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Rumble Build Guide by bearjew17

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bearjew17

Burn baby burn, rumble on fire

bearjew17 Last updated on June 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This build is pure ap. Rumble can put out a lot of damage, especially aoe damage and this build capitalizes on that. Since you are putting out so much damage I would suggest laning with someone aggressive. I've had a lot of success with Xin and Vayne, but that's because both are agreessive. I haven't gone mid much with him, but do not take the 2v1, he will get pushed back and does not have the range to counter this. All in all, let's get burning.

The bulk of this guide will come from learning to use the equalizer. It is probably the most difficult ult to use in the game, but that gives it the potential to be one of the best.

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I like to go with magic pen marks and I split the seals and glyphs between defense and cool downs. Gives him sustainability in lane and increased spamming along with the magic pen. Of all the champions, Rumble can probably spam moves the most and this helps that just a little more. Quints are health, just to give a little boost early game.

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I go the standard mage route with 9 in offense for the magic pen and then 21 in utility in particular for all the cooldowns. If you decide not to take exhaust then pick up a point in deadliness. In the offensive tree I took everything that didn't involve pure mana and needed one more so I choose cv. This last one makes no difference so pick up which ever one you want.

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Ap, Ap, Ap. Start off with an amplifying tomb and a pot. From there you can build into either you mejai's or crystal scepter. Pick up your boots and then start building everything else.

If you don't want to build mejai's: It's definitely understandable. Snowball items are a bit risky, bit I have found that I consistently get enough kills to make it worthwhile. Instead, just pick up a hextech revolver, probably after your third item. The build order would be crystal scepter, sorcerer's boot, rabadon's deathcap, hextech revolver, zhonya's hourglass, abyssal scepter, then hextech gunblade.

Rabadon vs crystal scepter: My order between these two items changes based on the game. As above, if I don't get a mejai's then I get crystal scepter first every time. If I do get mejai's then it becomes based on how well I am doing and how well the team is doing. I've found that rabadon's helps you snowball faster, so get it first if you are getting kills. If not then go with crystal scepter. It gives you hp which is always nice and turns your flamespitter into a slow, giving you three slows which can help pickup some extra kills.

Zhoyna's vs abyssal: pick up which ever one will help you more first. one is magic resist and the other is armor. I try and get zhoyna's first since it has more ap.

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Skill Sequence

Always get flamespitter and always get the equalizer. Flamespitter is your source of damage, while the equalizer is not only a great initiation move. After that pick up scrap shield when you can with a point in electro-harpoon at level 4.

Depending on how your enemies react, you lane combo will be slightly different. If your opponents are in the thick of your enemies then start out with flamespitter. If they attack you, then put on scrap shield and run away. If they don't attack then keep chasing until flamespitter runs out and then scrap shield away. If your opponents stand far away then you will have to scrap shield into them to use your flamespitter. This is the most dangerous tactic as it leaves you without a shield and without the extra speed. Learn the timing of your scrap shield so that you can do this as often as possible.

Electro-harpoon should be used to either harass, zone, get kills, or escape. Since it's virtually free to use like all of your skills, use it often. The best harass it offers is while the enemy is near their tower since has the longest range, but you can find other times to use it. When you use it to zone, this means keeping you enemy in a certain area instead of away from the minions. Shoot the harpoon just outside of the creeps and you enemy will have to stay near the creeps making their movements much more predictable. Using it to get kills is simple, just hit them while they are running away to slow them down. If you use it to escape, just hit your enemies and it slows them down.

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The equalizer

Easily the best move in his arsenal and probably one of the best in the game. Using it is a little tricky, but well worth the effort. You click on the start location and hold while choosing angle to launch it. When you let go it launches. If you want to cancel it while while you are holding your left click down, you have to right click while you are still holding the left click. I have launched it a few times because I let go of it before right clicking. To Start, the cooldown is really fast, especially at level 3, meaning you can basically spam it. The damage is pretty good, especially if they are idiots and decide to stand on the flames. The range is absolutely insane. You can be standing in any of the bushes near the lanes and launch it at anyone. Here are a couple of uses for it:

Attacking-a straight line from where they are standing to where they want to go. Hurts them, slows them, and allows you to come in. If they stay on it, then they stay slowed and keep taking damage. If they get off it then their path is a bit longer.

ganking-a straight line from where they are standing to where they want to go. Make sure you hit them with the initial strike. If you want a true gank then hit them before they can see you. They will be slowed, hurt, and in a bad position like before.

trap-Angle the rockets so that The rockets are behind the enemy. They will either stay in front of the rockets and be killed, or be slowed and hurt from the burn. You can try hitting them with the rockets, but they will likely run away and their friends can help. The biggest benefit of this is that their allies won't want to help them. One of best uses of this is when you are near their tower and they have a sense of security and step out a little too far.

Initiation-Hit as many of them with rockets as you can. Line them up and hit them hard. Make sure your allies know you are going in and you can get some quick kills on their squishies. If you have an initator like amumu or malphite, hit them with it right after you initiate.

Harass-Hit as many enemies as you can and line it up in the direction they want to run. This takes a bit of learning as you have to know where your opponents like to run. Some run back to the tower, while others run into the bushes, and others go to mid. If you take away their favorite option, then it will take them slightly longer to react meaning you get more harass. Do not use this if you want to gank or initiate soon. The best use of this is when you have a 1v2 and are getting pushed hard. If all your opponents do is stand in the bushes and wait to harass, then this is a great use. Just hit the entire bushes.

Free kill-this is my favorite use. If you have an enemy that is running away, Use the range to hit them from a ridiculously far distance. Remember that only the first rocket has to be within the given range, so your range is actually even more than you can see.

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Summoner Spells

I pick up exhaust and ignite because I like getting lots and lots of kills. Together with the crystal scepter, I have 4 slowing moves. Ignite just gives me the extra damage to get kills.

Other spells:
ghost-with scrap shield and electro-harpoon, escaping by running should already be safe.
flash-Probably your next option. Since you can flash through walls, it a good defensive spell.
Cleanse-Always a decent options, but it works better with other champions.