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Caitlyn Build Guide by Aggroed

Cait Dominion Build

By Aggroed | Updated on December 10, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Caitlyn
  • LoL Champion: Caitlyn


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Promote


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Dominion Cait is about one of two things. You can stand behind someone and shoot the hell out of the badguys by running to top, or you can take bottom lane.

In bottom lane: You take it, you hold it. You press it. You farm it. You stay in it. You can push this lane. And defend sometimes even 2v1 depending on the champs. That makes it so that your team can push 4v3 or 4v4 up top. If I'm owning bottom, then top is owning too.

First time I played dominion I thought that Cait was terrible after having played 400 games with her, but you just have to know your role. With this Cait build you can farm the bot lane easy, or you can shoot and hurt a lot of people. Then you can get to a crit build that basically destroys everyone. You're still squishy, but with flash/exhaust , net, a few traps you can get away from everyone but alk. When you are pushing a lane by yourself you have promote. So you can kill a few minions, and then you're able to pop promote and between you and the creep wave take a tower before the baddies can strike.
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Crit damage all day every day. It's just meant to make it so when you're critting frequently that you're getting tons of damage. This helps your regen and your kill rate. When I'm critting late game it can be as high as 1400 and with this build I'm critting almost evety single time that I strike. Because I have the crit damage runes I can tear through a squishy as long as their burst doesn't finish me off first. Also, with the life regen I typically have enough left to take a tower and sometimes push after that. Often I keep pushing just to regen my healthbar.
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21-0-9. Push max damage for late game ownage. I can't stress enough that late game no one is doing more damage than me. When I look at damage meters at the end of the game I'm often twice as high as the next person down. I'm destroying the meter. I own the damn meter. That's what you should be aiming for.
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Skill Sequence

You need it all. Net for escaping when you push too far. You need traps for the bushes. You need Q for banging guys down. I guess I normally get he spread and then max Q, then net, and R and finally catch up on some traps.

Just a tip. When you are fighting tough guys jax/xin etc for you Cait make sure that your net is ready. If you just popped it, fall back some and wait for it to restore.
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Summoner Spells

I use exhaust and promote so I can kill whoever is guarding. Then take the Capture Point. I love it when ad carries run up to melt my face only to get exhausted and face palmed. Usually they are kind enough to leave me at full health too. Flash is ok for getting out of situations, but when you're in the poop exhaust is way better.

Flash and Promote. Guardian is used too infrequently if you're playing right. It's the best combo for solo lane bot pushing.
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Look. The goal for this Cait is to crit hard, often, and heal while doing it. If you're playing smart you can stay in lane forever. Just fight some more creep and heal. The first build uses boots. The second build doesn't. You move slower but kill more. Also, if you don't get boots your team will be like "dude get boots" every game. Ignore them. They know not what they speak.

A third build exists using prospectors and boots to start, but I'm not a huge fan.

I have quad killed with this build. Solo. They just kept trying to fight me. They coulnd't. They came 1 at a time. I killed them, went to the next. Have fun, watch thornmail. Donkey punch Rammus for me.
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Creeping / Jungling

Stay in lane. Kill creeps. When you have a lot of creeps together push bot and promote. Push forward. Kill the bad guy, and let the minions do the work. There ain't no shame in running back at that point. Let them retake it with just a little fight, and then push again. This strat basically keeps 1-2 guys occupied with bottom, makes it so that when we have top we often have 4 cps, and when they have top they only have 2.

It's give and take. Don't be afraid.
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Team Work

Ok, the most important part of dominion is team work. When you lane bot with Cait you have to tell everyone to gtfo out of bot. You own the lane. If someone from your team comes down you either have to berate them enough to leave or you have to get out yourself. This game is about creating 4v3 or 3v2 opportunities. If you are lucky and skilled you'll be able to push back the bad guy take their tower enough so that they feel like bringing 2v1 against you. This sucks for you, but is awesome for your team.

Also, your roll is to keep them grouped. Some ***hat is gonna want to wander off and try to solo the top right or top left. They are usually idiots. It's far better to wait 3 seconds, group up and try to snipe off their idiots. You should be watching the map, and pinging your idiots to group up and kill their idiots.

If you are aweseome enough to capture bot, set some traps, hold it for a bit, and let it go. You're not really there to capture and hold it. You just need to put enough pressure so they devote more than one person to you, so that top can take and hold the windmill.

If you have a guy that is doing ok bot, then go ahead and leave it alone. By late game you melt more face then anyone else. So, don't be afraid to head over to your biggest ally, stand behind them, and start taking as many pot shots as you can.
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Champs to be careful of

Xin can smoke you without trying very hard. If you are going to engage it should be behind someone, but if you don't have a body guard or some CC then you better have exaust and net ready to go.

Alkali will melt you. I really can't put it any clearer than this.

Jax may the most dangerous champ in the game for you. SoTD may be able to save you here, but you probably need that, net, exhaust and executioners to kill Jax.

Irelia can be tough. If you can't get out of the knives you're basically toast cause you're a glass cannon and she's a metaphorical opera singer (they shatter glass).

Lux can smoke you if you're low if you don't dodge the first one. You get locked in place. You get slowed. Then you get lazered. Then you get dead. Be ready to move perpendicular to the beam or get smoked.

Annie with a stun is hard, but if you can survive the burst then you can smoke her if you have a lifesteal.

Talon can be pretty devastating. I normally just run or wait for buddies.

Udyr early game is op, but I'm not afraid of him late game. I sometimes just walk up and face punch till one of drops dead.

LeBlanc can usually 3 shot me if I don't have MR (which I usually skip). So, like Annie, if you survive the burst you have to keep shooting and take dis dude down!!!

Tryndamere can be devastating if you can't CC him in a group. He'll hit you just a few times and melt you. Exhausting Trynd is one of my favorite things to do in this game. Keep net handy. When Trynd exhausts you then you have to put the net down slightly in front of you and make sure you get out of distance. Then turn around and shoot him in the face as soon as you get some distance.

Lastly, Fiddlesticks is the worst. He hides, ults, fears, and you're dead. Sigh. He's my favorite to kill, but I normally switch out of bottom if Fid is there.

Before taking on other ad champs make sure you have either taken them down a bit. Have someone to stand behind, or can exhaust them to smoke them. Otherwise you're the best AD harass in the game. Poke. Then poke. Then poke. Then poke. Then net, q, ult, and /all <insert insult here>.
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Uh oh, they have thornmail...

If you're getting strong or even a little ahead everyone in the game should fear you. I take 1/4 health away from champs in 1 hit, and I can hit 2 times a second. It's a fast gg. The problem is that if you're in an AD heavy group or they are afraid of you they will get thornmail. By that time I usually have a sanguine blade (think bloodthirster), but that's not enough. I usually get the executioners calling. It's cheap and has 18% lifesteal. It's the best lifesteal bang for buck. I hear MR and armor pen helps, but screw it. I don't play the defensive game. If I can't pick a different target I'll just mess around and harass.

One other thought is that what I normally see happen is that when I go bot someone smart will eventually get thornmail. The simple solution is to switch with an AP at that point and go top. The other guy will be pissed when they realize 2k has just been flushed down the tube.
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I pack a mean punch and am leveled out in front. Bot is the new mid. Push your lane and pwn.

If you work top, get your damage items, and make sure you're sittin back. Don't try to defend solo against 2-4 if all your team mates are dead and the baddies are coming for you. It just isn't worth it. Back up. Stay alive. Maybe harass, but it's just a capture point. If you're alive they'll get it back sooner.
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P.s. Executioner is calling

So, I'm pretty sure that there is no cheaper way to get both crit and lifesteal in a single item as the executioners calling. I think it's the best item to start with if I go bot. I know that I can't push as fast, but cait doesn't push fast. She's slow and steady. You just keep pinging down minions, and after a while you have a swarm behind you at their base. You take it, defend it, die, lose it, and start it over again. You'll farm the fastest and start snowballing until it's time to go top and eff up everyone!

I find that the calling is good to help me crit big, crit often early game, and keep a steady heal going. It only costs 1350 and you can get it right off the bat. You'd be nutz to skip out on this as a cait.
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back dooring

a note about back dooring. You can't just radomly back door. The winning team is the one that can force more 3v4 situations. Back dooring isn't something that you should do while your team is fighting. Maybe if you own 3 turrets, but definately not if you have fewer than 3.

The one exception to this is if they take the turret closest to your base. If they do and they are defending it you should go back door. The other option is to wait until your team dies and take the nearside capture point.

Don't just randomly back door. You're going to get your team killed.

(invis and incredibly speedy characters can ignore this section)
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Fighting Jax a lot?

So, I'm about 100 wins deep into dominion. It's pretty high given how new it is. I've gotten dominated by Jax in a lot of those games. He's really powerful in dom, and in almost every game on one team or another. It's frustrating since he can really kick the snot out of cait. The problem is that he is built to dodge. Whenever he dodges he can get a stun. So, he dodges me and stuns me, and heals as he hits me while I'm stunned and I end up dead. For the first time I smoked him though. I was informed about the use of Sword of the Divine to fight Jax. It does attack speed and magic damage, but the real goal is to activate it when fighting jax. It makes my attacks undodgeable. He can still get his stun off of a creep attacking him because he's attacking me, but for the first time in a long time I beat him in a fair 1v1 fight.
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Uh Oh, I lost bot!

Don't panic. If they aren't defending you can obviously just snag it back. If they are defending just farm a little, wait for your team to die top or be able to ping them down. Group up, over power them, and then V-Click everyone that's bot to let them know "Thank you, now GTFO."
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"Everybody just defend"

If someone says this on your team reach through the computer and punch them in the face. Here's the problem. They win top, and the four of them are sitting there. One of their dudes back doors. One of their dudes gets the mid buff. 3 of their dudes come down and kick the snot out of me. Defending 3 is the fastest way to get your bottom double/triple/quadruple teamed. Don't do it. Don't be rude. Push as a group.

Especially if your down you have to push your advantages. If you win the top fight don't just sit on your ***. Get down there and take one of the mids so that you can catch up quicker. Try to defend mid for a little while. It's ok to retreat, but just harass and get that extra point.
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