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Ezreal General Guide by Spektatorfx

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Spektatorfx

Burst damage Ezreal ~Spektatorfx build~ Read_information_how

Spektatorfx Last updated on December 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ezreal is a very strong ADC. ADC's are Attack Damage carries meant to get the most kills in a game.

He does this with his damage. Checking in the "How to play" section will allow you to gain knowledge on how ezreal should be played effectively giving you that lucky Penta Kill.

Ezreal is a 6300 ip character and his runes cost a little over 7,000 ip. Check runes section.

This character has a lot of burst damage if you use him correctly. Check "Ezreal burst?" below.

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Runes runes runes.

Most people think runes are not important but I would like to tell you how they are with ezreal.

The rune setup above allows ezreal to have the magic resist, damage and armor to be a mid like he should be. Ezreal can also do other lanes but is generally prefered mid due to his W hitting over minions.

The runes listed above are:
Greater Mark of strength x9
Greater Seal of Resilience x9
Greater Glyph of Warding x9

Greater Mark of strength - having more damage on your Q in the beginning of the game allowing to poke 110 on 500 health! That's a 5 hit ranged kill in the beginning as long as you get thos e pokes in!

Greater Seal of Resilience - Armor for Ezreal is important no matter what lane you are in. He is going to be focused all game because he is an ADC and no amount of armor will really help you. You need to play back and not get hit. Just get those 100 damage pokes in.

Greater Glyph of Warding - As Ezreal is an ADC it is necessary to get some magic resistance so you don't get raped by ULTs from players like Karthus, and don't get hurt by Teemos poisen.

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Items ~Important

Items for Ezreal should not be blindly followed. It is recommended you get life steal first, but with so much burst damage the "Sheen" item can make you hit the bit more just to get the kills.

Buying boots is a must as always.

Health potions are a must as always. Don't think you'll sustain a lane without them.

Purchasing armor on Ezreal is almost useless. The reason a guardians angel is in the build is so you can revive, get some magic resist, and a tiny bit of armor.

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Burst damage Ezreal tutorial ~Strong gameplay type

Every person who plays Ezreal seems to focus on his "Q" as it does take the most resulting attack damage percent and ability power bonuses. Allowing it to hit 500 max build.

Here is an actual way to turn Ezreal into a burst mage!(Lolwut)

Ezreals E maxed out can hit around 400 damage. Alongside this if you E onto a near player Then hit your W you will hit a whopping 800 damage in 1 second. So if some one is low health you can jump on them.

Level 4 tactic for a kill.

Start by hiding in the bush right after level 4. You will have a level 2 Q, level 1 w, and a level 1 E. When the player gets close enough where your E can hit him use the E. Then in quick session hit your W as it goes over minions. His health will drop around 200 out of 600-700 depending on character. Then use your Q to blast a final 150 damage on them. Bursting 350 damage about half of a persons health in 1 second. Doing this after you poke a champion 3-4 times will result in a very fast kill in which they can't react.

Level 6 tactic for a kill.

This is a lot, A LOT of burst damage.

You will get into a bush and when the enemy comes near you will E onto them. Then use your W and Ultimate in rapid session. The level 1 ultimate will hit 400 damage with proper build, the E will hit another 100 damage, alongside the W hitting another 100-150 damage. If the player tanked out this 700 damage burst, throw a 150 damage Q at them as they run for the finisher.

level 6+ ignite + ult tactic burst killing

This tactic, as stated above requires ignite.

You will get into a bush and when the enemy comes near you will E onto them. Resulting in damage from 70-250 damage. Then you will hit W another 70-250+ damage. Then you will ignite and ultimate the player. This can result in 1,000 damage hitting if the ultimate hits alongside the ignite. Q them afterwards for a finisher and cooldown reduction. At level 6 this damage will hit 800 damage.
level 6 damage - 100+100+150+350+200 = 900 damage
level 18 damage - 250+250+800+450+500= 2250 damage in 1-2 seconds.

That is how you play burst damage Ezreal


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