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Caitlyn Build Guide by Avangalina

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Avangalina

Caitlyn The Tactical Sniper

Avangalina Last updated on August 30, 2011
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After playing Caitlyn since her released date. I've had my ups and downs with Caitlyn since she isn't the easiest of the DPS champions to play as. Yes, yes of course she has great early game...but she can still carry from mid to even late game. Over months of playing as Caitlyn I've seen many builds (Dps/and pure AD items and hybrid.) but in this build its about survival and knowing how to abuse all her skills in every way possible. This guide will show you how to play in a very fun and active style and also show tips of how to use traps I find the most effective to be used as. Please comment if you can about my guild/build so I may improve it if any Buffs/Nerfs come to Caitlyn. Welcome to my build of the She-God Hunter Caitlyn.

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Runes & Explanations

After recent patches she no longer needs any Damage potential runes but so far many people do, even though you can still achieve excellent damage with Caitlyn. My runes consist of:
Greater Mark of Desolation.
Explanation: The Greater Mark of Desolation was a perfect choice to almost any DPS build due to simply because most DPS carries don't even bother buying any Armor Penetration items. This edge in Armor pen is great for early game situations and killing all squishy enemy champions to death.
Greater seal of Vitality.
Explanation: Why? simply because almost all Dps champion carries can die from ganks, enemy champion skills, and a simple burst combo. I have learned to love the extra health from the runes simply because I last longer in lane and also can take hits from auto attacks and enemy champion skills. Having extra health to a Dps that can dish out great single damage is all the more fun.
Greater glyph of Clarity.
Explanation: She is mana hungry early to mid and even late game, but possibly due to you spamming Piltover Peacemaker? You dont need to be mana hungry when you learn to play as a tactical sniper but in all the mana regeneration is always nice to have.
Greater quintessence of Might.
Explanation: After many test with the same build I found that the extra damage really helped with overall effectiveness. Armor pen is great, but the extra damage early game is great for farming minions and stabbing yes not "poking" (I feel like she stabs more than pokes) enemy champions throughout the whole game.

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Caitlyn's Skills and Passive & basic tips

Q- Pilt over peacemaker~ Caitlyn revs up her rifle for 1 second to unleash a penetrating shot which deals physical damage. (does less damage to subsequent targets)
Tips: why level this skill second? well what I say is "To hell with it" Use this as a last hit minion skill "not" as a helpful farming tool. Only if the enemy champion such as Pesky Mordekaiser, Aggressive Nidalee or even another Caitlyn (May the best win) use this skill to damage all enemy minions so you can take out the pushed lane. Also in duo lanes even mid lane use this skill from a safe distance "you" know "you" can activate the skill so you don't take any damage from enemy champions or if you know there is a possible gank unless you are entirely certain you know you can escape from enemy ganks and or skills.
W- Yordle snap trap~ Caitlyn sets up a trap to reveal sneaky yordels. When sprung,the trap immobilizes the champion and deals magic damage over 1.5 seconds.
Tip: L-O-V-E this skill. Why level this skill up first, well simply because your are anti-gank / Aggressive Caitlyn. When you play as a Tactical Sniper Caitlyn you will truly show how op her snare and damage is on the traps. "ABUSE" this skill it "WILL" be your best friend.
E- 90 Caliber net~ Caitlyn fires a heavy net to slow her target. The recoil knocs Caitlyn back.
Tips: This skill is second because you have no need for Piltover Peacemaker early game. its weak and deals **** damage at level 1. Compared to an enemy that thinks he can run over all your traps when you level up traps to max level 5 first the stacked damage on those traps are enough to even take out half health when you have a cocky enemy pusher who thinks he can simply heal it up. Also easy escape from enemy ganks. You can even pull off what I like to call a "Double Snapshot Trap" (explained on Harder Traps, Tips & Tricks section)
R- Ace in the Hole~ Caitlyn takes time to line up the perfect shot, dealing massive damage to a single target at a huge range.
Tips: Check it's damage potential every time you level up. The damage on the tool tip can lie from time to time so when you know you can get that kill use that skill.
Passive- Headshot~ After the 8 shot from your autto attack your next attack does bonus damaged to the next minion or champion she attacks. (she gains 2 stacks while attacking in brush)
Tips: Take advatage of her range she can rev up 3 shots in brush and 1 more shot in brush but aim for a enemy chamion to do damage to him or her or simply last hit a minion. Also this skill is very buggy, I've noticed that this passive can be activated when she only has 6-7 stacks... but im not complaining I find it fun that it can be activated faster than its original number of stacks (take use of it and abuse this bug)

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Masteries & Summoner skills

My Masteries consist of 21/9/0.

21 in offence 9 in defense and 0 in utility.

21 in offence for the extra damage and for easier and harder pokes at enemy champions and easy last minion kills.

9 in defense for the Dps Champion players who love a little health on their squishy Dps carries.

Also 0 in utility simply because you shouldn't be wasting all you mana up in 3 mins in the game.

My summoner skills are flash and Exhaust. Flash for any ganks or just an extra escape skill and Exhaust for any 1v1 situations.

Ignite for the extra damage and health reduction.
Ghost for a second escape path.
Teleport for going to any minion/turret.
Clairvoyence for extra sight but kinda useless.
Clarity for those mana wasters.
and so forth.

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Harder Traps, Tips & Tricks

First off we are gonna start off with the main point of this guide, which is how to use most use of her W skillYorkle snap trap.
This skill is very op but most people ignore the face that it's a great aggressive/ non-aggressive trap to be used as. compared to most trap its possibly last compared to all other traps in the game, but I find it to be very op as a trap skill. Yes, yes you are only able to use 3, but that's able to deny 3 lanes/ 2 lanes/ and even one huge lane. The traps seem to have a larger aoe than it's animation. So today let's learn all trap formations I love to use.

We have the simple "scatter trap" which is basically easy since you just scatter you traps every where in a single location. It's a terrible trap set up when you are in a lane, but is great for large team battles since they are almost certain to wound up in one of your traps.

The great scatter trap:The picture is just to show how effective this set can be during large team fights since all champions move everywhere, it helps to do this because it can provide a 50% escape chance for you allies to run away if low on health or for pesky enemy champions that like to move around.
(Not a recommended trap set when using it to be aggressive or even non-aggressive)

The Next trap strategy is what I like to call "The Twin Trap Sisters" Basically Horizontal and Vertical trap set. Sister Horizontal is the Aggressive sister as for Vertical she is the non-aggressive sister. How is Sister Horizontal Aggressive and how can Sister vertical be non-aggressive? simple.

Here are some of examples of the twin sisters in action:

Horizontal sister:Description: As you can see this Style of Aggression is very hard to handle when used against you. You cannot walk straight into it because the distance between them is to block all movement towards the traps, thus making them run around them, which is very dangerous due to Caitlyn being able to auto attack them and push them back. if they run into the trap it deals a great amount of damage early to mid and even late game. With you maxing out traps first you should be able to get a full blocked lane almost all the time making it frustrating for the enemy champion you must lane against.

Here is twin sister Vertical:This is just how I set up the traps in the bushes it's very effective against ganks so it one of my favorite to use as anti-gank attempts.

Another use of Vertical sister.Yes, yes it looks like the Horizontal sister but when your in top lane it is her twin sister Vertical, since top lane is the most popular lane to solo it forces the enemy to accidentally walk into the one in the bush or perhaps they think the can go between the 2 traps outside the bush (but in truth can't.) This is also the same way you would want to set it up in bottom lane.

The next trap set is the infamous Triangle trap or what I like to call the "Bermuda Triangle"
This trap set is mainly for a defensive style for enemy pushers that push you back and force you to go on a defensive style and babysit your turret.

Example of The "Bermuda Triangle":This is my favorite of denying enemy champions of even going near your turret. It's simply fun to do and makes most people rage when you use it against them. On this picture you see a simple triangle but you can move the one on the most left up to the one next to it. Why did I name it the "Bermuda Triangle Trap" because like the myth of the Bermuda Triangle the are never heard of (aka: being killed by your turret) or are stuck there for some time while taking great damage from the turret.

The next trap set is what I like to call the "One liners":Why call them "One Liners"? well because these areas of the map only really need one trap to block the path from an enemy. It's great because you simply need one trap to block an entire path so it's really nice to use. This trap set is great all round. It stops side ganks, and quickly pushing lane while being safe.

The last trap set is my favorite of all, the "Double Snapshot" Trap:
I have no Video of this trap for now so I will just explain it to the fullest. (If I can make a video of this trap set ill re-upload the video)
Basically setting a waiting trap while having another trap off it's CD. Once the waiting trap is activated by an enemy and you are near them you must quickly throw down another trap on top of them and quickly press you're E skill so that the slow, slows them down so that they maybe able to be trapped by both of the snares. You can accomplish this w/o your Caliber Net but you must be very observant and quickly able to throw down another trap on them. This is a great trap combo because it is compatible with all of the other trap set's I have explained and you can also add Pilotover Peacemaker, since you are pushed back by the the skill and it is helpful to poke them and deal extra damage.

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My item build consist of:

Droans Blade X2 or start with Vampiric scepter then your going to go with Boots and eventually want to build it into Berserker's Greaves, and either buy Zeal or buy pickaxe. I would suggest buying Zeal due to her having a terrible running speed since she have 296 running speed which is such ****, the extra boost from zeal is nice to have on her. Finish your items into an Infinity Edge and completing Phantom Dancers, then buying either the choice of veil for the shield and health plus the mana or go for Frozen Mallet for the great Hp boost and slow from the item. you can also buy Starks early game for the Def De-buff and you can exchange any of the items you think is useless for items such as Cleaver and, or Madreds for those Hp Stackers.

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Top lane, Middle lane and Bottom lane

Caitlyn is great any lane she wants to pick. Mid lane for Early leveling, Top lane for top solo or simply because of faster activation of her passive and denying ganks from enemy champions. Bottom lane also the same as top lane.

Top lane is more for soloing yourself, you can deny ganks with trap sister Vertical so its much easier and safer to lane as. You don't even need to push lane and can just deny lane pushing with trap set "Bermuda Triangle" and combo it with "Double Snapshot" so that the turret maybe able to hit them. this also counts for bottom lane.

For mid lane you can chose to be either Aggressive or Non-Aggressive. With this you can be certain to push fast or able to set up a defensive style either one is a good choice.

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More improvements coming.

I will spend more time on this Guide/build when I have the time. I really did spend my whole day doing this as you can tell I got really lazy doing the item and lane explanations and I will add more later in the future. (possibly next week, if I have the time)
Please comment and up vote or down vote, your comments and votes will help me.

Thanks a bunch Avangalina.