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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lattecat

Caitlyn - The queen of destruction

Lattecat Last updated on May 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First of all, I'm not a native English speaker, so, I have a problem with grammar, spelling, and organization. Please correct me if you find any error in my paragraph and please do ask if you find it is hard to understand my idea.

This build if for Caitlyn fan. The main idea for my build isn't getting kill point but defense and taking down turret

and inhibitor. Even though my build is kinda high damage build to kill your opponent, I still insist the main mission of Caitlyn is protecting the turret and your teammates, defending the lane, and taking down turret as many as you can!

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Some people might ask, why don't I have mana regen runes.
As you can see I have clarity for my summoner spells. There is no need for mana regen runes.

Why having two sets for attack speed?
The reason for that is "I want to build up Attack damage and maintain a faster attack speed the same time.
With two sets of attack speed runes, you can buy two BF sword first to increase your ability damage and normal attack damage, and still have a faster attack speed than others

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Why no point for utility page? I figured some people might wanna ask about this
The answer is the clarity.
Some caitlyn build will have some point for utilities masteries, but I found it unnecessary.
Caitlyn don't need a exp booster because she kill to fast
Caitlyn don't need a gold booster because 1 gold every 10 sec? 6 gold per minute? 120 extra gold in one game? Seriously?
I'd rather spend 2 second to kill 6 minions, it's even more than 120 gold.

Have some points for defense.

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Some people asked why I buy Doran's blade.
When you reach Lv6, when the ult is available. Two Doran blade will increase your Attack by 20.
With your Ace in hole, you can easily decrease DPS champion and Mage Champion by 1/4 to 1/3 HP depends on their Build.
You will find One headshot, one peacemaker, about 2 normal attack, then the ace on hole. Kill point isn't that hard for you.
With a powerful ultimate, you can help your teammate to gank the opponent.

Doran blade will be traded in for infinity blade or other item later of course

Yes, people gonna ask, why 2 BF swords first?
As you can see, my runes build is Attack Speed Direction
Most of Caitlyn's ability is attack damage.

I don't really need attack speed before the final stage of a game.
Two BF swords will make your normal attack, peacemaker, and ace in hole terrible.

Few reasons for the sword of divine:
1. Attack speed
2. Magic damage
3. attack cannot be dodged + Armor Pen
I only get sword of Divine when the enemy team has less than 2 tank-build-champion
If I see the enemy team have too many HP-item-build or Armor-Item-Build champion
Instead of sword of divine, I will get Madred's Bloodrazor

Infinity blade? Once you get it, you are a killing machine

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Game play and Team Work

How does my build work?
Remember the main points - Defense, Protect, and Assist

To better help you guys understand how my Caitlyn build work.
Let's make the very far turret the T1, the home turret will be T4 A(Top) and B(Bottom)
So we will have T1 T2 T3 Inhibitor and T4 A+B

Early game:
Your job is taking down the mid T1 ASAP
I always use the peacemaker first when i see minions coming to decrease their HP a little,
and I always attack those minions which not under attack from your minions.
This is making sure you can get the last shot and the gold.

If the opponent is ranger. Don't try to shoot him with peacemaker. Always focus on minion first. You want to hit the turret ASAP.

If the opponent is melee. Adjust your angle and shoot the that melee champion and minions the same time!!

When your headshot is triggered. Try to shoot your opponent with that. During Early game, the headshot is painful for non-tank champion

Go back for second Doran sword whenever you have enough money.
When you take down a turret, try to help others to take down turret on their lane.

Mid - Game till Late Game
The is the stage for defense
How do you do it?
First, you need to choose ONE lane(of course you can do two lanes if you are good enough), make sure Your minions and YOUR OPPONENT' minions fight at "1" turret distance from your very far turret.

Let me explain a little bit.
For example, if your mid T1 remains, and your opponent's T1 is gone. Try to maintain the minion group fight occur at YOUR OPPONENT T1 POSITION.

Why is that?
because this gonna give the other team pressure.
If they having team fight. Depends on situation, you can back door easily.
In what kinda situation, you should back door their T2 instead of joining team fight?
1. The the battle occur close to our turret
2. When the opponent T2 is 2/3 HP gone
3. when you have one teammate missing in the team fight, and he's jungling. (Obviously your team isn't gonna survive) So, I will try to get the turret first.

In what kinda situation, you should not back door.
1. When more than one teammate is not in fight, and the whole team is running, please go back to save them
2. When you opponent team have two mia.

How do you use Ace in hole to help your teammate in a team fight?
If the opponent is running for low HP, and the champion ability gonna effectively affect the team fight. Shoot him and send it home for revive CD. Otherwise, do not use it.

If the opponent have 1/2 HP still, he's not running, and two of teammates is attacking him. Shoot it with ace in hole, or, do not use it.

If an opponent with lots item, and gonna do a huge damage to your team, when he's at the very front out his group. Hit him with peacemaker, 90 cali net, and ace in hole.

As you can see, what I m trying to do isn't getting kill point. Instead of it, I tried to force the opponent going back home, force them leave the team fight, so our team can push forward and get the turret.