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Caitlyn The Tank Shredder

Caitlyn The Tank Shredder

Updated on January 15, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kalendori Build Guide By Kalendori 71 24 454,516 Views 111 Comments
71 24 454,516 Views 111 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kalendori Build Guide By Kalendori Updated on January 15, 2011
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I started playing caitlyn right from the start when she was released. During the time that I have played her I have heard over and over that she is horrible and she does no damage whatsoever and she is useless. I have proved that wrong every single time with this build. This build allows you to harass at your full potential with Caitlyn's long range auto-attacks. While still doing immense amounts of damage. Every game I (that means me) have played with this build i have always had a positive score and never lost a game. Of course people are not that same as me so results may vary. However I have not seen a better build out there for this new character BUT if you would like to share your input on Caitlyn builds please put a comment.
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The runes are extremely simple and I have gotten no better results with any other rune build that I have tried. The runes I used for this build are just straight attack speed and the reason why is for the beginning game. These runes make her able to harass her opponents to the point where they have to tower hug in order to stay alive. But if you know how to play Caitlyn you will normally still be able to attack them beyond there tower still with piltover peacemaker. And if you have a partner Like shaco for instance he will be able to deceive beyond the tower and two point shiv the opponent for the kill =D.
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Team Work

I play with someone name sprite. Him and I have found a extremely good champion to go along with Caitlyn and that would be Shaco. I am able to harass them if they are in firing range of the creeps at all ( By the way caitlyn is the ultimate auto-attack harass ) and if I get one of them low enough I usually fire Ace in the Hole. However if the opponents team mate blocks the bullet Shaco is usually able to deceive in there and take both of their lives. Remember whenever your in a team fight as caitlyn you do not want to start with the rest of the group. This is so you don't get focused right off the bat and do to your long range it will take them even longer to get to you. Also NEVER use your ace in the hole as a starting move. Always use it whenever the enemy is running away from you and you don't have the ability to catch up to them. Try to stay in bushes as much as possible in group fights as well. It will help increase your passive faster then just standing out in the open.
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The masteries I use are just a long range AD mastery set. I get 3 points in Deadliness first for the extra crit. Then I get cripple just for the extra .5 seconds on the exhaust. Then I get 4 points in alacrity because Caitlyn gets nasty with attack speed =D. Then after that i get 1 point in burning ember and 3 points in sunder. After that there is 3 points in brute force then put 2 into offensive mastery just cause u can't get lethality and havoc without it.
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Summoner Spells

The reason I get these spell is for not only ganking purposes but for running away as well
your 90 caliber net doesn't always keep them at bay. For instance I see yi coming for me I try to use 90 caliber net and he pops highlander if i exhaust him it may not slow him down but thats 2 seconds to where he can't hit me and I also ignite after the exhaust is over cause yi usually has lifesteal.
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Tips on Caitlyn

* As caitlyn you have to harass as much as possible. With her long range why not do it?
* Try to stay in bushes as much as possible both attack creeps and champions. This allows you to push and deal the maximum amount of damage she is able to.
* When in group fights don't stay exactly with your group always stay a little further back so you don't get hit with all the initial AoE and ultimates.
* NEVER EVER EVER EVER use ace in the hole as a starting move always use it as a finisher when someone is running away.
* Lay your Yordle snap traps ( or as I like to call them cupcakes) in places where champions would come to gank you.
* Remember you can use 90 Caliber net to go through walls to avoid ganks. And never use 90 caliber net to chase people because it knocks you back.
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The item sequence I get gives caitlyn a good amount of attack speed and crit as well as a massive amount of attack damage. Here is the EXACT order I get the items and why I get them. First thing I get is a dagger.. Why? Simple. Extra attack speed for the beginning ganks I do with my laning partner. After that getting about 500-600 gold i run back to the base to get my berserker greaves. It gives you extra movement speed and attack speed to give you the ability to harass the opposing champions in your lane. The next thing i get is a long sword to lead up to a last whisper? Why a last whisper you say? Because thats another 40 attack damage and 40% armor penetration which stacks with your ulti and piltover peace maker. Basically you don't have to worry about tanks as much. The I lead up to infinity edge by starting out with cloak of agility for extra damage on occasion ( by then im usually critting for 400 or so depending) the damage on the infinity edge is nice and the passive is even better when it goes with the next item im about to tell you. Phantom dancer... Don't we just love those? this give you even More movement speed and ever MORE crit and even MORE attack speed. After that im going for the bloodthirster for the obvious reasons.. Lifesteal and attack damage which both increase on the amount of creep/champion kills you get. The sad part is you lose em if you die so learn not to die!! the final item i almost never get cause the game is already over by then but if you do get it it makes you the ultimate tank destroyer. It is the madreds bloodrazor. all the things that caitlyn loves. More attack damage, a minor amount of armor, 40% attack speed, and the passive is what i love most about it. Everytime you hit something it takes away 4% of there maximum health which means no matter how badass of a tank they are they are going to get destroyed by this item. =D
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kalendori
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Caitlyn The Tank Shredder

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