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League of Legends Build Guide Author BRODEEZY


BRODEEZY Last updated on August 17, 2010
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= = = = = =
= = = = = =
Welcome to BRODEEZY’S guide on learning how to play Amumu properly :). First and foremost, people are welcome to disagree with my build and try and prove that their builds our better – however, I will be open to any discussion on such matters so instead of coming in and yelling “LOLSUXX,” try and prove me wrong ^^.

Bromumu build is a build that focuses on stacking HP while getting a large amount of +AP to get an extra +2% on your despair ticks, making it 4.7% of the enemies HP gone a second. That is huge. I am able to take down an entire teams HP by around 60-70% each time I initiate after popping my ult and tantrum-spam, allowing my teams carries to clean up and even myself to get lots of kills. I am practically untouchable 1v1 with this build at its peak, and I am able to farm like no other.

I find full armor+magicresist+HP builds are not as effective as my build. Amumu does not have a taunt and should not assume he will be targeted first. Because of this, Amumu is able to put out insane damage before it is his turn to get burned down – and that is the key to Amumu. The items I list will give you lots of HP for survivability and lots of AP to pump out damage without even having to right click an enemy. Zhonyas allows you to get a huge damage boost on Despair while also makes you able to render yourself invulnerable for a period of time just incase you do get targeted after initiation.

= = = = = =
.:x:Summoner Skills
= = = = = =

Ghost : Flash. End of discussion.

= = = = = =
= = = = = =

I run 9/21/0,

1/3 Deadliness
3/3 Archmage’s Savvy
4/4 Sorcery
1/1 Archaic Knowledge

3/3 Resistance
3/3 Hardiness
4/4 Evasion
1/1 Nimbleness
3/3 Hardened Skin
4/4 Veteran’s Scars
2/3 Ardor
1/1 Tenacity

= = = = = =
.:x:Skill Order
= = = = = =
.:1. Tantrum
.:2. Bandage Toss
.:3. Tantrum
.:4. Despair
.:5. Tantrum
.:6. Curse of the Sad Mummy
.:7. Tantrum
.:8. Tantrum (MAX)
.:9. Despair
.:10. Despair
.:11. Curse of the Sad Mummy
.:12. Despair
.:13. Despair (MAX)
.:14. Bandage Toss
.:15. Bandage Toss
.:16. Curse of the Sad Mummy (MAX)
.:17. Bandage Toss
.:18. Bandage Toss (MAX)

Very standard build. Level 1 tantrum to start last hitting creeps as early as possible, level 2 Bandage toss to initiate and gank right from the get-go. Then it’s all about Tantrum/Despair for AoE destruction.

= = = = = =
.:x:Item Build!
= = = = = =
Starting Items
Sapphire Crystal+2 Health Pots --> This allows for lots of early tantrum last hits, plain and simple. You need to get the kills.

Catalyst the Protector
Boots of Speed

Rod of the Ages --> a great HP+AP item. The earlier you get this the better.
Mercenary Treads --> The obvious tank choice. Ninja tabi can be argued, but in my build I get dodge seals. I will explain more about this later on.

That is the core of my build. An early RoA assures you will have a very viable amount of HP mid game aswell as a great start on your ability power. Now comes the somewhat tricky part. This build relies on getting as much AP as possible while still being able to tank enough damage to get lots of despair ticks and tantrums off. This means you will have to be somewhat situational with your items.

= = =
1a. (AD Heavy opposition)
= = =
Given the scenario that you are up against a very AD heavy team, I proceed to get these two next items first!

Sunfire Cape --> Now, many Amumu builds will assume stacking these is the best option because it will give you a bunch of different AoE ticks. This is a bad strategy and is not Bromumu style. You will get no hugs with this strat. As a rule of thumb, never get more than one Sunfire Cape.

Rylais Sceptre --> A great item with high ability power, high +HP, and a great effect that slows enemies. The slow DOES work with despair, as well as the rest of your skills.

= = =
1b. (AP Heavy opposition)
= = =
However, if they are an AP heavy team, ignore Sunfire completely and get

Abyssal Sceptre --> This item will give you a decent amount of AP as well as magic resist and the ability to lower your opponents magic resist. This is an all around valuable item, if not just for the M.Resist alone.

Rylais Sceptre --> A great item with high ability power, high +HP, and a great effect that slows enemies. The slow DOES work with despair, as well as the rest of your skills.

= = =
1c. (Well balanced opposition)
= = =
Given the case that they are a very well rounded team, you simply get all of the items listed above. Go RoA->Merc Treads->Sunfire Cape->Abyssal->Rylais.

= = =
Final item
= = =

The last item I choose to get is the Zhonyas ring.

Zhonyas --> Some will argue agaisnt Zhonyas. However, without Zhonyas, you will not get to the bonus +2% on despair making it 4.7% of their HP gone a second. That's HUGE. The other added bonus is Zhonyas ability. You are able to bandage in, pop your ult, tantrum spam, and have despair procs tick and then use Zhonyas totally messing with the enemy team. You will not be able to be targeted and killed while your despair ticks destroy the enemy team.

In some cases that you are farming like a bro and have not died much but have gotten plenty of kills and assists, I will sometimes skip either sunfire or abyssal and go straight to Rylais+Zhonyas. This should only occur if you are having no problems with survivability.

= = = = = =
= = = = = =
Simply put:

3x Greater Quintessence of Insight (5.67 Magic Penetration)
9x Greater Mark of Insight (8.55 Magic Penetration)
9x Greater Glyph of Insight (5.13 Magic Penetration)
9x Greater Seal of Evasion (6.75 Dodge)

My runes are heavily focused on Magic Penetration for the sole purpose that this build is built on despair ticks, tantrum spasm, and having one kickass ultimate. Since there are no viable magic penetration items for Amumu, but there are a plethora of HP, armor, and M. resist items, I find it quite useless to get any of those runes especially come late game.

Now comes the topic of the dodge runes. I choose to get dodge runes because although it may interfere with tantrum every now and then, I find it is more of a lifesaver than anything. The 6.75% allows you to skip out on the usefulness of a Tabi, does not have such a high rate that you will be mistiming your tantrums, and at the same time will proc if you are getting attack spammed by a 893217498% attack rate master Yi allowing you to tick away at his life for a longer period of time.

= = = = = =
= = = = = =

- Amumu is a great farmer, but needs to get a lot of early cash. Do not be afraid to use tantrum to get last hits if you are not comfortable headbutting your way to high CK. Try and aim to get more than one kill with tantrum though, as you will have less mana issues as you learn to time them effectively. If a creep is getting low, headbutt a different one to bring another nearby minion down so you can finish them both off with a tantrum

- You should always be the one to initiate team fights. You need to get your ulti off, have your despair ticks going, and your tantrum spammed before the enemy team spreads out. Turn despair on, bandage toss in, pop your ulti and spam tantrum as fast as you can.

- Blue buff is great for Amumu. It allows him to keep despair on constantly aswell as allowing his ult to return faster removing the need to buy CDR items or runes. Try and get it as much as possible. Amumu benefits from blue buff greater than most champions because Amumu’s ultimate is gamechanging.

- Because I do not stack armor or magic resist, you need to use your flashes and ghosts effectively. Never use flash to initiate or chase. That is what your bandage toss is for. If you are not able to hit them properly, learn. If you get in a dangerous situation, you need to pop your Zhonyas in the case that you are getting burned down, and time a flash to get out of there.

= = = = = =
= = = = = =

I generally do not promote going junglemumu for the reason that it forces you into item builds that are not completely optimal for team fights. Not only do a lot of builds force you into stacking sunfire capes to get as many neutrals as soon as possible, it also makes you stray away from getting RoA as a first item. The earlier you get RoA, the better. I cannot stress that enough. I usually have my RoA by the 13 minute mark, so it’s fully effective by around 27-28 minutes. If you don’t start getting it till about the 15-20 minute mark, which is the case in a jungle build if you even get it at all, then it is not fully effective until late-game.

It is my firm belief that Bromumu is best played as an AP+HP stacker. There are lots of great AP+HP items out there, and many of them benefit Bromumu greatly and will net you lots of hugs. However, junglemumu forces you away from such a build which is why I strongly suggest letting a hero like Shaco, Udyr, or WW take jungle and assume the role of a carry. Amumu is a great laner with tantrum, so throwing him in the jungle is totally unnecessary. Let him hug his friends and lane with someone.

= = = = = =
.:Final Words
= = = = = =

I have crunched numbers, done tests, and found that this is by far my favourite way to play Amumu. People will disagree without trying it, but I strongly suggest you give it a go for a few games – get the hang of it and then come back to me. There are a few AP Amumu builds out there now, and that is great. However, a lot of them do not have an optimal build order. I believe I have figured out the best way to play AP Amumu, which in turn created BROMUMU. He’s here to get hugs and make friends forever. Thanks for reading.

Any constructive criticism or discussion is welcomed and appreciated.