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Caitlyn Build Guide by patriot1907

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author patriot1907

caitlyn the pro killer

patriot1907 Last updated on September 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Champions info

Caitlyn is a good ranged AD carry, she has one of the longest ranges in the game. This means she can harrass at a safer distance giving an advantage. She shines during early game where she outputs some insane damage, but she starts to loses some power as she goes through the game, but get her the right items and she will carry throughout the game!

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Hello there everybody. My name is patriot1907 i play on EU Nordic & East and welcome to my Caitlyn in depth guide. Caitlyn is my favourite champion since she came out that's why i decided to get down and write a guide about her. She is fun to play but difficult to master. This guide is both for rookies and experts. Everything about Caitlyn and general information about her gameplay will be covered here and if there is anything missing just let me know. The guide is upgraded constantly so nothing will be outdated. Have fun reading and vote for me if you like it.

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Not much to say, I take mana/5 because Caitlyn runs out of mana sometimes due to overuse of her Q. The Quintessences I take can vary. I like AD runes simply for a bit more damage, however you can swap it for HP if you really need it. You will need the armor pen late game against armor stacking, and attack speed is good for your passive.

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is needed because of Caitlyn's lack of good escape a good spell as well, for all purposes. 1v1ing, Chasing, Escaping all can we helped by exhaust.

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You shouldn't sell this items until you reach mid/late game. They can actually be very usefull when you starting killing neutrals, specially Lizard Elder. The health provides is just awesome. Don't be hasty on selling them unless you have a major item ready.When you just want to farm and harrass effectively with attack speed and not tend to leave your line too much this is what you wanna buy. Cause even with your lvl 2 movement speed boots you're slow and you're usually the target.Another expensive item but worth a lot if you rush it really quick. It can help you take enemy carries down in a couple of shots. Provides much AD, critical chance and a unique passive that your criticals blows will deal 250% damage instead of 200%. Imagine this passive along with your Headshot. Can deliver devastating blows on any champion.If you buy Infinity Edge then you should probably continue with this item, Phantom Dancer. Bestows attack speed as well as much critical chance and movement speed, which you absolutely need because you will become more flexible and you can outrun most of the enemies that way. If you're going for an AD / AS build you should follow that sequence indeed.This item now probides damage and attack speed istead of pure damage. It's passive reduces your targets armor by 15 for 5 seconds and stacks up to 3 times so killing of enemy squishy champions becomes really easy especially if they aren't that well farmed.

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Game Phases

Early Game

The game begins, you pick up your items and let's say heading mid (If you have a jungler make sure you secure his area and lure the golem with the blue buff). Your job early game is pretty normal. Focus on last hitting and farming because that is all the you want to do at that moment. Don't bother doing anything else than harrasing and farming. Be careful for early enemy gangs from jungler or invisible champions. Keep pushing, keep an eye on your enemies creep kills and inform your team is your enemy is missing.

Mid Game

You've reached mid game. You must have your core items by now, ward your lane and now it's time for more spicy actions. Try grab a kill on your enemy, if you can't ask your jungler to come or another member of your team. If you're doing a great job in your lane start roaming to grab some kills or assists on other lanes. Your ultimate is really useful when doing roaming. If you think you should stick in your lane do it but i suggest fighting in this point of the game. You might wanna take dragon with your team so prepare for a teamfight if your enemy finds out you're doing dragon.

Late Game

Late game is here and you should have some luxury items by now. This is the point where you have to stick with your team and never go alone doing crazy rambo stuff. Fight for dragon, fight for buffs and always have baron nashor warded. Remember to always stay back from your team because you are the prior target of the enemies. When you engage the enemy team always focus their carry or their support champion. If you take out those fast other enemies are not a big deal. In this stage of the game one teamfight can cost you the game. Be cautious and always use wards in order to know whats going on in the map. That's the crucial thing in late game, knowledge.