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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xibar

Caitlyn for Beginners

Xibar Last updated on February 13, 2013
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Hello, this is a beginner to intermediate guide for Caitlyn, for those who are just starting out with her. There are most likely a lot that are similar to this guide in terms of items and skill progression but that doesn't matter. I am not amazing at her but using this guide as a basis can be helpful.

I will be explaining why i chose the runes, masteries, items, spells, and skill sequence that I did. I will also explain alternates for certain ones of runes, masteries, spells, and items. Lastly I will explain how to start off in mid or either lane. Everyone has their own play style so adapt to whatever you need to because this is only a guide after all.

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For my runes I take 9 Greater Mark of Desolation ,

9 Greater Seal of Alacrity ,

9 Greater Glyph of Alacrity ,

and 3 Greater Quintessence of Alacrity .

The reason I get attack speed runes is because caitlyn is good with attack speed and can be pretty deadly with them early to mid game. Late game it doesn't change much but still helps. The armor penetration is for being able to do extra damage added to the attack speed. There may be better runes to get along with the armor penetration runes but that is up to you to decide if you want to change or not.

Changing them for health, armor, or cool down runes can help depending on what you like or want to have. I personally like the attack speed because I am used to higher attacking on ranged champions when I play them.

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I get 21/0/9 to maximize her damage output from masteries. Again this is a guide so feel free to change the masteries around to your liking but I would recommend leaving 21 in Offense because they help her the most when dealing damage. However changing the not so helpful ones like in offense you could change the Archmage's Savvy to Cripple if you are gonna use Exhaust for one of your summoner spells. Same for almost any in Utility. I would say leave the ones on the more experience because it helps and a lot of others usually get that but it is not required if you want something else really bad instead.

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For items I always get a Doran's Blade first because of the health and damage bonus. The life steal is helpful but doesn't do much for me unless I don't get attacked for a long period of time early game.

After that I start getting Berzerker's Greaves for the attack damage but it could also be exchanged for Boots of Swiftness if you really need speed to chase for run away. Staying in lane as long as possible is a very good idea because your next item, when you go back, could be a B.F. Sword or a Vampiric Scepter along with the Greaves or Boots if you have enough otherwise just get the Greaves or Boots.

Next I would work for The Bloodthirster because it gives decent life steal and damage so that I can punish the enemy champ laning with me. Going for the next item, Zeal, could be substituted if you are doing well with the attack damage you have against the enemy champ but only if.

Depending on what they other team has I would work my way to Zeal or Sword of the Divine. Sword of the Divine I mainly get for countering Jax, at least a little bit of a counter anyways, so that you can hit him with his dodge. The Zeal I will get if there is no Jax or very dodgetastic champion on the other team.

Next I would go for Infinity Edge or The Black Cleaver. Infinity Edge only if you want to crit more and deal a lot of damage. Black Cleaver for if you want more attack speed and lower their defense against you. I would eventually get both but depending on what you get could make a difference. I would recommend getting trying for Infinity Edge first cause of the damage.

After either one of those items finish Phantom Dancer and start going for the next item in the paragraph above. Phantom Dancer will usually be bought near late game or late mid game. Usually the game is near a close when I get to this point but not always. Only if you got Zeal instead of Sword of the Divine, if not then just skip this.

Now at this time you could either go for a Banshee's Veil or Sword of the Divine, or Zeal, depending on what you didn't get before. Banshee's Veil could be substituted for any armor or magic resistance item you need but Banshees is usally better. I personally don't get it until my second to last item if I want to get it or need it but it is up to you.

The last item is replacing Doran's Blade if you havn't sold it already. Get whatever item you want or one of the ones already said that wasn't already bought. I get all these items for mainly attack damage and attack speed with a little protection so that I can stand back and auto attack away with getting health back when needed.

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Skill Sequence

I always get Piltover Peacemaker first and then Yordle Snap Trap second. I then get another Piltover for my third level and then Trap, if you can't get another Piltover cause I cant remember if you can or not. For the 5th level I get 90 Caliber Net, only one level until everything else is mastered, for the extra get away. Then get ultimate for level 6 and max out Piltover when you can. Yordle gets maxed out 2nd and then Net does.

I do it in this order so that I can maximize damage and still be able to get away if I do it right or chase when need be. Again it's up to you what you get but I found this to work pretty good.

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Summoner Spells

For my summoner spells I usually get either Teleport and Flash or exchange Teleport for Ignite or Exhaust.

That usually is fine for me but I guess if you wanted to use her as a pro getting Teleport is frowned upon.

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Gameplay Guide

When the game starts get the required items I stated above and then either go mid, solo top, or lane with someone. At first all you need to do is harass a little and get last hits on minions as much as you can to build up money. Use Piltover Peacemaker only when necessary to reduce mana depletion issues.

If they get harassed enough to where you can kill them before getting to level 6 and you won't die then do so. Beware of ganks by enemy team when doing so and throughout farming minions. Yordle Snap Trap can be handy to use in bushes on sides when in mid and water bush at bottom and top. Top and Bottom wall bushes are good spots too. Traps can also help get kills if they are low so use when you can in the strategic spots. Don't overuse because only 3 can be out at one time and so you don't run out of mana for other skills.

By now you should have enough money for boots and maybe other items. If you are not low on health then stay. Only go back when you escaped death and are free to go back. Your teams jungler could hold the lane while you go back after almost dying. Hopefully you will not be close to dying and have around 3k gold to get boots and B.F. Sword and maybe something else. However you can get back to get items once at 3k do it!

After getting items you will hit harder and faster. The enemy champion will most likely do the same but dodgeing their attacks and hitting hard will give you a chance to kill them with your ultimate if there is no healer with them.

After getting your first items it should be hitting late early game and is around the time where everyone starts really doing ganks from every which way and you should start too. Only if no one is in your lane pushing to your tower though. Farm as much as you can to get items and helping your allies.

Helping your allies is your best bet at winning. So is wards. Buying wards is good and all but you don't always have the free time to place them if your constantly on edge by dying to ganks or just losing horribly. Get wards everyone once in a while and place them in strategic places in the water area bushes so that you have visibility when someone is trying to gank you, top, or bot.

After all this it should be late game and hopefully your team is doing well and you a nice number of kills under your belt but if now just remember it's a game and to have fun. It could also be your first time as Caitlyn and you are not doing so well and people are yelling at you. Just remember, ignore them and keep playing they are trollers and will do that. You will gain experience playing with Caitlyn or any other champion and get better eventually.

Hopefully this Gameplay guide helped and comments asking for more detail will be answered even if it is only one comment.

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So far I have discussed the Items, Runes, Spells, and Skills that I get for Caitlyn for mid and lane. My mid and lane are pretty much the same other than harass whenever you can more in side lanes. I mainly farm and go for the kill if I can when I mid with Caitlyn.

Hopefully this can help you become a good Caitlyn. This is also my second guide I have made so it should help a good amount since I have played for a long while and am level 30.

If you want more detail on how I play Caitlyn then leave a comment asking me to because I can if need be.