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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ampersand

Brand - Hotter than ....

Ampersand Last updated on April 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hola Guys and Gals,

This is my first build and its more or less a theory build, I've only tested it a few times but it seems to be great at providing massive nuking throughout the duration of the match, when grouped with just about any stun you will either be slaughtering or your laning ally will be finishing up for you. A kill is a kill, no matter how you look at it.

Please try this guide before you rate it. And please leave any feedback so that I can fix anything you guys find wrong with it.

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Pros / Cons

-Crazy Busrsty
-Quick CD's
-Great Intimidation factor after level 3

-Combo Oriented
-Kinda Ugly

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So the runes make sense, (or at least to me they do).

Greater Mark of PotencyEarly Game these provide an additional chunk of damage. It doesnt seem like much but on every hit your looking at just a little more damage your opponent isn't noticing.

Greater Seal of PotencyJust a little bit more early game flat ability power.

Greater Seal of ForceThis is one of those gets better with time things with 4 of them you are looking at 7.2 Ability at level 18.

Greater Glyph of ForceJust some more that provide stronger effects over time. Easy enough

Greater Quint of ForceYeah just some more AP cool stuff huh.

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Well its a pretty simple 9/0/21 build I prefer picking up Cripple over Plentiful Bounty just because I don't like Smite. Also consider this that one point you spend on Plentiful Bounty would better be spent in Greed. This allows you more gold gain which is important for trying to get a Deathcap as early as you can without sacrificing to much.

Thats about it as far as options the rest just dont seem like a practical thing to switch for anything in this build. Unless your running with a TF the Greed point is somewhat necessary.

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So the Items in this build are really simple looking and they tend to look like a general AP build until you look at The Kages Lucky Pick holding onto this until after you pick up your Deathcap will allow you to pick up the Deathcap about 8 minutes earlier. This along with last hitting helps you alot with building up your gold stockpile.

After getting your Deathcap try to turn the Kages Lucky Pick into a Deathfire Grasp Every minute you will be able to hit for 30 percent of your targets current Health. This along with Exhaust will pretty much guarantee the Death of any opponent. Brand can be a very scary opponent when he goes off right. This makes it great when you are approached by a beefy char. who may be able to survive your full onslaught. This also makes tanks cry.

There is also the issue of the Void Staff if your opponent is just flat out ignoring your existance and havent built up and kind of resistance to your flaming rampage, ignore the Void Staff and look into anything else that has a nice chunk of Ability Power. Or if your having trouble with another Nuker then you may want to look into something more along the lines of survival I really like Guardian Angel. With Brand's short cooldowns you could have everything but your ult off of their cooldowns. This could really turn around a team fight as you will be the first target in any team fight.

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Skill Sequence

Always take your E ability (Conflagration)first.
Then take your Q ability (Sear) and W (Pillar of Flame).
I max out Q first as this has the best scaling with your AP and it also has a 2 sec. stun which will allow you to easily land your Pillar of Flame.

Early Game.
You will be capable of holding your own in the Middle you want to pay attention tho as to where enemy top and bottom are if they go Mia I suggest playing it very safe.

You dont want to attempt to kill your opp. unless they overextend into your range other wise try to just taunt them with your Conflagration or Pillar saving your Sear for if they decide to move in on you. They should be Aflame and the Sear will give you your best chance of either running or causing them to run back.

Going top or bot. you again want to keep your eyes open for any moves the opponent makes in the other lanes. However you should have someone else in your lane. Use your allies to your advantage, if they stun use your pillar on them it hits hard and has a rather large intimidation factor.

Mid Game
Try to grab either of the Neutral Buffs.
Also by now you should be well on your way to getting your Deathcap even if you dont land any killing blows on your opponents.
Around lvl 10 you should be Mia for a good portion. Moving to where you are needed the most. If your allies are having trouble try and stay close to them. If your team is doing fine, again go for the kills. (besides your opponents are just waiting to be roasted and eaten)

Your mid game ends after you pick up the Deathfire Grasp.

Late Game.
With your Deathfire grasp you are sitting very pretty you are now a force to be reckoned with and you and your team should be about ready to move into the final pushing phase.

Team fights are your friend. You can easily jump into any fight and turn the tide completly around as you will have a decent range to just absolutely devastate your opponents health while keeping you just out of any melee char. range.

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Summoner Spells

OOOh summoner spells are so much fun.

Flash is a must it gets you either in or out in a moments notice.

I like to take Exhaust as my second summoner spell. I take this simply because this makes it very easy to catch an opponent in your combo. They wont have time to hide behind there minions making your skill shot useless, it still keeps them within range to hit them with your Pillar.

Other options
Heal- Bad Idea simply it will be useless for you after the Early Game phase

Ghost- Not as cool as Flash and if you do it right you aren't really going to need it

Teleport- Imo its not a good idea to send a squishy into the middle of a fight. However you could simply use it to jump back to the action, instead of running because we all know how much fun that is.

Ignite-Its okay but ya know its just a drop in the bucket into the late game.

I like it when my spells have uses throughout the entire match. Sure one or the other has better uses at point A or B But I like it when I can use them efficiently at points A and B.

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I hope you guys like what you see. This has worked well for me in testing. I will update more if the need arises and please leave any feedback in helping me make this guide better for any and all the people interested in playing Brand

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Coming soon!!!

Just really tired and need some sleep will be up tom.