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Caitlyn Build Guide by Birthdaycakez

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Birthdaycakez

Caitlyn - One Hit Wonder! (in depth guide to mid lane Cait)

Birthdaycakez Last updated on October 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This build tells you how to counter Cait, how to counter those counters and how to take down anyone in the game. I explain all the essentials in early middle and late game phases. Please read the whole guide before voting on this.
Thank you so much! If there are any questions, please feel free to add me in-game (Birthdaycakez) or message me here.
Stay Thirsty my friends...

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This Guide is for Caitlyn players who wish to expand their horizon with this very powerful champion.

New players can use this guide too, but be wary, if you don't wish to go middle lane as Caitlyn, then don't complain if this build fails.

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[[Greater Quintessence of Desolation]]
I pick this Quintessence for the benefits it give when Caitlyn uses her Ultimate, and Piltover Peacemaker.
[[Greater Mark of Desolation]]
These runes are the bread and butter for your damage for the duration of a game, they provide, once more, extra damage from your ultimate and Q.
[[Greater Seal of Might]]
These runes can be interchanged for any other runes you want, I like these because it provides some more AD late game.
[[Greater Glyph of Alacrity]]
The attack speed given from these runes helps you farm minions early game, and late game helps you to chase down enemy champs.

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Now some people might say that putting points into Offense is a bad idea for Cait, well, those *****es are wrong. You can get that little extra bit of Armor pen, damage to minions and cooldown reduction that help you destroy middle lane early game.

Utility helps with the cooldowns and being more agile with cait, since her only escapability features are her

[icon=90 caliber net]
, and sometimes the
[icon=Yordle Snap Trap]

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Alright So it's finally come to "How the hell do I play during each phase of the game?"
Below I will explain the components of early, middle, late and post-late game phases.

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Early Phase

What you want to do in champion select is call middle before anyone else has the chance, if they bicker and whine about it, tell them to piss off and play Bro'Gath Solo top.

Pick the masteries, runes and summoner spells so your team knows that you're legit. Then, wait for the game to start, organize it so that your tank goes BOT, not solo top, but get someone like a healer or support to solo top, since the enemy will keep them pushed at the allied turret, making it easier for our jungler to gank, and harder for theirs. Just be wary, because that leaves you wide open for ganks.

Okay now that you've started the game, get your Doran's blade, rush down to middle lane and take a turn into your jungle to help your jungler with blue, if there is no jungler, stay mid and do your /joke while zoomed in on ashe to get a good look at her ***.

Moving right along.

So the minions have spawned, what should I do? Whatever you do don't auto attack the poor creatures to death, instead wait until they're at about 10-12% health and hit them. Your epic range and Doran's blade will provide you with some of the best farming Valoran can offer.

Your passive is key for last hitting, it deals 250% bonus damage ever 8/7/6 auto-attacks so instead of waiting until a minion is low, get them at half health.

As soon as you can get your avarice blade, have the jungler (or someone else) take mid while you get it. Rush back to mid and rape the minions.
NOTE: Don't worry if the enemy auto attacks your minions to death, they probably are noobs and leave their self open for a gank.

By now, you should be farmed up to your last whisper at level 5 (if you have 3+ kills) 6 (if you farm a lot or have a kill) or 7 (if you have no kills, maybe a death but a good amount of minion kills). Begin harassment of your enemy.

To do this, you last hit minions to the point that you can get your "Headshot count" to your max. This will make them paranoid, since nobody wants 150% bonus damage from an auto attack done to them, use it on a minion so they see that you wasted it, then auto attack- 2-3 times. Use your Q, Also, sparingly. You need the mana incase they over extend or you need to escape a gank. if they get to the front of their minion wave, use it. It deals less damage the more people it passes through so dont try to harass through minions.


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Middle Phase

Okay, you should be the highest level, if not second highest, on your team (level 9-10). You have your Q maxed out and hopefully some kills and no deaths.

The item you should probably be getting is your

[icon=Sword of the Divine]
. This is probably your main damage-dealer in the game. It's active gives you 40 Armor Penetration for 4 seconds. Who doesn't like that? I'll tell you who, your enemies. Along with that, it gives a great amount of attack speed.
How to use it:
Harass so that they are down to about 30% health. Start your chase and q them when you get behind their minions, then activate your
[icon=sword of the divine]
and use your ultimate, this gives you around 60-70 armor pen with everything you own. It should give you a kill if they are squishy enough.

For the last item in the middle phase, you should get your
[icon=Youmuu's Ghostblade]
This item is great since it gives armor penetration, movement speed on activate, and cooldown reduction.
Use this item to get out of ganks or chase your prey.

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Late Phase

Now you're level 15, you have your ghostblade, and your BF sword building your bloodthirster. Your

is one of the most important items, due to the high attack damage and life steal it gives for farming minions. Don't focus on last hitting, but rather pushing to an inhibitor as fast as possible if you haven't done so already.

Help your team by standing in a bush during the entire teamfight since it gives you your passive a lot quicker. Now i don't mean for that to sound *****-like, but it will help your team more if you initiate instead of the tank. If there are no bushes, stay at the back and chase down the squishies with your ult when they try and escape from a teamfight.
Help your team get baron really easily by standing behind the wall in the top team's jungle.

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Post Late Phase

You're now fully built, your team is fully built and the enemy is fully built, what happens next? This phase is rarely reached, but surprisingly it happens more with Caitlyn since she rapes people with her bog, long, hard... Sniper.
Just rinse and repeat in late phase until you ACE them and push all of their inhibitors.

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Pros / Cons

High Damage Early and middle game
Great farming
Incredible Range
Amazing Sustainability
Not Agile Early game
Very squishy
easily focused

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Caitlyn Counters

There are Two, if not more, champions that can counter Caitlyn like a boss.
Warwick: Warwick's ultimate gets him really close to her leaves her open for the team to drop her down if Warwick doesn't get her first... To avoid this, set traps in the bushes at chokepoints near mid.

Skarner: Skarner's ultimate and slowing abilities grant him an easy kill on Caitlyn middle and late game. To counter this, just don't push and stay near the turret when you see him come mid or whatever lane you're in at the time. He's also hard to harass due to his shield, so be wary.