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League of Legends Build Guide Author TremoXcore

Bullets hurt the face

TremoXcore Last updated on January 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my build on how to make cait a real tank destroyer. Most people use cait for abilitys but shes best made as a striker in my opinion. So in lue of that i released this build vote rate comment :).

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Pros / Cons

- Can rip through tanks like there armor was nothing
- Can take down a turret extremely fast for late game back doors
- If you know how to use net trap combo they have a hard time catching you
- Insane range on her ultimate
- Going striker you utilize her 7th attack better
- Great for being in the back lines during champion battles
- Great early harrassment

- Late game is squishy
- Cannot carry a game by herself
- Her trap and net are weaker with this build
- Cannot handle most 1v1 inless you know how to utilize her skills

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I went for the basic striker masteries for the most part with a bit in defense some of you may go


. This is because the health regen and a bit of armor mixed with two dorans blades early game helps keep you in the lane longer. More gold more exp also later on it helps make's you not die as fast with manamune. You could put a point in with ghost but you don't really need too. This is cause part of the tactic ill explain later in strategy.

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Alright so i choose the following runes for these reasons:

Greater mark of might: I find the per level runes are the best cause there constantly giving you bonus's. I choose this cause it will help start of the game hitting them harder Since your Peacemaker and Ace in the hole run off of attack power. I found that this will make you scary expecially early game head shots.

Greater seal of alacrity: I choose these for a bit of extra attack speed for the last hit creep kills. Also so you can get a head shot off quicker early game from the bush's to keep your enemys suppressed at there turret and can get head shot quicker outside of bush's.

Greater glyph of furor: These are for a bit of extra critical strike damage because headshot is based off of what you would normally do + 150% or 200% damage depending on what you hit its 150% for champions so if you crit with 150% damage increase the damage outputs insane and since your more of a auto attacker why not throw crit in there.

Greater quintessence of swiftness: I find these best help you early game and even late game for catching that person trying to run away. Also helps a bit with getting away and your enemy's won't be the wiser. Mixed with traps and nets you pretty much golden to get away.

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Summoner Spells

Teleport: This is great for back dooring late game also helps when your ally needs a quick snipe on someone running away. Your insane range if you teleport close to them there not getting away you can always do the ward trick in bush's too. Also helps with the 2 doran's blades (will explain in items).

Ghost: This is personally up to you i enjoy this skill for my combo run method you throw on ghost use your net to push you back to give you a head start and that usually does the trick. If they are still chasing you, you can also try planting a trap where you are it should snare the opponent.

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Skill Sequence

Peacemaker: you focus on peace maker the most since it will be your most helpful tool all game it does good damage and you can hit multiple enemy's with it (with a damage decrease but at least you hit them). Try to max this ability as soon as possable.

Yordle trap: This move has its upsides such as the stun and sight on the enemy with a bit of damage. I find one point in this till you have to works great so you have that sight on your enemys and helps you escape a bit but not really your best tool.

90 Cal Net: This is great for running away and slowing your enemy's its also great for a combo attack with your w and q. This will help you escape the other people competing for the bush's such as garen. Also helps you escape someone such as rammus by waiting last second and net push back run from him.

Ace in the hole: This ability is just beautiful with its insane range. What you will want to do if it looks like someone is running and might get away and there nearly dead i find you net off to the side quickly or run. Somewhere someone can't see you and then launch off this attack and most of the time people won't see it comming to block it.

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Now onto the items this will explain why i get the items i do:

Dorans blade: I start off with this for the health the life steal and that extra bit of damage. I tend to go back and get a second one because most people don't expect you to have that much health and it just helps keep you alive. Also with teleport you can get it quick and be back in the battle before they even know it.

Boot's of swiftness: I find these help you with your insane range to get that one last hit early game before they make it to the turret. It also helps you escape since you are squishy i find they are the most useful. Sorc shoes don't help since your two most important abilitys are based off of attack damage not ability power. If you find you don't have enough attack speed though you can switch them up with beserker greaves. I personally don't think they do the trick for me but might for you.

Manamune: This is really any cait's bread and butter it solves your mana problem while giving you that needed attack damage just a beautiful item for cait all around. It's the only item i say every cait should have.

Madred's bloodrazor: I find this item has great tank damage output to keep them at bay or even kill them ;). Also helps you eliminate creep with the pre item to farm cash faster. This item just scares enemy's that cait decides to attack head on with.

Hextech gunblade: It gives you some attack power and ability power to strengthen all your attacks in one swift go. Also gives you life steal for your basic attack and spell vamp for your ability's you use. So it strengthens all your attacks and it also gives you some life steal properity to make you a bit stronger. Also its active will slow them down a bit if there running to get the Ace in the hole shot off.

Black cleaver: Now it gives attack speed + some attack damage which is just amazing expecially with your range and items. This makes them even weaker and remember you have more range then most of the champions in the game so this works beautiful. Reducing there armor mixed with everything else just pumps out some insane damage.

Blood Thirster: This gives great damage increase and also gives you some life steal to help keep you in the battle longer. It also helps with your Q and R ability's so i highly recommend this if you can't find a end too the battle

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Early Game:

You have good range but cait is better suited for a side lane so choose one and run straight for it or teleport if you choose. I like to save my teleport for my second dorans dagger. What you will want to do is shoot your Q into the bush then if you hear it hit wait for your partner and decide. As soon as you can get in those bush's inless your enemy is staying far away farm minions from the bush and when they come to close hit them with a AA. Also every headshot try to shoot your enemys with it. Once you get your net some of the combo can start if they start running at you in the bush cause they have more ability's now. Net them and right after follow up with Q this will prove to deal a decent amount of damage to your enemy.

Mid Game:

Now you should be teleporting around going for headshots and sniping other enemys from bush's and helping your allies out. The best combo you can use now is run forward towards your enemy hopefully they run at you too then you throw a trap a bit behind your enemy then net them to push you back and then use your Q if done right they will walk into the trap trying to run after you net them holding them in place for your Q. Remember to try to go off to the side if your going to use your ult it gives you a better chance of hitting them without the pesky champs in the way.

Late Game:

Depending on how the fights going this will be a time to shine. If your losing its time to put that teleport to good use. Teleport somewhere the enemy can't see you but close to the front lines this is incase there trying to hold off the creep don't want to get jumped. If your creeps already at a turret you can do the classic teleport to the turret and ding it before they get there. If your winning just try to stay behind your allies sniping the enemy any chance you can get if they try to sneak up behind you have a trap ready to snare them in the likely points. Also can use your net to escape over a wall and if you time it right you can slow the enemy too. Also you can turn around net them and start shooting them and hopefully your allies will come help out