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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ataraxia

Caitlyn: The Steampunk Chick

Ataraxia Last updated on January 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build, and this build happens to be about a champion so many people hate. I can see why, she doesn't have much team fight potential, and late game she doesn't hit as hard as she does early game. Thus why in late game, all she is literally a aniper. More will be explained later on. Though I expect many haters.

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Pros / Cons


    Hits very hard in early game
    Good harassment
    Cleans up fights quiet well
    Good escaping
    Pretty straight forward
    Plain out good ranged champ

    Very squishy
    Kinda slow
    Not much of a team fighter
    'Tickles' Champions late game

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Summoner Spells

Now the Summoner Spells vary for whoever person you ask, but these are the spells I like to use since it gives a good escape and/or chasing.

I only use Flash to escape either a 'soon-to-be' hairy situation or to shoot at a low champion on a short notice. If you play as Caitlyn, you'll see yourself using Flash quite a lot and wishing the cooldown is much lower.

I use Ghost mainly to chase down a person to run away from someone. It works well with thewhen some crazed lunatic is chasing after you looking for blood. Just hit ghost aim backwards and you should be home free.

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Now the runes I picked is fairly self-explanatory, you don't need a full explanation. But for those who does, well, here:

Armor Penetration is the best thing you can get for Caitlyn. Because she's a ranged character, the best thing she can do is really HELP take down characters rather than taking all the glory, and Armor Penetration will help her achieve that goal.

WithGreater Mark of Desolation stacked to the max, she'll get decent amount of Armor Penetration.

Thus why you also need to get someGreater Quintessence of Desolation to add it up even more. This will help her with the tanks as well as other 'squishies' that might come into the fray. And with 21 in the Offensive Mastery tree, there's even more attack and armor penetration.

Personally, I use A LOT of mana because I spam my skills like there's no tomorrow. In the beginning I used to get Clairity to help with my mana problem. Later on, I figured to stop being so spam-happy and just use the skills with I see necessary. This is whereGreater Seal of Clarity comes in. It's meant to skip Clarity and allows you to use your skills without depleting your mana. Though that doesn't mean you just 'Q' all day once you're out on your lane hoping to hit something. Use your skills wisely!
The Greater Glyph of Focus runes are mainly for your cooldown reductions. You will like to run around shooting things by pressing 'Q' and using your Ultimate a lot whenever there's a runner involved.

These are the Runes I like to use, they're not meant to be the BEST choices for this champion.

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Now for Items. I usually start of withand athen head to whichever lane my team wants me to be in. The blade gives me some HP and Lifesteal (which is a total good thing if you ask me) and some attack damage. I try to linger there as much as I can until I either have to go back or I simply died.

Then you buy the good ol'and if I made enough anor aif you didn't really make enough and died early. If you're having the worse first 10 or 5 minutes in the game, then you grab another Doran's Blade to make yourself a bit more beefy.

Keep your lane until once again you have to go back. By this time it should be approaching mid-game and you managed to get some kills and maybe even assists. You can gank if you want, it's all up to you, but I prefer not to for Caitlyn is more of a cleaner than a fight starter.

Grab aand if you're doing well aor even aif you managed to live long enough and farm enough creeps and minions.

Now why the Lantern you ask? Well I'll answer for you. The lantern is a portable and roughly free ward you can you to place almost anywhere you feel there's going to be a gank or to place at Baron Nashor or Dragon. It's a good item to place at a bush too, since apparently Caitlyn stops aiming once her target walks into the grassy areas, and the lantern will prevent that from happening. It expires every 3 minutes, so try to use it wisely for you cannot 'recall' it back once you place it. The lifesteal on the lantern is a nice addition too as well as the little bit of armor you'll get from it. That way when you do face some creeps or even a lonely champion, they won't strike you down very easily. Then the 500 extra damage to a minion is perfect since you're not going to be killing so many champions like crazy. You'll be getting assists more than anything, and sometimes the cash isn't enough, so farming is key.

Now depending on the item you got you build that into either aor the Super Special Awesome! More attack speed, the better, and more Armor Penetration! Once you got either of those items, try to build the other one. For example, if you bought the Cleaver first, try for the Ghostblade, vise versa.

Now it's late game, and things are intense. People are dying left and right, and you're shooting things like a sniper in the Cold War (do not know if that's accurate). By this time, you SHOULD have both the Youmuu's Ghostblade and The Black Cleaver. Try to start working on athen buy ato build into a.

I know it's kinda late to build into a Frozen Mallet, but since it's late game, people hurt, so you need more HP to back you up when no one else can. The extra attack damage and the slow doesn't hurt either.

If things are just too intense, then you can simply build ainstead of the Frozen Mallet to feel a bit more comfortable having a bubble surround you while you're approaching the enemy lines.

And don't forget to SELL THE DORAN'S BLADE in order to make more room for better items around mid-late game. If things are going awry and you need more survivability, feel free replace the Lantern with,, or afor some cooldown and a lot more health.

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The match started and I buy a Doran's Blade and a HP potion and put my first point into Piltover Peacemaker then head out to a lane that my team wants me to be in.



If you're in mid, all you do is last hit minions and try to harass whenever you can with Peacemaker. When the opponent is being 'aggro' you shoot that person (preferably with a headshot loaded) and fire a Peacemaker. Then stay as far as you can until you can get someone to help kill the mid opponent. When you have traps, make sure you place one trap on both sides of the lane in order to prevent someone from ganking you, and you might be lucky on snaring one of them too. Keep the net ready in case your opponent is getting too aggressive.

When you're on the side lanes, stay in the bush and shoot minions to get your passive 'Headshot' faster so you can farm more minions to quickly get more gold. Place a trap on the brush in the river and place another trap on either side bush the opponent seems to love the most. When one of them is snagged, fire a Peacemaker then shoot him several times then go back to your original position. Fire a Peacemaker whenever you think you can hit someone. When a gank happens, throw in a trap (hope someone steps on it) and fire a Net, then a Peacemaker and auto-attack away. If one is escaping, try to Flash in then fire a Net, slowing them down for you partner to help kill or finish.


By this time, your team will start ganking and start being more aggressive now that everyone is past level 6. With the Madreds Razors (or the Lantern)you should be getting more gold, and should be helping killing some of the enemies. Make sure you use your ultimate (Ace in the Hole) at a safe distance (preferably in a bush) and aim at a weak champion, getting the kill, or using it to lower the HP on that champion significantly to help finish it off.

As usual, place the traps in anti-gank areas, so can be aware of who's in there when they trigger it. And place the Lantern's ward in another spot where ganks commonly happen so you can have at least one trap free to use in case of emergency. Start working on the lovely Brutalizer/ B.F Sword and hope everything goes well for you. You should have either the Cleaver or the Ghostblade build by the time mid game draws to a close with the 500 extra damage on minions.


Staying back and surviving is the key. Don't try to be the hero and run in with headshot loaded and shooting Peacemaker like a wild-man. You have to be in the back auto-attacking with Ghostblade activated(and it should be fast since you should have the Ghostblade and the Cleaver in hand), firing Peacemaker whenever you see someone low on HP. When the opposing team starts to rush after you, Flash then fire a net and try to duck into the bushes. Don't activate Ghost unless they're truly chasing you. When you're in the clear, sneak around the battle to the back of the enemy team and aim at the champions barely running away with very little health. Once you shot it with Ace in the Hole and there's more, run just a bit close and aim with the Peacemaker and a several shots. After that's done, hit Ghost and 'GTFO'.

If it's a 1 vs. 1 scenario, you first fire a Net then Peacemaker and a trap all in front of you then auto-attack as much as you can before reinforcements arrive on the opposing team. Use the ultimate if necessary.

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Caitlyn is straight forward, but you have to be smart on what you are doing. You cannot be out in the open firing your gun and wasting your mana hoping you'll hit something. She's not Ezreal or Ashe! Like what I continue to say over and over is that she is a pure support. You're going to get more assists than kills, and even in the best games you'll have as much kills as supports. I've been using this build in Practice Matches (against humans of course) and in Normal Matches. I won't say that this is the best build in the world, but I can say that it's been working out for me many times.

Enjoy bein' a sniper!

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