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Ezreal Build Guide by bmthsteel

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bmthsteel

Breaking the META! Going Mid with Ezreal

bmthsteel Last updated on April 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, and welcome to my 2nd guide. This time I'll be covering Ezrael, but with a very different play style.

In this guide, I'll explain why exactly I build Ezrael this way, and I'll try to cover everything.

There are a few tips I can provide when playing AD Ezreal mid...

- Gank top and bottom lane as much as possible. If you can do so without being detected too early by the enemy, you will ensure you are fed at least a few assists early game.

- Try to farm with Mystic Shot and harass with Essence Flux. Mystic Shot farm is very effective if you can keep up with the mana cost (there are several ways of doing this, try buying a Manamune first instead) and the Essence Flux is a great harass because you can cast it straight through minions.

- Do not be afraid to occasionally use your Trueshot Barrage to farm. It can be used to save towers, assist team fights and kill runners. You can also use your ultimate to steal Baron, Dragon or Blue buff from the enemy team about 2 or 3 times every game. This is where Clairvoyance becomes a useful summoner skill.

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Ezrael's runes are far from normal for the general Ezrael player.
This rune build is made to counter the mid lane very aggressively and to dominate early game.
These runes would generally be taken by a tanky AD, but not in this case.

The Magic Resist glyphs and Armor seals allow Ezrael to be more sustainable in lane, and allow him to keep farming longer than you normally would. I usually find I get to about 2000 gold before I go back, with absolutely no problems.

The Attack Damage marks and quintessences are to give Ezrael a massive advantage early game, and this allows you to give him a very offensive play style. Using these runes, combined with the Masteries and a Doran's Blade as first item, you gain about an extra 30 attack damage from base stats, and this is a very reasonable advantage.

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Masteries are made offensive. These masteries specialise in giving Ezrael maximum early game effect, with extra Armor Penetration, attack damage, life steal and attack speed.

I also tome the extra damage to Minions, to make farming a little easier for people that don't like to use Mystic Shot to farm.

In the utility tree, I spec for reduced time spent dead, and a tome for my Clairvoyance or Teleport, + the extra 2% movement speed and 20% increased jungle buff timer.
This gives Ezreal the advantage taking blue before level 6, and the tome for summoner spells comes into more effect mid-game.

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An explanation of Ezreal's Items in-depth:

Ionian Boots of Lucidity: I tend to take these early to give Ezreal a bit more of a farming advantage with his Mystic Shot. I find them to be more useful than other boots for Ezreal, but sometimes Beserker's Greaves are an advantage.

You should always take a Sheen directly after your normal boots. Sheen proc's on your Mystic Shot without having to auto-attack after the skill, and this makes the damage dealt much higher.

Bloodthirster: This is to give Ezreal an upper hand in team fights, allowing him to stand at a range and regen before he may be targeted. Furthermore, farming on Ezreal is made simple, so it's very easy to stack a bloodthirster in a matter of minutes.

Trinity Force: This gives Ezreal a bit of everything, and makes him a lot tankier. On top of that, he gains extra movement speed (Ezreal is slow if this is not spec'd into in Masteries), a bit of extra health and gives him some nice overall stats. Usually, a must have item.

Phantom Dancer: I don't really take this for the crit, as I don't like to spec Crit with Ezreal, but the extra movement speed and attack speed is great. It also fits very nicely with your passive.

Frozen Mallet: When you're surrounded by a ring of blue... and you have cooldown boots... how annoying do you think Ezreal becomes with this? With a cooldown of 2.6 seconds on the Mystic Shot, this is great for kiting, or chasing down victims.

Black Cleaver: Armor reduction per hit (max 3 stacks). Great against squishies and a good last item if you don't need to counter.

You should always use your last two item slots to start countering the most fed players on their team. 99% of the time, this is usually necessary.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a great spell for starting a sneak attack on another champion in mid lane.
They never expect a double flash. >.>

Clairvoyance is your 2nd summoner spell and is great for lining up your ultimate on the injured recaller.

Clairvoyance is not always necessary, and sometimes Flash is not either.
If you are looking for an alternative set of Summoner Spells, I sometimes like to take Teleport and Heal.

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If you can build Ezrael to this sort of standard and keep him in the line of fire, you usually get fed in the first 10 minutes. Keeping your distance when firing your ultimate is also a must... your battlecry can alert your enemies and gives them time to move.

Thanks for reading my guide.
I hope it helped!