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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MonsterDog

Burnin Brand of Power

MonsterDog Last updated on May 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello if you are new to Brand then i suggest you to look at beginner guides cause this if for veterans (Beginners you may use this but it may be complicated). This guide will help you get way better in the ranks then probably any other guide you read today.This is a Ability power brand which i have took en the time to build so far i have done real good with it i have gotten best out of it was 18/2/20 because i listened to this guide that i made.This build has gotten me better and better at what i play with brand ever since i played him the first time i had to learn what i had to do with him and then i learned that i am better then before.

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The reason i used this runes was because it is the best.Brand needs magic penetration for all of his spells.Cooldown Reduction because he is a skill strategic character.And Mana Regeneration for mana he needs so he can continue.
Tier 3 runes are yes expensive but you SHOULD ONLY BUY RUNES AT LVL 30 OR ELSE YOU ARE WASTING IP.Buy Champions between lvl 1-25 and then save up ip so you can buy runes at lvl 30 for a head start or else you are going to have to play alot of games to get started.

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I used these masteries cause it is for brand at best. No other guide does this type because they know that this is the way to go for being number one. You guys may be thinkin i might be smart or stupid but trust me i am a brand man. I know what i am doin.Remember to stick with these masteries for brand at all time cause you will have good mana regen and remember you have clarity so make sure you use that when you are low on mana at early game.

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Summoner Spells

Go with clarity and ignite as your spells. Do that because it is the greatest and you need that. Clarity gives you the extra mana to go on and ignite kills the champions that are low on health. So if i were you go with this.Remember clarity refrehes you and your team the same amount of mana as you get so dont worry because your team gets a extra like 300+mana out of you now so your actually helping.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Ap is alot and the Magic penetration can get you through most champions at the beginning of the game. Mana Regen gets you through a good chunk at the beginning until you get the items later.Remember to sell ring so you have that extra slot for the last item on my list the build will let you live for a long time.
Cons: Veterans only know how to use this good.Beginners would not like it cause they would die probably every 5 seconds one they got into a fight.

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Team Work

Whenever you are in a teamfight make sure you kill the ones your team is attacking first.If i were you attack the squishy ones and the healers first. And then attack the tank cause if you attack tank then the squishy ones are going to get you and then your team is screwed. Start out with pillar of flame then conflagration and then sear the enemy you want to attack.Then activate your ult once they are close enough to finish them off.If you planned it right in this order then your enemy team is either all the way down or THERE ALL DEAD.If you dont do it like this then you are going to die and your team is going to hate you for probably the rest of the game.

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Unique Skills

The Unique of this build is that any vet can use this build with ease but with beginners i suggest you do this build also because it may also be a good beginner build never tryed it with a beginner.It is good for beginners to learn but i sericely never tryed it with a beginner and my friends think i rule with brand cause of this build so i do have back up for me saying i rule with this build so i am good and i want to give the build to you guys to learn and be better like i did.

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Now when you are farming with Brand make sure you Use Pillar of flame and then Conflagration because that takes out almost all minions.Remember to sell dorans ring once u have evil tomb and boots.

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Early Game:
You can play him as solo or with a character either way is good with this build.
If you are Soloing mid then i suggest you last hit minions and cast pillar of flame once the enemy is near the far range minions so you get him and then the creeps.When you get to lvl 5 buy boots.Once you get to lvl 9 you should have enough for will of the ancients.When you are owning mid lane remember that if you can gank someone in bot or top then do it cause then you get a kill and maybe a assist to.lvl 15 u should have enough for evil tomb.
If you are Teaming make sure you are with a close range.NOT A FAR RANGE OR YOU PRETTY MUCH LOST.Remember to always protect your close range or you cant kill any champions early lvl.When you guys get enough money for boots then get it.Remember to always have 1 Person in that lane while any one of you are gone.If you dont then your tower is gone then.

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This is my first guide but if i get above a 80 Percentile vote for this then i will create another one cause i have a ton of build for other characters that i am really good at. THIS BUILD IS PREFFERED FOR lvl 30.Beginners can also use it to but caution the runes you should get at lvl 30. Save up Ip at lvl 25 so you can buy alot at lvl 30 when you start out. If you are reading this then you should have brand then or its brand free week.Remember to have a good time with League of Legends and see you on the battle field.