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Ezreal Build Guide by davidini5

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author davidini5

Bruiser Ezreal

davidini5 Last updated on June 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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- changed runes in a more defens way
- took out the infinity edge and took frozen mallet for extra slow
- sheen bought before pheage now


- ty to all brought me in the top 5 ezreal guides ^^


-u can not longer initiate with ure ult.. ^^ why hasnt some of yoz seen that before? XD

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Welcome too my first League of Legends Guide!!

Before start reading :

U should mention that this is my first guide so pls subscribe it and tell em if u like it (or not ^^) Im really sry for my broken English but this isnt my favorite language ;D


u can play it ranked and normal

Before some of u think :" who the **** is that silly and plays an offtank ezreal" or "this isnt dealing damage" or "u die in under 3 sec" should really try it before think it is ****

But first sth. about me <--

My Name is David im 16 years old and playing Leauge Of Legends since about 2 years now. I have over 3000 games and think im skilled enough too share u my guides now ... ^^

Pls guys dont commentate or vote if u are to silly to understand what this guy want to tell u. this is that ezreal is playabel as tank top andhe is also very nice with it!
and DONT say in commentary sth about carry ez needs more damage or atmos is usless casue u cant carry the team.

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How did i got on the idea to make an Ezreal Guide??

like the most really important things in our life it was
- coincidence
I made an ranked game said i go ad carry picked ez than we got in game and my tank got an dc ... so i had to go top against an jax and i thought : " u have no chance against this guy" i of couse didnt played bruiser ez there this idea was founded later . i played normal ad ezreal and i saw that jax just had no chance. he couldnt farm and i could harras him with my crit runes and my born damage hard. he had too go back and i was overfarmed now. when i came back he had really no more chance and i killed him with my massive damage output. we finally won the game 4v5 casue i was very fed and i could help the others with ult and def my own lane with it when i was back.

After this game i thought a bit how i could win this:
- i was farmed
- i harrassed Jax wihout giving him a possiblity to get in game
- i was ungankabel with my e and flash
- he couldnt push cause my ult
- i had massive damage also he played offtank
- my ult gave me extra gold from supports

So i got the idea to play him top than i thought that it would be more nice if i play him tanky so he isnt dieing too often. I did some bot games to get the "best stuff" searched for guides in the I-net (didnt found some) and than i tried it in some normal games and had a nice game in all games also against 2 in lane. than i tried my luck in ranked and ****ed the opponent morde away that hard , that he left the game after 25 min i had over 80 farm more than him and at the end my score was (20/1/15) in ranked. Cause there is no guide about offtank ezreal i thought that it would be nice to share it with u.


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Why did i took magic resist runes?

with that magic resist runes u are abel to stay in every teamight in the enemy team. Its mainly thought to block the most of the aoe damage of the enemy carry

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Why did i took this build?

I start with Boots and 1 Health Pot and 2 Mans pots.
I take the boots because u often have to plaz against melee enemys and it isn't nice if they getting u. I took 2 mana pots because u need rue mana too harras and also sometimes to farm for example in ure own tower.

Ure main aim is to farm and this is pretty easier with a wriggles lantern and its also easier to escape ganks if u have warded the lane . With the lifesteal bonus u also get the possibility to stay longer at lane for example stay at tower and heal up with ure "Q". U see this item is really important in early game but i sell it when i have fullstuff and get a
bloodthurster or an frozen mallet. I also counterjungle often the enemy red or blue or ure red and blue depends on which side u are

I took mercury boots because of its great passi and casue this build is mainly anti-ad but
u also have to fight magicans with much ap damage.

After u getting ure mercury boots u are ready to get the

core item

trinity force!
With tribity force u should play much more aggressive u can takedown the carrys in
teamfights farm better and slow the enemys down

With warmog u get a hard hp increase and u are now tanks enoug to stay in all 5 enemys without dieing and ure team can take down them.

Atmas gives u more crit chance and MUCH damage and armor!
After atmas frozen mallet ends the build. U can also take trinity before atmas or before mallet ifs but I prefer it at last item.

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I took 0/29/1
too get Ezreal really tanky and robust at top lane. he dont have to go back the whole time and is abel too stay in teamfgiths and initiate. U also get more gold for supports what is very usefull becasue of ure ultimate.

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Summoner Spells

I took Flash for more mobility in teamfights and at laning and Teleport becasue u are more squisy than other tanks at start and so u have to go back more often. U also can gank more nice with this and u are abel to do an ulti tp combo on an other lane for extra damage.

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Ranked Play

First thing u have to mention is that the other top
Is more tanks than u and kill u in less
Than 5 sec if he gets u! That's why tank ezreal is really one of the hardest ezreal guides. If u wanna win ure lane don't let him
Get u just harras him permanent with ure skillshots or with autoattacks if he is low life enough u can try kill and the most important thing is FARM that's ure biggest advantage against nearly all tops
But against such hard enemys like go or garen u always have to care. So my main tip is just hold him on range. If u have no more mana or u are low life just port b u have tp Abd he cant destroy tower cause of youre ultimate. Use ure ultimate also on other lanes to get supports or as an initiate
In teamfights just go in the enemy team goth ure e and slow them with w than use some skillshots on the carrys. If u see u can not longer Stay in go out and staz in rage than ure ult can finish lucky enemys or u use ult at start of fight.

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Pros / Cons

+ much gold because of farming
+ finishing up with ulti
+ fast with extra flash (e)
+ harassing on lane
+ very nice endgame
+ nice initiate
+ slow and movement buff
+ counters nearly all solo top melees

- bad early
- low hp in early
- looses 1 v 1 fights at lane against tankys

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Creeping / Jungling

I also counterjungle sometimes if:

-Ure lane is pushed
-the jungler gangs other lane