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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pchelka

Caitlyn dance and own so nice :)

Pchelka Last updated on January 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I pick normal runes for her health, (fairly squishy with this build so they come in handy) armor penetration, and attack speed (slow attack speed at the start and the bonus from runes helps a lot in the beginning of the game :P). Another option is buying all critical strike runes, giving you 60-80% critical chance, with full build. If triggered on the �Headshot� skill it can reach 2k damage. :)

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You can use typical masteries for a melee character. You can also play 21/9/0 and add to dodge. I pick gold for the last point to get items as soon as possible due to the build being fairly expensive. You do not need any mana masteries because you are not a caster but a carry range dps, so there is no need to spam your skills so much.

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The most important part of the build :P. I usually play on mid lane. This allows me to farm money and level quicker, which is rather important for a dps character. This is a carry build with 200+ HP which in turn gives quite a bit of life steal, in the start Doran�s Blades and in the later stages of the game the Bloodthirster. I pick Banshee�s Veil as my last item because of the lovely aura that it gives, however it is only useful if the enemy team has stunners/nukers (e.g. Morgana�s snare skill). In other cases you can take Frozen Mallet to slow running enemies down and add a nice bit of hp or if playing versus a HP heavy team, Madred�s Bloodrazor. Before you make Infinity Edge, Bloodthirster, or any of the other final items collect 2 B.F sword (no need to waste money for a bonus 20 dmg when u can get 50 with a new sword:)) after you buy those get a Black Cleaver (at this point you only have the Berserker�s Greaves for attack speed, Black Cleaver will add a bit more as well as a nice armor reduction stack).��Once that is done invest to get the Bloodthirster allowing you to regenerate hp really fast :). A Phantom Dancer follows giving you insane attack speed with loads of critical chance, not to mention the increased movement speed. Then last but not least get Infinity Edge for more critical chance as well as a nice critical damage increase. With this the �Headshot� critical will be around 2k whilst normal attack will have a 900-1000 critical damage. :)

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Skill Sequence

Piltover Peacemaker: If you play on middle lane try to hit as many minions as you can + enemy champion. If you can�t go for a kill focus this skill on attacking minions to push lane as much as possible.

Yordle Snap Trap: Place these in bushes, next to dragon, golems and of course Baron :) It is important to use them in solo/team fights as they are really helpful to root an enemy melee attacker in place to take damage (in the heat of the moment enemies usually won�t even notice you place the trap underneath them :)). If an enemy champion is chasing you place the trap ahead so that the enemy champion will either get caught or has to dodge it giving you more time to run away.

90 Cal. Net: A perfect skill to runaway :) not only does it push you away but it also slows the enemy down. You can also use it to jump through walls. Helpful in team fights to either save your allies or to slow the enemy down for your team to catch up an kill the enemy :).�

Ace In The Hole: Perfect skill :) Use it on enemies with low HP, it is a perfect finisher move on champions that are running away. Try to refrain yourself from using it in the start of a fight, use it mainly to kill off the runners, but remember that that skill costs 150 mana, so don�t use up all of it if you intend to snipe someone down later in the fight. Always try to check whether you will kill the enemy with it before shooting. :).

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust: Its great spell for her (a bit too low range). It�s a perfect skill to slow and kill enemies or simply to run away.

Ghost: Again a spell to either run away from danger or to catch up to enemies to land that perfect �Headshot�:)��I always use this spells comes in handy quite often :)
You can also pick:

Flash: Can get you out of dangerous situtions of used correctly.

Heal: You are squishy, so always handy ^^

Teleport: Can be used but it is not really a necessary�spell.

You shouldn't pick:

Clarity: You are not a caster, your main form of damage is your auto attack so don�t waste your 2 spell slots on something that will not come in handy :)

Cleanse: Since you are a squishy target, the moment you get ganked or attacked, the chances of you surviving are slim.�Most of the time you wont even have enough time to use that spell.

Ignite: This spell does not come in handy, you have your ulti to finish champions off, plus you auto attack has longer range than Ignite and running up to someone to cast it isn�t the best idea :P

Smite: I didn�t try to jungle but I guess it is not a good idea :P. You are squishy and bla bla bla... you all know that :).

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Pros / Cons

- Very long range
�- Headshot is a great finisher and the added critical makes it a little op :)
�- Nice spells to run and catch Champions
- Many others :P.

- Very Squishy :(
�- If you get ganked you have practically no chance to run
�- low damage at start :(

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Some pictures for end :)

Its all i Gues:

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