typically Trundle is a jungle or top lane bruiser. My builds will work but not for ranked or try hards. However, if you are looking for a fun normal game with a viable build, then this will work for you. It's meant for new players and/or people that just want a fun time. So, with that, let's move on!

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Early Game

Early on, you'll be doing face checking and some wreckage. With Trundle, if your partner works well with you (best done with skype) and the enemy is vulnerable, it's easy to pick up level 1 kills on squishies with bite and your partners damage or cc. If the enemy isn't vulnerable and/or your partner doesn't work well with you or isn't used to this, just face check and guard him. Afterwards, if you're the carry, start farming minions. If you want to harass, use a few pillars here and there to sort of slow the enemy AD carry and bite them, then proceed to either farm minions after scaring them or attacking them a bit (not recommended if enemy is tanky and/or an experienced player). If you're tanking for your carry, keep enemies off your minions with light harass, crippling minion farm.

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Mid Game

Here you'll be pushing the best you can. If pushing isn't an option or isn't in your interest, have your partner either come with you (if lane is under control) or stay and guard (if lane is iffy) and gank for comrades. DO NOT MISTAKE THIS FOR JUNGLE! Gathering buffs is OK, but don't leave your lane for more than 2-3 minutes at a time, to gank mid, or maybe go back and help top for a bit. You will then return to your lane for a while, or, if team-fighting has begun, take you and your partner to start helping mid as much as possible.

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Late Game

Now for the final stretch. By now, if you're fed, you've got all/most your items. If this happens, you are a tanky damage dealing threat, and can push as you please. You will be a guardian to your team. If you're carry, take kills left and right while protecting the team. If you're more tanky, cripple and wound enemies to either chase off or to let your squishier allies finish off. If the game is well enough and your team is pretty fed, go for pushing mid and/or bot hardcore. If you aren't very fed and/or are defending base, start farming minions whether you're carry or tank to help further build, and just focus on defending the turrets. If you have to, protect them with your life, but don't be wreckless. Only risk your life if it's vital to protecting structures, because the more turrets get hurt (unless you have a Heimerdinger to slowly heal them) the more dangerous it becomes. So, if you're being pushed, defend towers and don't let them take any more damage than necessary, even if you need to get your hands dirty.

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Feedback and Support

This is my first build. Obviously, it's not the best, doesn't cover one specific role, and not the best possible runes, but if you're a new player or someone (like me) that prefers normal games and likes laning more than jungle, this build should do you justice. If the build still isn't that good and you have trouble, give me feedback on what should be tweaked to improve it. Thanks for reading and enjoy playing bot lane!