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Leona Build Guide by Palmete

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Palmete

Build Leona 4.21 Both sun is never good for skill

Palmete Last updated on December 18, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Leona with this build

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Leona has some of the highest CC in the game, high damage due to her passive, and gets extremely tanky with just a few items. Her weaknesses are her very weak early game (especially the first two levels), her susceptibility to die to ganks since she has to commit 100% to fights, and has no escapes.

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Exhaust + Flash

As Leona, you are not terribly useful after you do your full combo. Using exhaust to lock down the enemy ADC and slow them so you can stick to them with your auto-attacks is usually more effective than ignite would be. Flash is always necessary.

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0/9/21 is a fairly normal support runepage, and although Leona is a tank that benefits from going farther into the defense tree, usually the Gold,CDR and movement speed from the utility tree help out more. If you are against an especially poke based lane (such as Corki/Karma as an example), go 0/16/14 and grab Evasive(reduce 4% AOE magic dmg).

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take the most efficient tank stats in every rune slot. Fairly straightforward.

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Annie is a strong lane bully, but due to her lack of mobility and lack of tank stats Leona can kill Annie if she gets out of position at all.

It basically comes down to the fact that Annie cannot initiate on Leona without the counter-engage from Leona destroying her.

Try to avoid taking harass until you are level 3, and then all in her.

Jinx and all other ADC's without escapes are easy to abuse with Leona. Their lack of mobility makes hitting your skill shots on them much easier than usual, and allows you to CC them to death fairly easily.

Try to avoid taking harass until you are level 3, and then all in her.

Karma's extremely strong harass early game allows her to dominate Leona early game. Her high range Q and very high damage allows her to bully down Leona extremely effectively. If Leona does manage to initiate on to Karma, a Mantra'ed Focus Resolve allows her to gain back a large amount of her health very quickly, and kite Leona down.

Sona has strong harass early, but her lack of tankiness and mobility makes her easy pickings for Leona.

Try to avoid taking harass until you are level 3, and then all in her.

This is a skill matchup, but Thresh has three advantages over Leona.
His range allows him early harassing, which lets him abuse Leona during her first few weak levels. His Flay allows a thresh with decent reaction times to be able to stop Leona's Zenith Blade from bringing her onto him. Thresh's Lantern makes it so Leona cannot effectively initiate on the ADC, as he is able to reposition and kite Leona.

Leona does out scale Thresh, and can attempt to kill Thresh at level 6 due to her ult.

Try to avoid taking harass until you are level 3, and then ATTEMPT to all in him.

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ith Leona you ideally want someone who can farm from long range early game, and is able to all in with you effectively.
The ideal candidate for this is Ezreal, since he can farm with Q during Leona's weak early levels, and can combo with her effectively during later levels.
Lucian is another strong candidate, due to his high mobility and damage. His strong early game damage also allows you to fight effectively early game.

Try to avoid weak ADC's without high burst, such as Vayne.

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Against most lanes, Leona's weak first few levels and immobility makes it so you are forced into letting the enemy lane push onto your turret early game. Try to take as little harass as possible during these levels, until you are around level 3 or 4. At this point you should be using your partners trinket or your ward, and then attempting to all in the enemy lane. Your tankiness and cc makes you an extremely strong duelist, as long as you can avoid being kited too hard. Make sure you know where the enemy jungle is before you force anything too hard, as Leona is very prone to being camped by good enemy junglers.

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Leona is extremely strong at roaming, especially against immobile enemy champions. If the enemy has an immobile mid lane champion such as an Orianna I would focus your roaming on them, as your ult should be able to force a Flash out of them (or kill them) very easily. Ask your mid laner where the enemy has warded and attempt to come from an unexpected side. Flashing over dragon wall to get behind their ward is often an effective strategy, if you know your gank will work!

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You should be clearing wards around objectives and using their lack of vision to force teamfights upon the enemy team as much as possible.
If that isn't as viable option you should be grouping with your team and attempting to do whatever you can. Basically just constantly look for a beneficial fight for your team wherever possible. Try to make calls for your team so they know what your game plan is!

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You are the primary initiater, and you should be looking for easy immobile champions first (such as an Orianna or Jinx). Decide before hand who you are going to focus based on how fed they are and how easy it is for your team to kill them. Going for the enemy ADC is often the right choice, but it is very situational.

Use your ult at the beginning of the fight, attempting to stun the target you have decided upon. Follow it up with your E into your Q, and then activate your W. You are the tank and should be absorbing as much damage as possible at this point, but don't just stand there. You should either be actively auto-attacking or attempting to lead them into (or possible away) from your team. Use your spells on cooldown, and attempt to peel for your allies after this point, as it is likely that you will not be focused.

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