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Brand Build Guide by xWishx

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xWishx

Brand The Full NUKE!!!

xWishx Last updated on March 27, 2012
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Hey there! This is my first guide for Mobafire, but I have played Brand for a long time. I believe that he should be played as a dominating force in whatever lane he goes. He should be able to nuke most champions in one full combo, maybe with ignite sometimes. Later on I will be writing another Brand guide that will focus on him doing multiple skill shots/cool-downs/and manaregen.

Note: If you disagree with anything in this guide please comment, the whole reason, besides helping others, I wrote this guide is because I wanna find flaws in my Brand Build.

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Pros / Cons

-Very good farmer.
-Very nice nuke.
-A Mean Harasser.
-Owns if Fed/early/late.
-Passive helps destroy tanks with a lot of hp

-Squishy/Focused in team fights
-Takes 2 skills to stun, and stun skill takes aiming.
-Prone to ganks.
-Can only nuke 1 person at a time.
-Skills must be hit

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For Runes, I use Greater Quint of Potency, so you can get a head start early game. It also helps alot since you will most likely be middle. I take glyphs and marks of insight so that it equals 30 magic penetration, which will take most champions down to 0 magic resistance. I also take seals of replenishment so that you can lane much longer, which will give you a better chance of getting fed.

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Item are probably the most important things to Brand. He needs them to nuke people!

At the start of the game I get a Sapphire Crystal and two health potions. The first time I come back I build the sapphire crystal into a Catalyst the Protector, and if you have enough money, boots of Speed/2 Vision Wards for either side of the brush at mid.

Then I begin to build my rylai's crystal scepter. This lets my skills and passive slow the target so it will be easier to nuke them. With this you should be able to get plenty more kills.

After that you need to see what situation you are in:
-If they bought magic resistance or are very tanky you get a VOID STAFF.
-If the other team is targeting you alot, but you still want to nuke: Rod Of Ages.
-If there are alot of enemy squishies, you get a Rabadons Deathcap to OVERKILL!

Near Late game: you should have your usual Item Set:
Sorcerer Boots, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Void Staff, Rabadon Deathcap, Rod of Ages
and the final item can be Zhonya's Hourglass/Banshee Veil.

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Skill Sequence

I choose to get Pillar of Flame(PoF) first is because it does the MOST damage out of all the skills, and allows you to harass/farm very easily. Then you get conflagration, so you can PoF -> Conflagration so you can farm or harass some more. At level three you get Sear, which will help you nuke champions. Just keep farming till the enemy champions gets to cocky or makes a mistake, then conflagration -> aim the sear so it hits where they will run to -> PoF instantly where they are at -> do your auto attack once or twice. If they are low enough help you can also run to them and ignite and keep auto attacking. If not, then you should retreat, because they can always counter you since your skills are most likely on cooldown.

After that you just get PoF, Conflagration and sear in order/Getting Pyroclasm whenever you can. I do this because I want all my skills even so they all do damage without one costing too much mana. Brand is combo based, you can rely on just one skill to kill enemies.

PRO: When fighting an enemy champion: Use Conflagration, skill shot sear to where they are headed, PoF, Ignite, and Ult.

Brand's Ultimate: The thing about this skill is it will bounce from enemy to enemy, but if there is only one enemy it disappears. So you need to wait for atleast 2 enemies close together, or if there is just one enemy, wait for the minions. The champion HAS to be in front of at the center of the minion wave!!! It will bounce from the champion to minion back to champion if in front or middle, But if they are in the back it will hit them probably once and then be wasted on 4 minions.

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Summoner Spells

Good Choices:

Maybe Choices:
-Clairvoyance(to help run from ganks)
-Teleport(Help you get farmed up or save turrets)
Never: Exhaust, or mostly any other skill.

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Team Work

Everyone knows team work is very important for LoL, but how does Brand help his team when he can only nuke 1 person at a time? Well Brand is an AoE mage, PoF and Pyroclasm can injure multiple champions at the same time. Usually Brand will be in the back of a team fight PoF, then Pyroclasm-ing, and if they start running away, you stun them to be eaten up by your team. If you are more aggressive you can be in the front of the team, and when the enemy team comes out of position, stun a squishy and let your team jump in, but be careful you will be much easier to focus in the front.

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Thank you for reading my guide!!! Please rate and comment, remember to try out the guide before you hate :*( I hope you guys have fun with my guide, and run rampage in all your games!!!