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Orianna Build Guide by ultraface



Updated on November 22, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ultraface Build Guide By ultraface 4,035 Views 1 Comments
4,035 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ultraface Orianna Build Guide By ultraface Updated on November 22, 2011
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Hello readers.
My name is Ultraface, im semibad LoL player on both West and Nordic/east servers.
Writing a guide was always a small ambition of mine. My knowledge of game is average and i mostly play for fun.

I also dont like ruin other peoples fun, so thats why im trying to keep myself away from Ranked play when im playing champs who are less optimal for a team.

This is where Orianna comes in. She is my definition of a fun hero. Everything about her is just amazingly well done. Voice, animation, gameplay.

Unfortunatly she is a weak champ now. Sure she can solomid and become main ap carry, but there are alot of better champs for that role. Xerath, Brand do AP carry job alot better and are way easier to play.

Orianna is also a subpar Support, but after closer study i realised that if I am to play Orianna at all, then Support should be the only acceptable path right now. Afterall, any hero can hide in bushes do nothing and just buy wards :)
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Why support?

To start i should tell you that Orianna is a pretty bad babysitter for a ranged carry.
she has no heal, just a shield and she has no way of peeling enemy melee bruisers away from your carry. Sure with a bit luck you might actually put a well placed so your partner runs away, but its not as good as Janna ulti for saving your team.

In fact i see Orianna as a weaker version of Janna for support in every aspect except one: Initiation

Orianna makes crazy bruisers like even more crazy. Her ball makes sure your teams initiator will connect with his target and keeps himself glued to it until its dead.
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Skill Sequence

Max then
at level 13 you must have maxed E and W.

E is actually a very good spell. just by having the ball on someone grants 30 armor and magic resistance. 30 armor is great, but 30 MR is what really makes a difference.

your tanks will eat alot of magic spells when they initiate. after that most enemies will target someone else. E-W on tank makes sure he can eat that magic damage and initiate quickly. All subsequent E-W just help them stick on their targets. Ulti keeps enemies on top of your tank.

E-W combo also is very good on your mage carry. they get in quickly to cast their spells and then run out.
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veteran scars is a great talent. 30 hp is like 1 HP quint. thats alot of value from 1 point.
Also you get important 6 armor and improved heal.

I wish i could take 6% in cooldown reduction in utility tree, but wealth and more experience gain is alot more important.

Supports are always lowest leveled members in team. That is because you dont last hit and leave lanes to put wards. gaining level is like getting 600 gold. you get stats and also improve your spells. since you will be goldstarved all game, extra levels are pretty damn welcome. level 13 is just so important. so 5% extra experience doesnt need an introduction.

Sage talent may sound like mediocre. but 40 experience is actually alot. on your way to level 13 you will easily get into few team fights. 2 dragons atleast. grabbing 10 assists during in a course of 1 game isnt a big deal, even if you are in a losing position. 10 assists is 400 experience. thats half of level 13 just there.

wealth talent is a must for just 1 reason. you can start with Regrowth Pendant and a ward.
Pendant will keep you safe and help you harass your lane, since that is anyway the only useful thing you can do when you are tired of /dancing in the bush.

and a ward is your #1 priority. i dont think i need to explain how important it is to ward. in fact that is the only reason your team will not flame you for picking Orianna :) We cant play like proes cause of lack of skills, but learning how to ward like them isnt hard.
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i choose gold quints because with 2 gold/10sec items and greed mastery you will be in a very comfortable zone. 90 extra gold each minute. it is as if you have been splitting minions with your lane mate and killed 3 yourself. also the extra gold makes sure you can always afford a ward while also building your core items. Luckily your core items are made of cheap components too.

Flat armor reds and yellows help me early game to harass with autoattacks. together with masteries you begin with extra 27 armor. also with rank 1 E you get +10 more. at early levels you are a very annoying harasser. also you have regrowth pendant so there is no reason to not go and trade autoattacks.

for blue i chose flat CD reduction, but its really up to anyones choice. with my item path im missing 10% so thats why i took these glyphs. together with 1 point in intelligence im only missing 2% when my items are done.

other great choices are flat mana. 110 mana is a very big deal. it may sound like just 2 spells, but your spells are too important and often life saving.

also you can take flat magic resistance, but i honestly find them less useful on Orianna. most of the time enemies that really focus on killing me are melee bruisers and tanks. Mages prioritize carries. also with my item build im able to survive 1 mage burst anyway.
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start with Regrowth Pendant and a ward.

Once you have 440 gold and your lane is pushing, go home and complete Talisman and buy 1 ward.

from there on your goal is to complete Heart of gold while keeping river warded. ignore boots until then.

i honestly dont think items need any explanation.

when you complete your gold items and have rank 1 boots, start building Aegis.
Aegis is a must. best item for you. your ball with aegis give 45 magic res and 42 armor. you can make squish into a bruiser or tank into a tower.

complete CD reduction boots.
always keep wards.

try to make shurelia.

if we face 2 bursty mages i try to make Chalice of harmony after Aegis.
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Final Build

sight ward
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ultraface
ultraface Orianna Guide
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