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League of Legends Build Guide Author SaSiFaKoS

Caitlyn Starts critical

SaSiFaKoS Last updated on January 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

Table of Contents | Preface
Skill Explanations
Summoner Spells
Playing as the Sheriff
Tricks and Strategies

Table of Contents | Preface

Caitlyn - The Sheriff of Piltover
Please comment and try the build and strategies before voting. Thank you.

Guide is still under construction. Much of it is not fleshed out, and the build isn't finalized. I'm still finding new ways to change it and make it better!
Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Skill Explanations
III. Summoner Spell Explanations
Optional Summoner Spells

IV. Rune Explanations

V. Item Build Explanation
Situational|Optional Items

VI.Playing as the Sheriff
Early Game
Mid Game
Late Game

VII. Tricks & Strategies
Yordle Snap Trap Placement
Chasing and Running


I. Introduction
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- Amazing Range
- Great harassment in lane
- Can do some respectable damage, and nukes really well on headshot or ult crits.
- Can be very hard to chase properly.
- Has two of the best skills for their utility in the game.

- Super squishy.
- Doesn't deal as much damage as some carries.
- Can fall behind very easily.
- Needs her items quick.
What this build focuses on

This build focuses on giving Cait some nice crit chance, some high crit damage, and attack speed. This causes her to take down squishies extremely fast, considering her headshot procs faster, and when her headshot crits, it is doing massive damage.

Skill Explanations

II. Skill Explanations
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This passive is a great tool. It can help you get both red and blue buff faster by standing in the grass as you try them. Along with that, it works as an excellent harass tool, especially early game, considering how large her auto attack range is.

Some headshot tips:
Always shoot neutral camps from a bush nearby if it's available.
Early game this is a great harass tool. Stay in the brush and (hopefully) last hit 3 minions. Pop out and last hit one more, and your headshot will be charged to hit a champion.
Piltover Peacemaker

Another great ranged tool for Caitlyn. This shot reaches a very long range, and does some respectable damage, especially early game. Try get it to it a champion first, so the damage doesn't get reduced too much. But if you can't, don't worry, this still does some decent damage even when it's reduced.

Tips for Piltover Peacemaker
This works really well to KS any buff the enemy is trying if you have the sight to do it. I can't explain enough how incredibly beneficial it is to ks the dragon from the enemy team, or steal their red buff.
This move can catch runners really well, considering its long range.
The Peacemaker can cause enemies to be very wary of your positioning. Use that as an advantage, and force them to juke the shot into a bad situation.
Yordle Snap Trap

These things are GREAT. They immobilize enemies, and thus are AMAZING CC in teamfights. Do note though, that these aren't stealthed like teemo's mushrooms. Put the traps in bushes where enemies would normally walk, so they'll be harder to avoid. You can also put them in the narrow parts of the jungle or ramp, in order to limit the way the enemy can move.

Tips for Yordle Snap Trap are covered in the Yordle Snap Trap Placement section.

90 Caliber Net

The utility on this thing is through the roof. Use it to blink toward a runner, use it to move through short walls and narrow jungle walls, use it to slow an enemy champ chasing you, use it to juke out of skillshots and AoE ults like Nunu's. There are so many places you can use this, it's not funny.

Tips for 90 Caliber Net
You can hop over short walls and through narrow jungle walls with this.
If anyone is chasing you, USE THIS BEFORE PLACING A YORDLE IN THEIR PATH. Yordle takes a small animation time to place, and you can get stunned if you use it first.
If an enemy champion is running, and there is a tall wall or a jungle wall too big to pass through near you, you can shoot the net with your back to the wall in order to slow them.
Ace in the Hole

This ult is great for catching runners if you have the sight. Does some decent damage, and has the ability to crit.

Tips for Ace in the Hole
Use this on people who are running away. Once channeling, they cannot escape.
In teamfights, using this on a low HP squishy can cause the tank to have to move in front of the bullet. If you position the ult shot right, this can cause some positioning problems for their team in the fight.
Be very careful when using this while enemies are around. The channeling time leaves you a sitting duck.

Summoner Spells

III. Summoner Spell Explanations
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Flash went through a nerf what with not being able to flash out of shots anymore, but it's still a GREAT escape tool, and we all know it. This combined with your E shot should get you places.

A standard escape tool. Great for the extra burst of speed you may need in getting away.
Optional Summoner Spells
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If nobody else on your team took it, this is a great skill. It confirms recalls, lets you check for ganks, and with caitlyn can give you the extra sight you need to ult someone hiding in the fog.

Good spell for mobility. I love this spell in most builds, but with Caitlyn, I find she moves fast enough on her own that you shouldn't need it.

This is great for stopping teemo's blinds, and will get you out of almost anything in conjunction with ghost or flash and your E.


IV. Rune Explanations
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V. Item Build Explanation
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Why do I take two of these? Well, Caitlyn is extremely squishy, even moreso than many caster champions. Two of these beefs your health up 200, gives you some lifesteal, and some damage, and they're pretty cheap to top it off. Along with that, having two of these early also allows you to solo red buff pretty early.

Note: If you do come back with a lot of money, you can trade out a second doran's for

This here is the core item of this build. It provides crit, as well as a crit damage buff, which will cause your headshots to do massive damage later.
Berserker's Grieves

This is meant for the attack speed, which is incredibly useful in the early game. If the game lasts long enough, turn this into a instead. With two phantom dancers, you'll have enough movement speed that you won't need move 2 boots, and the second dancer will cause you to start critting at about 100%.

Another Core item of the build. This gives you attack speed, crit chance and movement speed, all of which sync up to the IE and the zerker's grieves well.

Once you're critting a lot, the lifesteal from this is through the roof, considering your headshot crits will be doing upwards of 1k.

This will tear through armor, as well as give you attack damage AND attack speed. The change to BC actually benefits this build well.
Situational Items
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I'm putting this here only because of the HUGE amount of Sion players I've been bumping into since patch. I find this to be an extremely underrated item, and it helps so much with disables when you use its active.

This item is really to add survivability. You get some extra damage with it, as well as a slow. A very solid choice, and you can substitute part of the build to get it in the mid game if you want.

If their team has disables or lots of magic damage, this is your answer.

This is a great way to stop the melee dps on their team from killing you in only a couple of hits. Most AD champs will probably think you're unstoppable once you crit a ton and have this on you.

The armor is great for survivability, the debuff is great against enemy melee champs and the CDR will help your ult cool down.

This is typical on an AD champ that wants to hurt tanks more, as well as get some magic damage on them.

If the game lasts long enough, throw away your berserker's grieves and grab another Phantom Dancer.

Playing as the Sheriff

VII. Playing as the Sheriff
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Early Game
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Start with doran's and a health pot. I've found this is the best way to go unless you are positively sure you can out harass with your Q, in which case you should probably grab meki.
Get as many last hits as possible, Caitlyn NEEDS to farm for those last hits considering how fast she can fall behind. Grab another dorans and boots for your first trip back. This is about 860g. Ideally you want to stay in lane longer than that, but try to make sure you can get these. Go back into your lane and start farming more, getting last hits and working on your IE. Once you have trap, start laying it in the bushes, or in any place you're afraid of being ganked from. Have your team help you get red buff early if you can. If not, you can solo it as soon as you get your sword.
Mid Game
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You should have IE by now, and with that, the zerker's grieves. On Caitlyn, this can be a very powerful combo. Her headshot can crit, so you get 150% damage hit critting for over 250% more with your IE and your seals. On minions, you do even more, with the 250% damage headshot.(I've actually gotten over a 2k crit off headshot on lizard, with a good AS from the dancers.) Stay behind your team, and in all teamfights, throw out your traps whenever you can.
Late Game
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If you do reach the end of this build, which I have only done twice (and once was a bot game..) You should be completely destroying any squishy on their team, and should be able to solo most tanks with the incredible amount of lifegain from your bloodthirster. If you reach the second phantom dancer instead of grieves, you can actually solo baron with just your auto attack. Continue to play it safe and stay in back though, as you are still very squishy unless you bought randuins, and even then it's risky to be up front.

Tricks and Strategies

IX. Tricks & Strategies
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Yordle Snap Trap Placement

Always place your trap anywhere you are afraid you might get ganked from. In team fights, make sure you are dropping them whenever you can.

If you are laning with a someone who can stun, have them stun then lay a trap under the other champ's feet. You'll be able to double stun that way, and get easy lane kills.

If you aren't afraid of ganks, you can place your traps as wards to baron or dragon. Two traps in front of the entrance will make it hard for them to not touch one.

You can also place these in narrow jungle passages, or on ramps. They will cause problems for runners later, or can help your teammates escape a sticky situation.

If you notice a teammate running toward you, lay a trap in front of the teammate's path so they can run over, and try to net whoever is pursuing, this will save their life 9 times out of 10. However, be careful of getting ganked when you try to do this.
Chasing and Running

Your E is your best tool for both chasing and running away from bad situations. Always use it first.

If you are running, use your e back at your pursuers to give you a quick flash away and a slow on them. You can also use E to move through narrow forest walls and up small cliffs to make an escape. For example: I got caught soloing dragon once. So I ran to the back, used E to get up the ledge, threw a ward down next to dragon and Qed over the wall to last shot, and stole dragon from them.

If you are chasing, E with your back to a thick forest wall, or a taller hill will make you stay in place and slow whoever you hit. Along with this, you can use E away from your opponent, to move toward them quickly.