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League of Legends Build Guide Author Restrictnine#5232

Bulky Warwick Jungle

Restrictnine#5232 Last updated on October 14, 2010
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Utility: 10

Acronyms you may run across in this guide
B - Blue Pill back to base
AA - Auto attack
AP - Ability Power
AD - Attack Damage
AS - Attack Speed
LS - Life Steal
DoT - Damage over Time
MS - Movement Speed
CC - Crowd Control, aka Stuns, Slows, Snares, etc.
DPS - Damage per second, refers to damage carries like Xin Zhao , Kog'Maw , and Tristana , just to name a few.
QQ - Whine, *****, rage, troll, etc.

Warwick is a very interesting champ. Not because of his skills, although his skills are indeed unique. It is not because of his passive, although his passive is one of my favorites. No, it is because of the sort of cult following that he gets. Many people hate Warwick, as he is just your basic hack and slash champion that "requires no skill". On the other side, I know so many people that absolutely swear by Warwick, including DEWO. I am in there as well. Warwick came in the collector's package, and i thought nothing of it. In fact, up until about a month ago, I wasn't even aware i OWNED Warwick. I was getting bored of playing one main, Udyr, and decided to pick up a new champion. I just happen to love jungling, So Warwick was as good a choice as any. I have to be honest, i had pretty low expectations. Surprise! Warwick is incredibly fun, one of the best if not THE best jungler in the game, and his early ganking mechanics make him virtually uncounterable in the early laning phase. People may QQ about his poor late game, but this is where my guide comes in. =P Adding defensive items to Warwick is a brilliant idea, and often times catches people offguard. "Why isn't Warwick dying??" Well my friends, I shall unlock the secret for you.


  • Very fast jungling, only compounded by Madred's Razors
  • In my opinion, one of the best ganks in the game. Right up there with an experienced Amumu or Shaco, just to name some of the classic gankers.
  • Takes little experience to learn, lots of experience to master
  • A surprisingly versatile champion throughout the game, and can actually be used in an offtank manner, IF it is absolutely needed.
  • If he can defeat Urf the Manatee, he must be good.

  • Often times focused down early in team fights because of his ult.
  • Very one dimensional champ early game: he is really only effective in the jungle. Personally, I think a Warwick that doesn't jungle is a Warwick wasted.
  • Pure DPS Warwick can be incredibly squishy.
  • Offtank Warwick can lack some of the damage that people crave in natural DPS champs.
  • He defeated Urf the Manatee, whom was my favorite champ. ::RAGE::

Summoner Skills Explanation

Suggested Summoner Skills

Smite - This is your bread and butter for ANY jungler, but especially for Warwick. Warwick is a pretty fast jungler to begin with, but adding Smite just makes Warwick even faster. Required.

Flash - This is my personal preference, partly because of DEWO's guide, and partly because having ghost is pointless with a skill like Blood Scent. At max levels, Blood Scent gives warwick 40% MS boost, as long as a champ within 4700 range of him is below half health. This is a HUGE range, so basically post-team fights, Warwick is guaranteed a relatively permanent ghost. Flash also gives you that extra bit of extension when ganking with his ultimate.

Other Options

Ghost - This is the replacement for Flash if people just really like to outrun any character in the game. Improved ghost in the Utility Masteries tree plus Blood Scent makes Warwick one of the best chasers/runners in the game. Right up there with Nidalee and Kassadin in my opinion.

Exhaust - This is kind of viable, as it allows you to chase someone down, but it is less desirable than Flash and Ghost.

Clairvoyance - If you are super paranoid about the other team's picks, you can switch out flash with this bad boy. This is purely for Draft Mode games, and quite honestly, isn't all that necessary on Warwick. Still a decent choice, however.

I tend to avoid the other summoner skills with Warwick, as they have little to no effect on the potential of Warwick's gameplay.

Core Item Build

Cloth Armor, Health Potion x2, and sight ward are what you should really start out with on Warwick, or any LS jungler. Warwick has enough LS to reliably keep his health up with only two Health Potions. The other three most people would buy usually went to waste when I used that build.

Madred's Razors - You want this item first on Warwick, because it does him a world of good and cuts his Dragon time almost in half. Pushing lanes becomes incredibly easy as well, if any of your teammates are in need of help.

Berserker's Greaves - The typical DPS boot, Warwick can never have too much attack speed... Well. Actually he can. but that's because the stupid AS cap won't let him have more. Le sigh.

Madred's Bloodrazor - This item should really be called Warwick's Bloodrazor. Each hit of his ult procs the passive, and this is where his huge damage comes from. A must have for any Warwick.

Wit's End - This item and Last Whisper are interchangable, but should not be used together. If the other team has a large amount of mana users, go wit's end. I also like that it gives out a little MR too.

Last Whisper - same as Wit's End. Both useable but not together. If the team has a lot of non-mana users such as Shen, Vladimir, or Garen, wit's end is relatively useless. Last Whisper is the other option, and is quite helpful with taking down those annoying tanks.

Banshee's Veil - Most people like to keep building DPS, but i often like to go bulky at this point. This item is invaluable for Warwick, as his ult is countered by any hard CC. With the passive, one CC is avoided, meaning Warwick is that much more likely to complete his ult. Plus it gives great health and MR.

Randuin's Omen - This item is just overkill. If you get this far, you should won already. If you didn't, you are definitely the hard carry.

Optional Items

Mercury's Treads - This is my defensive Warwick boot. When the team has heavy CC, i always go this boot. Zerk greaves are far too offensive for teams like that. The MR is really helpful too.

Force of Nature - This is my favorite MR item, because of all the funsies it gives you. 8% MS, great MR, and INCREDIBLE health regen that just makes Warwick broken.

Frozen Heart - This item is great to counter that fed DPS that Warwick needs to take down. The head start of Infinite Duress plus frozen heart's passive should give you the edge... Not to mention the 99 armor it comes with.

Frozen Mallet - Gotta love this item. Ghost giving you issues? Need some more health? This item is for you. It makes chasing enemies even easier, and since your ult procs items, they are slowed from the start, making their escape impossible without Flash.

The Bloodthirster - This is a very strange item because of its stacks. Very easy to lose, but pretty easy to gain, since Warwick and his [hunters call make for a great creep control combination. At maximum stacks, Warwick gains 100 Damage and 25% LS. Just amazing.

The Black Cleaver - Because your Ult procs items, Your target will have max stacks of this before he even knows what to do. This makes your damage output even better, and everything is just downhill for the enemy from there.

Jungle Section




Like most other Junglers, this is the only route for Warwick. 1-5, standard stuff. What's great about Warwick, however, is that you can very easily take someone down with the help of red buff and Hunters Call. Team AoE AS boost plus slow? I'm disappointed if you dont get a kill. Here are your best options after the first round of camps is done:
  1. Jungle in the enemy jungle, which is risky
  2. Cover a lane for someone that died/needs to shop/needs to B
  3. Gank a lane... again. [preferably the solo top lane]

You can go back if you really want to, because it can be justified by getting Madred's Razors, so if you really want to wait until level 6 to gank, go back instead and shop, because it will make you jungle much faster, and reduce your vulnerability when going dragon [6]. As the small creep camps spawn, run through those again to keep them on spawn time. If the other team has no Junglers, you can also jungle in their forest. Just be careful of wards, as any good team will make sure to ward their buffs, and often times dragon as well.

Skills Explanation

Hungering Strike - This is your deal breaker. You want to keep this on cooldown if possible in team fights, because it does some good damage and heals you for a lot. I put into this at level 2, but max it first.

Hunters Call - This is how you start jungling. Hungering strike is weak at level 1, so it is pretty ineffective for starting with when you jungle. Hunters Call procs your passive faster, so you heal much more at level 1, which is really the only time you are vulnerable.

Blood Scent - This skill is great. at max levels, if gives you 40% MS boost, which lets you chase like a boss. if their team is chasing you, usually the whole team does. This means that anyone below 50% is letting you run faster, which makes you LOL because if they weren't chasing you, the rest of their team could catch you easy. Caution: When you die, Blood Scent is turned off. Make sure to toggle it back on when you respawn.

Infinite Duress - Your ult is an amazing ganking tool, as well as an amazing anti-carry skill. You can flash -> ult in for a gank and it's pretty much a free kill. in team fights if you wait for the initiate, you can ult to their carry and have your team focus that person while they are stunned. One of my favorite ults.

Level 6

I couldn't help but make a special section for Warwick. If there is any character that I get excited about at level 6, its Warwick. His ult is the BEST ganking tool in the game, other than MAYBE red buff. I literally go tank as soon as i have his ult. It is that good. For ganks, here is the combo I like to use, and feel is pretty standard:
  1. Blood Scent - Make sure this is OFF before you get near the lane. Tipping the enemy off if they have low health can ruin the gank before you get anywhere near them.
  2. Flash - If needed.
  3. Infinite Duress - Your opener to proc that lizard buff you have.
  4. Hungering Strike - To take an extra chunk out of their health.
  5. Blood Scent - Turn this bad boy back on.
  6. Hunters Call - To increase the damage output and let your teammates help out more.

NOTE: if your teammate has any hard CC, make sure they use it just after Infinite Duress, to keep the enemy stunlocked. Even soft CC is nice. But that is the time to do it.

If you aren't ganking, and just going 1v1, i suggest this:

  1. Hunters Call - To make you more dangerous.
  2. Hungering Strike - To heal and damage.
  3. Infinite Duress - For when you start getting a little low on health and want to turn the tables.
  4. Hungering Strike - When it comes of cooldown.
  5. Flash - If needed.

    Runes Explanation

    greater mark of desolation greater quintessence of desolation

    greater mark of desolation - At first, I thought that AS runes were ideal for early jungling opportunity. They still are, but once you leave the jungle, it doesn't help you nearly as much as ArPen runes. This greatly increases your damage output, and sacrifices a little AS that isn't needed after getting Recurve Bow for Madred's Bloodrazor

    Greater Seal of Scaling Magic Resist - Most people take dodge, but i prefer MR per level. Dodge runes are good, but they arent THAT important on Warwick. I prefer to bulk up his MR so he can tank a little better late game.

    Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - This is really the only plausible option i saw. It was either MR per level or Cooldown Reduction, and since Warwick doesnt really rely on his skills that much, I went with MR per level to make him even bulkier.

    greater quintessence of desolation - This makes up for the lack of Armor Penetration marks, but still places a priority on AS boost. It gives a nice balance to the rune page. I also often times go Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed if i just really want that AS.

    Play Style

    Since Jungling is your early game, i will move on to explain mid and late game.

    Mid Game
    This is when you do more of a team ganking thing. Pretty self explanatory. Keep your buffs up, don't really bother with small creeps, get dragon at spawn, and open ganks with your combo as well as whatever your team has to offer. Tower diving with your team is optional, but ill-advised if the other team has more than two people to defend.

    Late Game
    You have your Madred's Bloodrazor and whatever else you went with. You will most likely have some defensive items to keep you alive in fights. Once your tank initiates, wait maybe one second for the fight to start, then ult to their hard carry and try to take them out. If your team is good at all, they will follow your lead. Pinging your target helps too. Taking out their hard carry is important, and can easily change the tide of a team battle, and even the game. after taking out the hard carry, you can either stay and fight, or if your health is low, you can go jungle to get your health back, and if the fight is still going on go back in for more, or you can even run around to pick up the straglers that proc'd your Blood Scent. If you are pushing, save your Hunters Call for attacking towers, because a full team with 40% AS boost can eat towers for breakfast, even without minions.

    End Notes: Thanks to SixSonatas and DEWO for giving me great input and guidance to create this build. This is my third build, as well as my third updated build. Worked very hard on this one, and i hope you guys like it! I am open for criticism, but please. No trolling. If you vote, please comment as well!

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