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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Allort G

Caitlyn - The Ranged Panth

Allort G Last updated on January 22, 2011
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Post Jan 2011 Patch.... now playing Caitlyn pure AD... last game went 11/0/9 at 28 mins (surrender)... it works


normal attacks 324 dmg
every 7th attack 920 dmg
Ulitmate 1000+ dmg
Piltover peacemaker 700 dmg

This build HURTS

So why does AD caitlyn work? Her piltover peacemaker and ulti scale wonderfully off AD... and with her passive, you hit hard.. from range. Simple as that.

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Pros / Cons


Great range and harras, even early game
Great AD burst damage combining piltover peacemaker and a passive loaded shot
Very good ganker, do NOT under estimate a cait that you cant see!


Quite slow base movement
3/4 skills take player skill! She is hard

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A standard set of runes i use for all AD characters, those that use mana anyway. It gives you a good amount of armor Pen and regen/cool down.

Add in HP quints if you feel squishy, but i prefer the more aggressive output of armor pent, having a lot of armor pent (especialy with the item build) and you will shred all but the most heavily armored mega tanks. You can 2 hit squishy characters end game... no joke.

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A very heavy set of damage dealing masteries, i feel its important to get max skill cool down and attack speed, something cait benefits from greatly. Adding the rest into ghost and some XP gain, helps you throughout the game

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This Item build focuses AD and armor penetrations.

I start with dorians blade just for the HP and AD bonus, the lifesteal you dont really notice but it all adds up throughout the game, its an item you keep unless you have everything else built at 30 mins into the game and want something new like frozen mallet just to really annoy people!

Getting a bruitalizer first is key for early game massive damage output. Its relativly cheap and will let you deal high damage early game.

The boots are really up to you. I prefer the speed for chasing/escaping that boots of swiftness give you. Against heavy CC? then merc treds may be your option too.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence prioritises piltover peacemaker but getting 1 level in your other two skills asap too, to give you more survivability and CC than actual damage.

Putting levels in your ultimate when ever you can and then finishing off traps second and your net last

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Summoner Spells

I choose exchaust and ghost because both can help you gank and escape ganks. Basic things, they work, feel free to change if you have other preferences but they are what i use for most AD carry.

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How to play

Side lane:

Live in the brush, charge up your passive, hit enemy champ and as many mobs as possible with piltover peacemaker, followed by a quick autoattack for 150% dmg, return to brush.

Last hit minions.

Dont be stupid.


This sounds basic but it is, keep taking bits of life off your opponants and if you and your partner play well you will either force them to tower hug and level slower/gain cash slower or you will get quick kills, especially with a champ with CC or something like panth or jax with a quick dmg out put jump.

Mid lane:

As above but without the brush and partner. Simples

By that i mean, hit minions untill your passive is ready, then use piltover and autoattack on enemy champion. If you get them down to a lower enough health (and they dont have heal) ghost, exhaust, kill. Enjoy the victory.

Some more details:

Cait is very good mid-late game with item build. You can have your passive ready, ulti ready (nice short CD on it too)and really supprise someone out of the brush. Using piltover peacemaker to lead, followed by autoattacking them down, using your net to slow (if they run) then using your ulti to finish off!

Your ulti is ofcourse great for finishing people off, but dont be afraid to lead with it too, it will take a good chunk of enemy health off late game and start a nice little panic, especially hit and run style... fire it then GTFOut of there, and attack from a different part of the lane.

once you have your boodthirster youre ultimate will hit for nearly 1k damage. Combine that with a pitlover peacemaker that will hit for 600 dmg and you can take down a squishy who sits at the back of his team... with ease. This is Caits big team fight advantage.

If you are lucky, your ulitmate will sail through the enemy team and land you a kill. If they are too bunched up you will have to run to the side.

Dont be afraid to hit and run as well, every time your passive is ready on 7th hit... make sure you land it on an enemy champ. You will become familiar with the sound it makes when active, and automatically run to land it on a champ and your DPS output will be deceptivly high!

Your traps: for now... a bit useless... with only having two, i dont tend to use them as wards alll the time. I will always have 1 placed in a brush or escape route where ever i am, by placing it as soon as i get thier. The other is used furing fights by placing it just behind an enemy, so its either run to the trap or run to me... goody!

Traps can also be placed on mobs or towers where you see an enemy teleporting in, a nice supprise for them.

They also work as an escape mechanism for you if chased, just remember to place it INFRONT of YOU. So it has time to activate.

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You need attack speed and movement speed

netting someone in a chase is viable with boots of swiftness, you can just about counter your knock back with the amount they are slowed.

You only have two traps, save at least 1 for fights