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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ReshenKusaga

Caitlyn, Speedy Bullets

ReshenKusaga Last updated on January 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone. This is my first build that I've been trying out on Caitlyn. I haven't had much time to get late into the build but I'm working on improving this thing. The main focus of this build is to get as much AD and AS as possible. By doing this, you maximize Caitlyn's role as a Ranged DPS'er. Let's get started shall we?

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As the spotlight said, if you're going side lanes, keep to the brush and lay traps around it. Keep your passive charged and push the other team back to their towers.

Going mid should give you faster level ups, allowing you to push harder with Peacemaker better. Make sure to back only if needed/to get the next item. Only leave the lane if your teammates are in trouble or you see the opportunity for a either a push or a gank.

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Team Fights

Stay near the back and fire off peacemakers and throw traps into the battle. If needed, throw in some 50 caliber nets.

Your ult is typically not as strong as it could be, so only use it for a guaranteed kill or to knock someone down to health manageable for the team. It is also possible to use it to scare someone off with low health.

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These runes are the ones that I feel best fit Caitlyn.

Armor Pen to hit harder early game, and to negate some of the late game tankiness that can occur.

AS so that she hits more and builds up her passive even faster.

Cooldown reduction to help you get back to your Peacemaker and Yordle Traps faster as well as get your 50 Caliber Net back in action in case of emergencies.

Health because she's a bit squishy, though she does better than most ranged DPS during mid to late games.

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I use 21-0-9 to capitalize on her AD and AS, and use Utility to level up faster.

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Skill Sequence

As your Piltover Peacemaker is your main damage dealer it is imperative that you max it first. Follow it up with your traps in order to lock down opponents, and lastly get the 50 Caliber Net for escape. Level up your ult whenever you have the opportunity.

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Manamune start: I justify this by noting Caitlyn's low mana pool, by starting off with a Manamune you'll constantly be gaining a few extra points of mana and AD as the game goes on. You shouldn't need the early AS boost from the dagger because of your runes.

Berserker's Greaves: Really this is dependent on the team comp. If you feel like you can get more AS late, then maybe boots of swiftness as Caitlyn moves very slowly. If the other team is filled with disables and CC, go for Mercury Treads.

Bloodthirster: You'll be a topnotch farmer with your Peacemaker, so this will help, in fact you can even rush Bloodthirsters first if you wanted to for the lifesteal buff.

Madred's: This is actually a situational item choice. I put it in here in case the other team is quite tanky and needs to have that health used against them. If the only team is pretty squishy then get the Infinity Edge first or Sword of the Divine.

Sword of the Divine: AS buff, and good active. I haven't tried out a replacement, but it seems like Rageblade is a suitable alternative as well. Hextech would also fit well in this slow.

Infinity Edge: Damage and Crits, everything a ranged DPS champ loves.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: Get out of death free card. If you're close to a wall flash over it and use your 50 caliber net to get across another wall if needed.

Ghost: You run faster, letting you put someone else in range for a final headshot, or can get out of dodge as soon as possible.


Cleanse: Get rid of status effects to get out

Teleport: Keeps you in lane longer and gets you into the action


Heal: You don't really need it, especially since you have no real escapes to make it of significant usefulness.

Ignite: You're usually shooting outside of this range :/ Hard time keeping up with champs makes this a bleh spell to have.

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- Massive Range (largest auto attack range in the game)
- Large targetable Ult.
- Capable of dealing incredibly high DPS
- Potential for jungling [Yet to try, but seems do-able due to passive)
- Passive is excellent help in early game pushing
- Strong Early game suppression and pushing

- No really good escapes
- Slow movement speed
- Ult can glitch and its dmg isn't all that great
- Mana-starved easily

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Caitlyn is good in just about any lane. Brush helps her keep her passive charged up, and mid allows for plenty of oppurtunity to escape or keep up a push. However, she does get manastarved easily so take caution at that.

Her mid game is a bit lacking so it is important that you attempt to gank with ace in the whole and yordle while you can to get to your higher tiered/expensive items. Make her meh'ness as short as possible to push her into a stronger late game.