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Volibear Build Guide by KillTheNoise

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KillTheNoise

Bottom Lane Volibear

KillTheNoise Last updated on September 27, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well this is it, the short and sweet guide to using Volibear, my champion of choice. Volibear is a melee tank that should be considered op in my book, as i have yet to go negative in a game with him. So Lets get started! (I will not be going over runes or masteries, as they are pretty straight forward.)

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Pros / Cons

Pros: -The flip is DANGEROUS!
-Can deal alot of damage late game.
-His passive will keep him alive late and early game.

Cons: -If not careful, early game can depict whether or not your going to have a good game.
-Squishy at first. (As with all tanks.)

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Skill Sequence

Alright so heres where Volibear excels in, his skills. His W is a bite that activates as soon as you land 3 physical hits (passive) and it deals major damage once level 5. Max it as soon as its available. His Q is a move that will give him increased speed for a short period of time, and on enemy contact, flips the enemy behind him, making it great for ganks and for initiating. Get a point at level 3, but max it last. His E is a move that damages and slows enemies on hit, and can be used greatly with an AD champ in lane. Get a point at level 2, and max it second. His ultimate is Roaring Claws (love the name) and it give him increased damage over 12 seconds and also hits multiple enemies in the areas. As with all ultimates, max ASAP. And lastly his passive. His passive is very unique, as when his health drops very low, he regains health over a short period of time, and it can be a huge lifesaver in fights.

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Summoner Spells

I chose Heal because of his passive (the health healing when he hits low health. What this can do is if he is taking heavy damage and drops low, you can heal him to survive, and your passive will also be healing you, letting you get away, or if the enemy is low as well, get the kill. I also chose flash because it is great for three things, getting away from trouble, initiating with his Q spell, and also turret diving/catching enemies on low health, since he is a tank. These two spells work together very good with Volibear, and I suggest them over any other ones.

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As you can see with the items, this is not your normal build. You are going to be focusing on staying tanky, having a but of health regen, and having that awesome attack speed that goes with your abilities. I have 2 boots listed because the extra armor in ninja tabi works well early game, but you will replace it later, when you get your last item (the black cleaver). Your heart of gold leads to your randuins omen, which i find works well, as its active, along with its other effects, makes voli hard to escape from, and take down. The warmgos is a obvious, you want a tanky tank, so you gotta give your tanky tank a tank item. The ionic spark and black cleaver deliver the attack speed that volibear can have. He can be a VERY dangerous tank with a lot of attack speed build, and that is why I like these items. And the last awkward item choice is Shurelyas reverie. This gives him even MORE deadlieness in initiating and getting away, as its active gives him and your teammates a speed boost, and the added on effects are great too. Oh, and of course, the mercury treads are there for magic resist, gotta have that with a tank too.

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Farming early game is important, as you want his W leveled up ASAP. His W will not do major damage till around level 3, so max it as soon as you can. Killing minions is your main priority, but don't be afraid to flip back an enemy champ with your lane partner and get kills. Farming isn't as important as other champs may be, but still get as much farming done as you can.

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Team Work

With bottom lane voli, it is important to have a AD carry or a good support (like sona) with you. I prefer a AD laner with me, as it takes out enemy champs very quickly. Communication is key when laning with voli, as you want to be on the same page as your teammate. Early game, stick to your lane till around level 6, or at least till you get heart of gold, then you may start going in for ganks. For late game, voli is a great champ to initiate team fights, as his ability to stay alive will win your team many fights.

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Volibear is my favorite champ, as its the first one i ever actually paid money for. He is a champ you have to play at least 5 games to learn, and once you get his abilities down, you will not lose. Don't ever underestimate a Volibear. This is my favorite build, but other builds are almost as deadly, and thats what makes this champ just so awesome. Remember, this build will always work for you, as long as you know what you are doing. Thank you for your time! And good luck, have fun.